Authorities welcome home suspect

Local man arrested on heroin charge after pulling into his driveway
Scott Seitz2
Mar 29, 2013


A Wakeman man received a bit of a surprise Tuesday when pulling back into his driveway at his U.S. 20 residence.

David G. Snyder, 42, of 5810 U.S. 20, Lot 153, was returning from Toledo and greeted by a number of local law-enforcement officers.

Snyder was arrested and charged with possession of heroin, which he had allegedly just purchased in Toledo.

The street value of the heroin was about $1,200, according to Huron County Sheriff's Sgt. Josh Querin.

Querin said the arrest was made about 11:34 a.m.

Law enforcement had obtained a warrant on March 21 and executed that warrant Tuesday.

"We had received information Snyder was headed to Toledo on Tuesday to purchase heroin," Querin said. "We set up surveillance. The Wakeman and Monroeville police departments each assisted.

"Officers observed Snyder leave the trailer park early Tuesday and he drove to the turnpike," Querin said. "He returned to his Wakeman residence about 11:30 yesterday (Tuesday)."

Querin said the warrant was executed as Snyder arrived home.

"Inside the vehicle, a significant amount of suspected heroin was seized," he said. "Mr. Snyder was taken into custody without incident. He made admissions he went to Toledo to purchase heroin. A little amount of money was also seized, as well as a straw used to snort heroin prior to returning to the Wakeman area."

The possession of heroin charge is a fifth-degree felony.

He was transferred to the county jail to await a bond hearing.

"We will continue to step up our enforcement efforts in executing drug-related search warrants where probable cause has been established," Sheriff Dane Howard added.


Yall Make Me Sick

Great job Huron County!

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swiss cheese kat

Why is it a good job when the small fish gets fried and the big fish swims away? Eliminating the source would benefit citizens more than sitting around and waiting for the little fish to come back home with what amounts to a fifth degree felony. Some people just don't get it.

Señor Clown

Local prosecutors get to pad their conviction numbers when they catch the small fish and plea bargain for reduced charges in exchange for cooperation with the investigation.


a mf caint even go to toledo and get a lil smack. what is this world coming to?

hit the road jack

The only bad part was,they didn't tail him in Toledo to bust the big kahuna.