Bond set at $100,000 for meth lab accomplices

Bond set at $30,000 for man who lived in apartment where meth lab and charged with pair of felonies, including child endangering.
Cary Ashby
Apr 1, 2013


Three co-defendants accused of having a methamphetamine lab in a Norwalk apartment appeared via closed circuit television for their bond hearings Monday in Norwalk Municipal Court.

James J. Arthur II, 29, of Galion, and Paul D. Prince, 33, of Mansfield, are charged with one count each of illegal manufacturing of meth, a first-degree felony punishable by three to 11 years in prison. Norwalk Assistant Law Director Scott Christophel said there were four adults and a 3-year-old boy there at the time of the meth lab fire Friday on Bouscay Avenue.

"I've never been in trouble before for anything," Prince told Judge John Ridge. "I'd like to get a lawyer."

Prince and Arthur don't appear to have any prior felony convictions, Christophel said. The court set their bonds at $100,000 each.

A third accomplice, Allen E. Mobberly, 32, of 37C Bouscay Ave., is father of the boy, police said. Witnesses told the Reflector they saw a woman, who apparently isn't the boy's mother, take the child from the burning apartment when he was only in his underwear.

"Mr. Mobberly is the person who had control of the apartment where the methamphetamine was being manufactured," Christophel told the judge.

Mobberly is charged with one count each of permitting drug abuse and endangering children. He must post a $30,000 total bond before being released from the Huron County Jail.

Norwalk Police Chief Dave Light has said the neighbors "were in more danger than they realized." He noted a boy complained of a "burning sensation" in his lungs after he played in the apartment where the fire was.

"He went over there to play with these idiots. He was there earlier in the day and the day before," Light said.

Police used a search warrant at 37C Bouscay Ave., where Arthur and Prince were living, Christophel said at Monday's hearing. Officers arrived about 4:55 p.m. Friday. Christophel said when officers entered the apartment, they "found an active meth lab."

(NOTE - To see photos of the meth lab raid and fire, click HERE.)

Police have said Prince, when fleeing the upstairs bedroom, admitted to knocking over some of the meth-related byproducts, which started the fire, which was contained to the bedroom. The contents in the room are a total loss.

The Huron County Public Defender's Office will be representing Arthur. The court appointed Paul Dolce to Prince's case while Tom Freeman was assigned to defend Mobberly.

Each of the defendants are prohibited from touching, possessing or using a drug of abuse as a condition of their bonds.

Their preliminary hearings are scheduled for Monday. The defendants could waive their right to have the state present evidence and have the case transferred to Huron County Common Pleas Court for the consideration of a grand jury indictment.


Yall Make Me Sick

Throw away the key!!!


I agree to "throwing the key" away! They are all very disgusting to do this and that child will hopefully not grow up like his parents! I look at all 3 of those guys faces and just want to laugh at them for their stupidity! Welfare, christ don't get me started on that.


They look like they aren't feeling to great right now.


Here Ye!
Can't believe some losers!
Glad they got caught and Thank God there wasn't a sleeping baby or a child standing close.
No excuse for this kind of crap!
I hope Judge Ridge throws the book at all involved and sets an example.

Lillie Chaos

>>I am so sorry, really really sorry. I am so sorry I got caught!<< I hope Ridge does not buy it. Norwalk was lucky this time.....what about next time?
These people should not be permitted to endanger the rest of the world.




Im willing to guess that these losers get a slap on the wrist, a fine, and told they better not do this again.


No slap on the wrist here, 1. This case has made too many headlines & too many people are watching. 2. We hear about heroin all the time, but not so much when it comes to Meth. They will make an example of these idiots! I'm wondering where the 3 yr. old'smother is?


I'm just wondering if this is a public housing unit? I thought that after it was discovered that meth was being made in a house, it had to either be tore down or completely cleaned up. If this is the case then what is going to happen to the other tenants while this is being done?


Why so hard on the Meth monsters and so easy on the heroin junkies? I really don't understand.


That 3 year olds Mother was at work earning a living for her family.


She was working to buy chemicals!!!


