Child endangering charge filed against dad at meth lab fire

Norwalk man also charged with permitting drug abuse.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Apr 1, 2013


A Norwalk dad is facing a pair of felony charges after police raided his apartment and found a meth lab Friday.

Allen E. Mobberly, 32, of 37C Bouscay Ave., was charged with permitting drug abuse and child endangering.

Using a search warrant, officers went Mobberly's residence Friday evening, intending to confirm that a meth lab was there. The raid led to a fire, which was quickly put out by Norwalk firefighters.

(NOTE - To see photos of the meth lab raid and fire, click HERE.)

Norwalk police said they removed Mobberly's 3-year-old son from the burning apartment .

Tai Hale and Trystin Dupont, who live in the neighborhood, said they saw officers use a battering ram to open the door. The pair also said they saw a woman grab a boy in his underwear from the apartment when the fire was going, but flames "were not coming out yet."

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sounds to me as much as they supposed background these people they rent to they must of missed calculated the renters lol


whos running those apts? welfare dept themselfs


sounds like huron county needs to worry more bout the drugs than sitting in parking lots of these bars

jack langhals

This obvious drunk was goofing around in his car in a bar parking lot.he would pull ahead,backup,blow the horn,tun the lights on and off.The waiting cop watched him as everyone drove off and then the goofy driver did also.The cop stopped him gave him the usual tests and no alcohol."What's this the cop asks"?The driver responds,"Oh,I am the the designated decoy "


Is this all that's going on here nowadays? Every day is a report of some type of drug activity. This area is simply falling apart.


take the kid(s) away...they dont need to be around that crap!




And let me guess, he's smiling because he knows well if he says "sorry" he'll get the CBCF treatment.SMH


amish mafia?


I remember he lived near me when he was a kid. He didn't seem like he would ever turn out that way. I thought he was married and had kids, but maybe not. Maybe she left him. I hope so if that's what he was doing...


There will be people that come on here to defend this man.And the other girl, too) They will say how nice and upstanding they are. They will say they have a problem, blah, blah blah. Since I was told by some other person on here that I don't talk for the majority I will say what I have to say to be "politally correct" for them. If you are a junkie I don't care as long as it doesn't bother my neighborhood, you rape, rob or pillage from people, you work 40 hours per week, you don't recieve welfare, I don't pay your section 8 housing, doesn't hurt kids, you don't lie, cheat or steal from me or others, and probably a lot more. When that line is crossed then it becomes a problem to me and the majority-oops-not talking for those folk tho. If you can not follow a dutiful junkie life then you, your friends anyone that thinks you are worth something can pretty much go to he*l. You are a loser. You are trash. You are nothing in society. If you change for the better then you have a right to be known as an upstanding person. Until then I think you should be buried UNDER the jail because I don't want to pay for your incarceration or rehab or anything. If you want rehab- get a job and pay for it. It is not the states or gov't duty to supply one for you. It is not my duty to supply your welfare or supplements. Had a whole detailed conversation with a young lady on how she couldn't make it here because of jobs etc., but in the same sentence said she used her phone to post. I am tired of low lives taken advantage of the system, crying they had a bad life, they're some other color besides blue and all around whine. If you can not take care of yourself then why should I? Get your as* up and go find a job. Get off welfare after the 5th year. Pay for your own way. You are taking from the majority and at least I will tell you what I think even if the majority won't, but aagin, I'm not talking for them. These meth heads are pathetic. They should get absolutely no break. Did they give the 3 year old one while he sat in that chemical stew? These type of people make me sick. Then whine they have it rough. You don't even know.




having it rough is working 40+ hours a week to provide food for a family and pay the bills that puts a roof over our heads and hot water in the pipes all to have to worry about some hopped up junkie breaking into my house to steal what we break our backs to afford. the sad reality is those that work, pay bills and live government assistance free have it rough. our dignity and pride keep us from stealing from our neighbors. our good moral standards keep us from taking more than we need when it's less than we earn. it's the free loaders that instead of learning from their rough childhood's and making a better life for themselves once they've escaped their crap lives that grow up and do the very things that they claim made their lives so hard in the first place that have it easy. no bills, no no morality, no self respect...

Cliff Cannon

@ Wasp71 : Very well put


Cliff Cannon you rent your trashy homes to people who live off the government and receive metro. How can you say very well put. He is bashing people who live on the government but if it wasn't for them then how would you get your money. So basically he is saying your are living on his dime as well.

Cliff Cannon

@mommaof3babies: Yes, I have 2 homes on metro. And yes, obviously it is gov't money. However, I have turned in people for drugs---which automatically got them kicked oFF metro. ( Metro's phone number 668-3956 ask for Jessica Hunter for confirmation) I also have to say I am extremely proud of the people who both through their eFForts, as well as with my encouragement of have gotten themselves oFF metro and remain my customers today. Because that is what " public assistance " is really about, helping till you get on your feet. It is not a way of life. So there is your answer as to who will pay.

P.S. " Trashy " homes ? Thanks for the compliment. ( Sorry, I apparently turned you down.) Please do your self a favor and reread what Wasp71 is saying. It is,indeed ---very well put

P.P.S. Check out " Vicariously alives " comment, while your reading, it too is " well put "

P.P.P.S. Every last one of my customers know I am connected at the hip to N.P.D. Simply because I show them the personal cell numbers I have in my phone and let them know, I have and will again, gladly -- turn anyone in--for heroin, etc.


