Fire set near active meth lab in Norwalk apartment

Fire starts in Bouscay Avenue apartment as cops use search warrant.
Cary Ashby
Mar 31, 2013


Firefighters quickly knocked down a fire Friday afternoon at 37C Bouscay Ave., where authorities suspect there was a meth lab.

"This was a meth lab that caught fire when we executed a search warrant," Norwalk Police Detective Sgt. Seth Fry said.

(NOTE - To see pictures of the crime scene and suspects, click HERE.)

Methamphetamine is a highly addictive illegal stimulant often cooked in homes with flammable components.

Four adults and a child were inside the apartment at the time, but nobody was injured.

"We believe they started it to destroy the evidence," Detective Sgt. Jim Fulton said.

Firefighters are trying to determine the exact cause.

"(There was) nothing rigged like in the movies," Norwalk Fire Chief Shawn Dickerson said. "They'll have a special team come in to analyze it."

Firefighters contained the blaze to a second-floor bedroom.

"Most of the fire was minor damage," Dickerson said.

Residents in apartments B and D were allowed to go back into their homes by about 6 p.m.

"But they are trying to keep foot traffic to a minimum," Dickerson said.

Police are expected to bring in a special investigation unit to process the apartment as a crime scene.

Four people were arrested and jailed Friday.

Paul Prince, 33, of Mansfield, and James J. Arthur II, 29, of Mansfield, each were charged with manufacturing of methamphetamines, a first-degree felony.

Allen Mobberly, 32, of Norwalk, was charged with permitting drug abuse and child endangering, both fifth-degree felonies.

And Samantha Reed was charged with trafficking in heroin, a fifth-degree felony.

The investigation is ongoing, and additional arrests will be made, Fry said.

Police obtained a search warrant from Municipal Court Judge John S. Ridge after Fulton and Fry each received tips about a meth lab inside a Bouscay Avenue apartment, and they determined it was at 37C and involved Prince, Arthur and Mobberly, Fry said.

When officers arrived at 4:55 p.m. and announced their presence, they heard people "rustling around upstairs," Fry said. "Officers were also able to see persons peering out of the upstairs window where the lab was located."

Police entered the residence and saw Prince running from an upstairs bedroom to a bathroom, Fry said. A small fire had been started in the bedroom where an active meth lab was found. Officers hurriedly removed four adults and a 3-year-old child from the apartment.

Firefighters had been positioned at the end of Bouscay Avenue, so they quickly were able to extinguish the fire.

During interviews with the suspects, it was learned the fire had been started by various chemicals used to manufacture meth, Fry said, adding that Prince admitted knocking over a container with chemical byproducts that started the fire.

Read more details about this story in Saturday's Norwalk Reflector.



I am not one to normally comment on anything that I read on here but after reading all of these comments I feel the need to set a few things straight. I am a single mom of 3 children who lives in Bouscay. Not all of us are down here to just live on welfare some of us are down here to get back on our feet and actually establish a future for our children. In each apartment complex there are 8 apartments in my complex alone 7 of us have jobs and pay rent. In the building next to me 6 of them have jobs and pay rent. So for the ones who can't do math out of 16 apartments down here only 3 live here rent free. Most of us are single moms just barely getting by. Full rent down here is 680.00 a month plus electric that's more than most people pay. They average out rent by taking our GROSS monthly earnings and subtracting 60 percent and the other 40 percent is what we pay like I said of Gross pay not our net pay. So it is not cheap for most of us to live down here. On top of the rent we also pay electric so by the time we pay the bills to have a roof over our childrens head we barely have enough to get by each month. Second thing you guys need to know this did NOT happen in the home of the mother of this child she is a very hard working mother that works 2 jobs to take care of her kids and left her child in the care of his father while she was at work. He lived in another apartment of a friend of his that was out of town for a little while. She had no idea this was going on and yes she does have a sister named Samantha but was NOT the same Samantha that was arrested. She would have never left her child with him had she new he was doing all of this. She loves all of her children very much and the little boy is doing fine and at home with his mommy. People need to realize that just because you read the paper and the location is Bouscay doesn't mean that all of us are bad people. This could be going on any where this could be your neighbors house and you would never know that this was going on. How many of you people have been in your neighbors house and new everything they was doing at every minute it is absolutely impossible. I do everything I can to keep my children as safe as possible and after this happened I sat them down and explained to them the dangers of what could have happened. So instead of passing judgment on everyone that lives in BOUSCAY why don't you say a prayer that yourself and your children will never have to encounter something like this.