Omg u r ridiculous ..:/


Just because I want to say it again...There will be people that come on here to defend this man.And the other girl and man, also) They will say how nice and upstanding they are. They will say they have a problem, blah, blah blah. Since I was told by some other person on here that I don't talk for the majority I will say what I have to say to be "politally correct" for them. If you are a junkie I don't care as long as it doesn't bother my neighborhood, you rape, rob or pillage from people, you work 40 hours per week, you don't recieve welfare, I don't pay your section 8 housing, doesn't hurt kids, you don't lie, cheat or steal from me or others, and probably a lot more. When that line is crossed then it becomes a problem to me and the majority-oops-not talking for those folk tho. If you can not follow a dutiful junkie life then you, your friends anyone that thinks you are worth something can pretty much go to he*l. You are a loser. You are trash. You are nothing in society. If you change for the better then you have a right to be known as an upstanding person. Until then I think you should be buried UNDER the jail because I don't want to pay for your incarceration or rehab or anything. If you want rehab- get a job and pay for it. It is not the states or gov't duty to supply one for you. It is not my duty to supply your welfare or supplements. Had a whole detailed conversation with a young lady on how she couldn't make it here because of jobs etc., but in the same sentence said she used her phone to post. I am tired of low lives taken advantage of the system, crying they had a bad life, they're some other color besides blue and all around whine. If you can not take care of yourself then why should I? Get your as* up and go find a job. Get off welfare after the 5th year. Pay for your own way. You are taking from the majority and at least I will tell you what I think even if the majority won't, but aagin, I'm not talking for them. These meth heads are pathetic. They should get absolutely no break. Did they give the 3 year old one while he sat in that chemical stew? These type of people make me sick. Then whine they have it rough. You don't even know.


I bow to you Wasp71!! Nicely stated. I too am tired of all the trash around here. There are a lot of fat as#es that get welfare and SSI that shouldn't even be getting it. If you can't pay for your own damn kids, food, medical, school then you shouldn't have kids for Christ's sake! No iPhone, no beer or alcohol of any kind, no cigarettes, etc...if you are on welfare. I could go on forever but alas I must go for now.


And this just because she'll whine again....Well Momma, I left you alone for obviously you don't understand so I will try to get you to comprehend something here since you called me out. You stated they take 60% of your gross income. Which means if you work 40 hours a week for $8 hr 4 weeks a month you pay over $900 a month for your rent. So let's say you were talking gross a week. 40hr x $8 ph = $320 gross x .60 = $192 per month you pay in rent. Ok. Now, got that? So if your rent is $680 month - $192 you pay = $488 I STILL HELP YOUR BUTT WITH. Plus all your foodstamps, plus (hopefully) child support, plus, plus, plus. So my statement to you and others- Get off your ss, get a SECOND job since you say you have one, and get off welfare. You stated you have a STNA and something else, but now you will be taking night classes that me and the majority will pay for because YOU DON"T WANT TO MOVE TO WHERE THE JOBS ARE. Use what you have. I for one am tired of paying for your rent, extended cable, iphone and all the other crap you get for free hand outs. Cut your cable to basic, get a house phone and go to the library to use the internet and get an education. I don't think you are a bad person and never said you were. I simply said that people such as yourself need to quit taking crap without giving back. I also never said you didn't have a job. I said get off your as* and get a job, whether it be a 1st, 2nd or whatever. And stop using your kid(s) as an excuse. Everyone over the age of 30 lived life making doctor appt for there families with needy kids without a cell phone longer than you been born. Just another BS excuse to warrant what you think is a necessity in life. If I was trying to make you look bad I would have then, instead of waiting until now. SO bottom line is you are content with the handouts and will make excuses for whatever comes along so you don't have to work too hard in life and get stuff the generation before you worked and saved for. So you lay down tonight and you think how honost you are by getting all this free stuff and see how you sleep. Sad part is, you don't give a crap and will sleep just fine. You have a nice life, young lady. I'm sure you will enjoy it on our dime. Enough said. Except- ya- I can be an a**hole when need be.