Boose talks possible tax reform

Tickets to high school games among items that would be taxable.
Cary Ashby
Mar 29, 2013


Imagine being a student who forgot your pencil and you buy a new one at the school store. Or buying tickets to the latest athletic event or making a public records request.

All those things would be taxable under Gov. John Kasich's proposed sales tax expansion, state Rep. Terry Boose (R-Norwalk Township) informed community members Thursday morning.

"We did not know he was going to do this ... until he rolled it out," said Boose as he spoke to about 20 people and answered questions at the Huron County Chamber of Commerce. "We are taking the sales tax expansion out of our budget," he said, referring to the House of Representatives. "What the Senate does with it -- I don't know."

Boose said there are only three exemptions to the expansion: Food, health care and residential rentals. "Except for that, everything else is taxable. ... Schools are not exempt," Boose said. "We need to have a lower limit."

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Estrella Damm

1) How come I heard about this tax months ago and Terri Boose is just now finding out about it? 2) Who wants to pay $7.43 to attend a football game? Taxing school events is plain idiotic. 3) Why is this "conservative" governor transfer the tax base onto the consumers?


Conservatives would lose even more support if people understood what they really stand for. Today's conservatives are anti-consumer and anti-education, among other things.


they tax football games or any other games and this chick will never go to another one again..its Bull!


When the Dems raise taxes, the GOP acts like it's a criminal offense but when the GOP wants to raise taxes it's called tax reform or broadening the tax base. Kasuck, Boose, and the rest of their GOP cronies are a bunch of hypocrites.

swiss family

it is puzzling how so many other people had heard of this being in the works for a long time, but Mr Boose acts like he is just hearing of this now??? either he is not paying attention, which then asks the question, why is he not doing his job well... or he is lying... which leads to the question, do we want a representative who will lie to us when changes happen????either way. I hope Mr Boose realizes that he might be getting to lazy at his job, and spending way too much time going to banquets and parties, and not enough time doing his actual job..


What a fool all the tea baggers must be so proud of this great politician.SPEND TERRY SPEND AND SPEND SOME MORE.It is time to replace this man.He ran on the premise he will be responsible,a conservative.What is next? Broadening a tax base is another term for sticking it to ya.

Now The Rest of...

Mr Boose didn't say he just heard about it, he said he didn't know about it until the governor announced it, no one did, big difference, liberals always lack reading skills. What the article doesn't tell you, although more types of sales will be taxed, the state income tax rate will be DECREASED 20% for everyone and the state sales tax rate will be DECREASED by 0.5%. Your take home pay will increase, on an auto purchase you will save hundreds of dollars but you won't go to a football game because of $.43?


It's a damn tax increase anyway you look at it. Neo-cons juggle the numbers to try and make it appear as a decrease, but you need to look at the entire tax plan, not just pick out what favors a point. I just got back from discussions in Cincinnati, believe me, it's an increase.


Amazing when any tax increase that will effect the liberals all of a sudden they gripe and complain but tax increases for anyone else but them are ok. Hypocrites.


The hypocrisy comes from the GOP trying to call tax increases anything else besides a tax increase. No one likes to raise taxes - both Dems and GOP. The difference is that the Dems actually call a tax increase, a tax increase. While the GOP tries to find some other name like tax reform to label their tax increase. Just look at what Kasuck is doing with his tax increase.


Reda, they are not raising taxes on anything, they are expanding the tax base. Raising a tax would be a tax increase, expanding what is not taxed is a tax expansion.

But hey, we have to pay form the luxuries our government and state have gotten us so use to. Gotta keep the handouts going.


Sounds like most readers didn't understand the story - Boose said the House of Representatives took the tax expansions out of the budget. That means they didn't go along with the governor's plan. They decided to oppose the new taxes.