JFS worker canned for porn, threats

A screener with the Huron County Department of Job and Family Services was fired Tuesday for threatening one of the agency's clients and using computer equipment to access pornography. Nichole "Nicki" Baker had been a screener since March 7, 2005. She was hired as a HCDJFS clerical specialist Jan. 12, 2004.
Cary Ashby
Jul 25, 2010


A screener with the Huron County Department of Job and Family Services was fired Tuesday for threatening one of the agency's clients and using computer equipment to access pornography.

Nichole "Nicki" Baker had been a screener since March 7, 2005. She was hired as a HCDJFS clerical specialist Jan. 12, 2004.

Baker was fired effective immediately for acting inappropriately toward a client while on the agency's time and making "repeated remarks" and using profanity toward the client, HCDJFS Interim Director Lowell Etzler said. She reportedly used agency telephones to threaten the same woman and violated "common decency" standards by calling the client a vulgar name via text messaging, Etzler said.

Between June 8 and 22, Baker excessively used her Yahoo! e-mail account and used agency computers to access pornography, he continued. Etzler, who became the interim director June 1 to replace Erich Dumbeck, said he didn't have any knowledge of other HCDJFS employees doing similar things.

Baker's job as a screener was to make the initial contact with someone who reports a complaint to the agency, Etzler explained.

"They get the information from the individual and turn it over to a case worker," he added.

Three other HCDJFS employees were told Friday their jobs would be eliminated, effective Aug. 24.

The positions held by assistant program administrator Marla White, eligibility/referral supervisor Jon Kelley and public information officer Stacia Badovick were eliminated due to staff cuts to save about $173,000.

Only one of those people, Kelley, was offered another job to follow cvil services rules and regulations.

"She is exercising her displacement rights," HCDJFS Assistant Director Bonnie Richards said, and has decided to be an eligibility specialist. Kelley could start the case worker position as soon as Aug. 27.

Richards said earlier the agency was "looking at a lot of other avenues before cutting staff." She also had said the three cuts were part of a "reorganization for the entire agency."

Etzler wasn't sure if HCDJFS would hire someone to take over Baker's position.

"We're in the process of doing some reorganization so that (decision) will fall under that," he said.

In January, a Huron County Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) officer dismissed a employment discrimination complaint Baker filed against Dumbeck, the agency's director from May 2004 through June 1 of this year.

The EEO officer concluded that evidence didn't support Baker's "claim of adverse employment decisions." However, she said Dumbeck's conduct during various phone calls and e-mails to two administrative employees was "unwarranted and unwise."

In April, Baker filed a sexual discrimination lawsuit against Dumbeck, HCDJFS and the county commissioners, saying she had been passed over for five promotions because of "Dumbeck's infatuations with her." She accused Dumbeck of making "unwelcome physical contact" by reportedly touching her on the hips, shoulders and back and said he made an "unwelcome advance," all between January and 2004 and January of this year.

Baker and Dumbeck had a personal relationship starting in January 2004, when they were co-workers supervised by different administrators.

"There's nothing going on (now) I know of," Richards said about the lawsuit. "It's still pending."


true (Anonymous)

The investigation will probably be the topic of a new lawsuit so I guess we'll see how good it was. It looks like the Sheriff's Office is involved now so I'm sure they'll get it all straightened out. ROFL

dear dddd (Anon...

you sound emotionally involved. i believe that the new director if you read his creditials has handled many investigations and has spoken with the press more than once in his career...are you saying that this director is not doing his job now?

give it a rest ...

Don't you know that arguing on the internet is like running in the special olympics? Even if you win you are still retawded. :)-

hey (Anonymous)

why bring the special olympics into this....that is wrong....not even funny....sounds like someone is trying to be funny yet not being

re:hey (Anonymous)

why are you typing...you aren't good...not even sort of good...looks like someone is trying to be typing yet not being

re; dear dddd (...

Please enlighten me what investigations has he done, I didn't know he was an investigator. If I'm wrong I apologize. I know the director and like him as a person, doesn't change the fact that what he said was inappropriate. I really don't care and could argue the opposing position (see below) but thought I would take this side.

I can't believe they didn't fire her before, why did it take this to get rid of her. She should of been fired when the allegations were made against Dumbeck. (there.. how was that)

date? (Anonymous)

Nicki, call me, I got a job for you, we can make movies together. I think you are hot and we could get top dollar for the genre.

poster (Anonymous)

there are no investigators capable at that agency and only one at the Sheriff's office (Howard) and I'm sure he wasn't involved in this mess.