I have nothing against Bouscay. My point is this: How long have you been on section 8 housing? It usually has a waiting period of months if not a year or 2. So that means you have been drawing welfare for how long now? So what your saying-lets say you have been on welfare for 5 years- in that time you have done NOTHING to better yourself? Have you looked at higher education? How about moving to a larger city where they pay more to then go to school, get a better job and stop having us pay 60% of your rent. I pay $900 in a mortgage payment. How bout I tell my lender I will pay 40% "just so I can get by"? If you say the jobs here don't pay enough, get a 2nd job and move. Do something to better yourself and your kids. You are the one teaching your kids the system. That is what's broke. Don't say you can't find a baby sitter or something like that. If you get section 8, welfare and everything (I'm sure all the perks,) then you will also get cheap daycare so you can save and do something to get off the system. But you have went and made my point completely. It is easy money for you, so why would you want to get off it? Don't want to make you too tired having to work 2 jobs, couldn't take your kids to Cedar Point or Kalihari this year. Stop you whining and get off welfare. YOU are the ones that all of us out here get p*ssed off at. YOU don't want to better yourself. And as for your $680 rent-think about it- the apartment owner knows they are guaranteed the 60% so they jack the price up. You pay $272 a month. WE pay the rest. Do something with your life instead of complaining of what you don't get on welfare. I don't feel sorry for your "hardship" at all. When you get to the point that the rest of us are at- let's say $3000 a month in bills (our choice) Then talk hardship or how your broke or whatever. Until then YOU have no right to talk about how bad you have anything. We pay so you don't have to have it bad, while we can't afford the fun things you and your kids do. Get off welfare. Your giving it a bad rap.


Nobody cares what you think.


I agree wasp. I have some family members who have it way better than we do because we actually have to pay 100% of all our bills. And gas for our car, our internet connection, food....we actually have to pay for all that, which means we are pretty broke afterward. All we have left is pride, which is pretty important, but it's still hard to see my husband work 60-70 hours a week, and not be able to spend time with him because he wants to make sure we have things. Sometimes I think it would be a lot easier if he didn't work. But he would never do that.


It must be so nice to have all the answers. She wasn't whining-she was explaining reality. Not all of us had easy times in this life and if I need to utilize the resources I paid for, then I have no qualms about doing just that.As for your comment about "it's people like you that all of us get p***ed about- don't have the audacity to think you speak for anyone that comments because scrolling through a variety of comments related to this and in other stories, the MAJORITY say they understand the necessity of getting a hand up and not a hand out. Receiving housing assistance for 2-3 years is not unusual and often necessary. It takes a minimum of 2-3 years to receive an assoc. degree and many times that isn't enough to pay the loans you incurred,raising a family etc. As for job training-when? Working two jobs and raising the kids-WTF? Glad you carry Superwoman's DNA in your pocket! can you share some with me? Vendejo.


Obviously you are the idiot for not reading my comments. IF you need the handouts to get on your feet, fine. I have no issue with that. If you stay on them for years then I do. If you don't have an issue with people getting wlfare for years and years then you take them under your wing and pay for them I would rather not. And I think the majority would say they don't want to pay for years and years either. If you work and then take classes you can have an Associates in 2 years. Then guess what? You will probably have to go to where the jobs are. Surprise! What a concept! Only using welfare for what it was meant for! Wow. And just so everyone knows- I was on welfare in '92-'94. I went to school. Watched my 3 kids also and worked. Guess what? If anyone wants to better themselves they will. Stop whining about having a tough life and all that crap. So what. Most of us had a hard life. Just an excuse. Buck up and face the world and do what you need to do. I stand by my comment. If you are on welfare for years and years you are the kind of people that p*ss all of us off. Tough. Deal with it. Better themselves, get off welfare and become or get back to a member of society that donates and not just takes. And by the way- it's PENDEJO. Didn't get your associates in spanish did ya?