Ok cliff cannon your houses are crappy and falling apart. You are a slum lord and no you never turned me down. You may contact the police to let them know that you have addicts in your homes but you let them come back. Your house on Marshall St had been raided 3 times and the same people live there. Your apartments off of laylin Rd are nothing but a eye sore and they are absolutely disgusting. The only people that live them are addicts. I remember reading in the paper about the big heroin bust they had there and then a few months later the same apartment was raided again. You don't care as long as you get your money.


You are disrespectful and ungrateful.
I bet if one of Cliffs homes was the only resort you and your kids had and if he was the only one left on earth to help your sorry a$$,it would be good enough for you.
Better watch the bridges you burn mammaof3.

Cliff Cannon

@onegirlarmy : " a wise is friend is a good friend " Ancient Chinese proverb. Thanks for being my friend.


Got ya Cliff.
Remarkable the nerve of some people!
As the heading of this article goes.
I hope there are other charges for anyone else involved.
And if you aren't charged with endangering mommaof3...consider yourself lucky.
I hope you rethink your path now for your kids sake.


Why one girl army would you even assume I would be charged with child endangering. My children do not have anything to do with this situation.


My bad!
You've gotten so far off topic and seem to be so tied to the complex,
I had you confused with "Ladybugs4".
So I apologize for that but not for saying you are disrespectful.
I wish you well.


I may be wrong- and correct me if I am- but if you rent out section 8 housing don't you have to be inspected and passed in order to rent them out? I had a brother-in-law that didn't take section 8 because if there was chipped paint or something miniscule they made him repaint a whole room. Like I have said in other posts also, people on welfare whine that they don't get the best of everything even tho they don't do crap to get their supplemental income. Not all are like this, but it seems the MAJORITY are. If you don't like the housing, move. Get a job (or a second, etc.) and pay your own way and upgrade to what you like. As far as I'm concerned, if I'm helping supplement your income, food, electric and everything else, you will get the basics. But that wouldn't be good enough for the freeloaders- now would it? Typical. Get housing at bargain priceing and b**ch about it. Wow. Never good enough.

Cliff Cannon

@ WASP71: You are 100 % correct about section 8/ metro housing there is much work to be done to both meet ,then keep the standards required to rent to them.

No doubt, you'll be happy to know that I expect/demand as their health allows it, my customers to help get to, then maintain those standards. After all if " it " is worth having " it" worth working for,true ?

No doubt here, that if all that was provided was the " basics " as you wisely suggest. That the " freeloaders " would find work, then find "work " far more rewarding than whining

Cliff Cannon

@mommaof3babies : Well, first of all thanks for all the free advertising. You know how it is in business these days, watch every cost so you can stay afloat.

Or maybe you don't. Honestly, I have read none, zero, nada of your comments, other than the one's pertaining to me. So I know nothing of your story, apart from the fact your all for 'welfare rights' or something like that, which makes me assume you know little or nothing about running a business.

My last reply to you apparently wasn't sufficient so try this: First of all on behalf of the many fine people who are not only my customers, but also in many cases--- my friends on Gibbs rd. I would love to,--- if you we're worth it,which your not---- say or do angry things to you.

Then, I'd like to thank you for bringing up the heroin raid. One raid is obviously one to many. Yet, here's the questions, I'd like you to ask: Ask the young man arrested if I suspected drugs, then told him I was telling detective Fry my concern.

Ask Detective Fry,( who did not need my help) if I followed through. Ask the young man if he told detectives that getting arrested saved his life. Ask the young mans wife why she still trusts me and counts me as a friend. Then ask....ah, you ain't worth it.

You also screwed up your 'facts' on Marshall st. One raid in 2009. Was totally shocked.Knew the kids involved darn near their entire lives to. Was very sickening, still they know I won't give up on them ( even though they've moved).

So,yeah, I've let junkies come back and I will do it again and again if I feel that somehow, someway they can be helped. Because, one never knows they can help someone if they don't try, true ?

Seriously ma'am, I have nothing what so ever to prove to you. I am who I am and as long as my kids cry at my funeral, I'll consider my life a success.

Still, I will close with this:If you think this business or any business is so easy. Get oFF you butt and build one. Then tell me what you think, then I might respect your opinion

whatever you say

I am a former tenet of Mr. Cannon and can tell you that your assumption of him is incorrect. He was always understanding and very concerned for our well being. We were almost always late with our rent, becuz we received absolutely no assistance from anyone. And altho we parted on bad terms, which was our fault, not his, I still recommend people contact him for help with housing becuz I know he is fair and willing to help those who need it.

Cliff Cannon

@ whatever you say : You humble me. Gratefully, I thank-you

Kottage Kat

Excellent post.
You are spot on
I agree 100%
Thank you


Thank you Kottage Kat. It seems that the only ones insulted are the ones taking everything and giving nothing back. I do not try to insult anyone, just state my opinion. Which I believe fully that all of us that have worked hard for what we have, feel the same. I have stated that IF you need welfare, fine. But no one should need it for 10 years. But any ways, thank you.


Wasp 71 are you really still stuck on a conversation we had 2 days ago. If you are going to sit here and make comments about me then maybe you should re read our conversation I never once said that I do not have a job because I can't find one. You stated as you was jumping to conclusions that if I don't have a job and its because I can't find one then I should move. You was to busy trying make me look bad in which you did not do to ask. Even though it is none of you're business I do have a job and a good job working 40-60 hours a week. Yes I do have a cell phone I have a child with disabilities and need a phone for emergencies scheduling drs appts ect and I need one for my job. So stop jumping to conclusions putting words in other peoples mouth and just get your facts straight. If you are that interested in my life I would be happy to introduce you to myself my children and my family and you are more than welcome to see how I live my life for a day. Then you can see that I am not a bad person like you think. God bless you wasp 71