Girl approached at school bus stop

Alleged incident took place on Ohio 60
Scott Seitz
Mar 28, 2013


Huron County sheriff's deputies are investigating an incident involving an unknown male approaching an 11-year-old girl at a school bus stop Tuesday.

"We had a call from an 11-year-old girl's mother who said her daughter was waiting for the school bus Tuesday at the end of the driveway and it was dark outside," Chief Deputy Ted Patrick said.

"The girl told her mother that a male came from behind the house and got to within 6 feet of the girl," Patrick said.

"The girl says, 'Get away from me,'" Patrick said.

"The man then says, 'Come this way, walk away with me," Patrick said.

The girl again said, "Get away from me."

"Fine, be that way," the male allegedly said.

"The school bus then pulls up and the girl gets on the bus, but doesn't tell anyone until she tells her parents when she gets home," Patrick said. "We then received a call from the girl's mother Wednesday."

"To the best of our knowledge, there is no vehicle involved," he said. "The subject was reportedly headed north on Ohio 60 on foot in Clarksfield Township."

The man has been described as 5-foot-5, with an unknown build. He is a white male with 3 to 4 inches of beard growth which is light in color. He was wearing a dark stocking cap and a dark sweatshirt.

"We had another report that the 11-year-old's younger sister saw this same man in their backyard on Sunday, but we never received a call about that until this came to light," Patrick said.

Patrick said the sheriff's office is investigating the incident and will have extra patrols in the area.

"Children's safety and protection is our utmost priority," he said.

Anyone with any information can call the HCSO at (419) 663-2828.



So this happened on Tuesday and we are just now being ALERTED about it 2 days later!


It happened Tuesday morning, the girl told her parents Tuesday night, and they called the Sheriff on Wednesday at an unknown time. Chill out.


So then we should have been alerted on WEDNESDAY


like seriously said, chill

mother of 3

Wonder what school she go to. New London has been on break all week this week. Time to have that talk with the kids again about stranger danger again.


rt 60 in Clarksfield Twp is Western Reserve school district. They had school this week.


Sounds like this may have happened at her home. Suggestion: wait inside until you see the bus. Only a complete pervert would mess with an eleven year old!


That may be difficult to do, since I live in the area this took place in. This area is rural, mostly farms with long driveways because the houses are set quite a bit back from the road. It may not be possible to stand in the house and wait for the bus due to the distance to the end of the driveway.


Then as an adult, you either go outside and wait with your child, or have the sitter do it. It might be inconvenient, but that is better than losing a child. What a shame that we even have to worry about something like this. Kids can't even go out and play anymore without parents having to worry.


Wish the girl would have told the bus driver. But she was probably confused and didn't know what to do. In addition to 'stranger danger', teach your young ones how a good kick to the nuts could bring the creep to his knees, giving more time to run away.

I just don't get it. Are there more perverts these days? All of us played outside from dawn until dusk without fear. Kids can't even wait at the bus stop. Absolutely disgusting.


I completely agree. We use to play outside and only came in to eat and go to bed! Other than that we were either somewhere around our house, a neighbors house, or the skating rink. It's sad kids can't do that today. I know there were perverts who preyed on kids back then too, but it just didn't seem as prevelant. My daughter knows a short list of people she would ever be allowed to go with if they said "Mommy's hurt" or whatever...even if the person saying something like that she knows (other than the specific people we've told her about). She also knows that if someone tries to grab her, the gloves are off and there are no rules....she can kick them (preferably in the groin, shin, or knees), she can bite, she can hit, scratch, claw their eyes out and scream and yell like she's trying to communicate with someone in China. And it stinks having to have those conversations, but I'd rather she knows what to do than to think if something happened she wouldn't react for fear of getting in trouble. I sure hope they find the creep that did this. And again, I agree...absolutely disgusting.


It has happened in Fremont....a few times, and Toledo numerous times. Everyone needs to help and everyone needs to pay attention.

mother of 3

I also live on 60 my kids go to New London school. I go out with them every morning to wait for the bus. There is nothing more important then knowing my kids are safe. It really suck that I worry about my kids getting on/off the bus and playing in our back yard. I guess that's the world we live an all we can do is remind our kids what do if it was to ever happen and hope an pray it never dose