Quit having children

be for real

We pay for them either way.Whether they are with their parents or not.It certainly is not the kids fault.The kids would have a better life away from the drug addict parents, if the parents do not want to straighten up and get away from drugs.They can get off drugs. they just have to want to and really work at it


Hey wasp71 you sound like a idiot and obviously you don't know much I said they take 40 percent of our gross income. By the time I pay the rent pay the electric and and get my kids anything else they need we don't have money to go to Kalahari or cedar point in which my children have never walk inside of. I have a college degree in law enforcement and also have my stna. I also for the record have only been on welfare for 7 months and only 7 months. I do not do drugs and do agree that to be on welfare you should have to take drug tests. The only reason I am on welfare is because my children and I lost everything to a house fire so now we have to start over and rebuild everything. I will not move out of state with my children because i am not selfish and will not take them away from there father. Not everybody has a cut and dry life. There is nothing in my life that I regret I have done everything I possibly can do to make the best life for my children. I have worked and payed taxes since I was 15 and before that I was working doing babysitting and working in our family restaurant. So don't judge everybody by the fact that they live in Bouscay. You pay a 900.00 mortgage good for you and you must have a great job because I know a ton of people who have 2 people living in there home that are both working and still can't afford that. Wasp71 how about you don't judge people until you know there story.


If you have only been on welfare for 7 months then you are one of the people that I had said in earlier statements if you need it to get on your feet then I don't have an issue with that. If you have your college degree and your STNA then there is no issue with you finding a job somewhere and getting off welfare. If you and your ex think that is selfish then both of you need examined. And I understand you "do what you have to do" which is exactly what your doing now. Now go a step further and do everything you can to get off welfare and get a good job even if it means moving away. The way it sounds in your statement is you are pretty content the way it is now and we will see you on the system in 5 years. I do apoligize tho for the mistaken math. I guess I'm lucky. I don't pay as much as I thought for you. Good. And did I not say I have nothing agaist Bouscay? I don't care where you live. And you working now? 1 or 2 job? Doing all you can NOW for your kids? Or are you just doing what is needed since you get supplemented? I stand by my statement. Move where the jobs are, show your kids welfare isn't it and get off welfare. If you did for so many years then you can do it again.


@Mommaofthreebabies-I have been in your shoes and have worked with others in similar situations and believe me you have my sympathy and understanding. You have made a home for yourself and your family, and it doesn't have to be a house with a $3,000 mortgage. As long as your kids are happy and know that is their home, then that's all that matters. And, nobody should have the power or authority to attempt to take that away from you.


Thank you my children have everything they need a roof over there head clothes on there back food in there stomach and lots of love. We learned the hard way that all extras mean nothing. Trust me I am not blind to the drug problem we have in this area and all around the world. I am very passionate about it I am starting school in the fall for substance abuse counseling. People need to do there research on this drugs are not just located in certain areas could be the nicest part of town and you're neighbor or there children could be a addict and the possibility is very likely. if you want to complain about how bad the problem is ask yourself what you have done to help fix it. You may say that you don't do it why should you help someone else with this mentality the problem will only continue to get worse. Rehab centers are thousands of dollars a day that insurance does not cover and we have no in patient programs here that will help a addict based on there income or lack there of. So what does the area do they put in a drs office that focuses on treating addicts with medication that is not covered under insurance and costs a user 5-600.00 a month. The FDA makes a killing and so does the government. I had a teacher once tell me that the government feeds these addicts because they make more from them than they give. Well I am not saying its true but I am not saying is not it is always a possibility and if that is the case we will never get this problem under control.


If you have had college courses and will continue to do so, pay attention in the English section a little more, mommaof3babies. It would help get your point across in a much better way than you currently are using. I'm not being picky, just using positive criticism.


I know sometimes I get things in my mind that I want to say and forget I need to use punctuation I am just rambling. lol trust me if I was being graded it wouldn't be that bad and plus I am using my phone so it doesn't exactly make it easy.


yes there are alot on welfare that play the system ,but the government lets them, they keep paying for them to have kids so they can stay on it.Most of them dont know what work is , then you have them going to college fro free ride ,no intentions of using the education,sad when they let it happen


then you have ones who r trying and they dont give then
m a break