Former Erie County sheriff dies

John Magnuson recalled as a 'humanitarian'
Aaron Krause
Mar 28, 2013


Former Erie County Sheriff John Magnuson died today at age 66.

"He was a humanitarian," said current Erie County Sheriff Paul Sigsworth, adding his former instructor and boss advocated for a law enforcer's role as a "community caretaker."

Look for a full story about Magnuson in Friday's Reflector.


Kottage Kat

Well done good and faithful servant.
As a friend and former boss
You will be missed.


Cliff Cannon

Perhaps the most famous recorded greeting in history was Napoleon greeting Goethe with this : " Voici un homme "-- Behold a man. That greeting certainly fits Sheriff Magnuson. What an amazing inspiration

Good 2 B Me

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jack langhals

Oh,Oh someone got fired.If John fired you he probably didn't need you or your work ethics.Go in peace brother as Billy and Ann did before you.If there is a line go to the front.

One of Erie County, Ohio most respected public servants. RIP


After my uncle died, Sheriff Magnuson contacted my aunt and asked if he could have a memorial brick placed uptown with my uncle's name and term of service and of course she agreed. Him reaching out and offering to do that meant alot to our family and I for one haven't forgotten that.
Again R.I.P. Sheriff Magnuson

hit the road jack

Shame that a guy busts his tail to retire and then not be able to enjoy it,didn't know him but I did his brother Bill and if he was anything like bill he was one hell of a good person.

jack langhals

Jack,he was that and all.Bill was like my son and I thought as much of John.