Heroin defendant subject to random drug screens

Defense attorney says Norwalk man 'has been abstaining from drugs and wishes to continue to do so.'
Cary Ashby
Apr 3, 2013


A Norwalk man checked himself into a Cleveland substance abuse treatment facility after he was indicted.

Travis R. Lescher, 25, of 28 N. Garden St., pleaded innocent Monday to one count each of possession of heroin in connection with a Nov. 6 incident. A Huron County grand jury indicted him in mid-March.

"He has been abstaining from drugs and wishes to continue to do so," defense attorney Reese Wineman said.

Lescher, whose trial date is June 27, is subject to random drug screens. He earlier posted a $5,000 bond.



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Soooo...He gets busted in November, indicted in March, THEN checks into a rehab. I would say he doesn't really want to abstain from heroin, he wants to abstain from jail. If he is drug free in a year then he will no longer be as big a trash heap as he is now. I doubt he'll make it. If he was serious he would have went to rehab in November and been drug free when he was indicted. Put him in with the met heads. Then put him UNDER the jail. Of course I'm sure he's and outstanding person.

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Ok,first of all,he did check into rehab on NOVEMBER 30th of 2012 after calling everyday for 5 WEEKS straight,the Reflector needs to get their facts straight. Secondly, he has been drug free for 5 months and plans to keep it that way. So WASP71 I hope you feel dumb for not knowing ANY THING ABOUT THE SITUATION!! Also, Travis is my brother and I am proud to say that. Everyone has made mistakes, his was trying heroin. He NEVER stole anything from anyone to support his habit like the 99% of the rest of the people that are hooked in it. Its clearly obvious that you don't know Travis or you would know that he is not the person you think he is, so how about you not talk crap on someone you don't know. Thanks!


No I really don't feel like an idiot by going by what the paper said. And of course you are one of the people that say he is an upstanding person. Whatever. Because of his upstanding smarts we are now paying for his problems. Typical drug addict and friends. If your brother is clean in a year then he can start saying he is an upstanding person, until then, my statement stands. Have a nice day.


Travis, I hope for your sake and that of your family,you find a way to get out and stay out of this poison.
It is not fitting for you at all!!
Not to mention what it must be doing to your loved ones.
I pray your dad is watching over you,he would not have wanted this for you.
I pray your grandparents and mom are strong enough to endure your choices.
God Bless

Mr. Touchdown

Checked himself in to substance abuse treatment facility before or after...Doesn't really matter...At least he's not on the street doing more drugs or stealing like the rest of the scum Conway let's walk.