Local family spreading autism awareness

Today is Autism Awareness Day
Aaron Krause
Apr 2, 2013


Karen Pawlicki describes her son as mild-mannered, sweet, kind, giving, loving and generous.

When Michael Pawlicki, now 15, was in eighth grade, he befriended a girl with a slight speech impediment.

"She really enjoyed my company," said Michael, who speaks clearly, thoughtfully, intelligently and without hesitation -- including about his own condition, Asperger Syndrome, characterized by milder symptoms of the autistic disorder.

People with Asperger Syndrome usually don't have problems with language or an intellectual disability, like others on the Autistic Spectrum. Rather, they might have "social challenges and unusual behaviors and interests," according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

April is Autism Awareness Month and today is Autism Awareness Day, designed to educate those without knowledge about the condition.

A story about the Pawlicki family and autism was published in Tuesday's Reflector. To read the story, pick up a copy of that issue or subscribe to the e-paper (a complete digital replica of each issue) for less than $1 per week and read it now.




Good for them! Keep up the good work Pawlicki family.


It's good to read a heartwarming story. Best wishes to all!!!