Get To Work ! !...

Ok All You Job & Family Employees you better wake up & smell the coffee and ALL COUNTY EMPLOYEES as a matter of fact, and as a tax payer you'd better do what your paid to do, not blog on county tax payers time & dime so get off off ebay and myspace and do your freaking jobs and stop having affairs and being gossip hounds~Get to work!! Your computers are next~Beware!! You are even being track on this page~Beware the big man is ALWAYS watching ! ! People in glass houses shouldn't walk around naked, and you best watch how many stones you cast since you might be the next one on the receiving end!! GET TO WORK ! ! P.S. PORNOGRAPHY IS EVERYWHERE, EVEN ON YOUR COMPUTER~WATCHOUT

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it's everywhere even at donnellys.

Sad (Anonymous)

I just wanted to say I have heard alot about Nicki and if you look at her past its about time she gets it.

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I would just like to say Nicki finally got it. Hey Nicki if you are not screwing around with any married men do you think you can make a movie so we can all watch or did you already do it and if so can you post a link so we can watch it.

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Bob (Anonymous)

Maybe the job and family services should get some net nanny. I would like to say Nicki you got cought so don't try to put it off on someone else. Thats why you have to log into your computer so the county can watch what you are doing..maybe on your next job you will only view that kind of stuff on your personal pc and not where you work.

whos your daddy...

Well lets take a good look at this.. Maybe the job and family services made a mistake letting Mr. Dumbeck leave. If you take a good look at all of this it looks like someone was trying to set him up and got in trouble herself

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Date (Anonymous)

Um, guys, Erich was the stupid one, he should know you don't get your meat where you get your bread. Foolish, but he did the right thing and went back to his wife and kids, and that is the only reason Nicki got ticked off because she was rejected.... Hell if I was him I would have tapped that too.

ex employee (An...

Jon Kelly and Marla White drove HCDJFS to fire them. The caused problems throughout the office because Marla did not get the directors position. The commissioners did not want to hire a drunk (office bar every Friday night). Jon Kelly is a lying she devil. Erich got the raw end of the deal, yes he may have cheated on his wife before he became director but he broke it off. I saw Nikki pursue him after he called it off. She got what she deserved and so did Jon and Marla. HCDJFS is better off without them.

come on (Anonymous)

you sure know so much ex employee!! you must be an ex for a reason!! lol if you know so much come on and be a great witness for the county!!! no wonder you're an ex!!!

Kim (Anonymous)

This is for What: Yes I feel sorry for his wife(Heather). I know what it's like to be cheated on by your husband. It's embarassing enough for your close personal friends and family to know, she has the whole county in her business. This should be a private family matter. I know her from church when we were growing up, she is a good person and has a good family. It makes me sick that some woman have no class what so ever and they go around sleeping with married men. Yes I know he's to blame as well, but Nickie knew he had a wife and children. If she wants to go around sleeping with all the men in town that's fine, The least she could do is stick to single men. I hope for Heathers' sake he wore a condom, from what I know about that home wrecker she's been around alot. My prayers go out to you and your children Heather. With time this will all die down and these comments will go away, hang in there until then!

date (Anonymous)

You are right she did pursue him after he broke it off.

who cares (Anon...

does anyone know there are miners trapped? that there is child missing in ohio? there is a war going on overseas? there is a parent wondering if their son is getting off heroin? there is mother waiting to watch her daughter having a baby? why can't you people leave everyone alone and think for a minute. are you really that depressed and bored with your own life that you need to medal in someone elses. I am sure i missed spelled something or some will bash what i wrote but i just don't understand your fascination with these people. people lost their jobs, people will lose their homes, and listen folks this could and will happen to you if you don't utilize your time better. One more thing, didn't your mother teach you better, if not shame on her, is so, listen....she knows what you are doing.

Jason Morgan (A...

I can't believe my tax money goes to pay for nonsense like this soap opera. A "jobs store"?Teach someone how to write a resume? After 12 years of taxpayer funded education you should be able to read. Get a book from the library if you don't know how to write a resume.If you don't know how to write one you probably don't have much of one. You've got to be kidding me. Close that circus down.

Kate Howard (An...

It sure is catty in here.

ex employee (An...

Yes I know a lot and would be happy to talk to the commissioner. I left to improve myself and there is not promotional opportunities in that office. When I first started there it was a wonderful place to work under Judy, then because the town drunk did not get the position of director she the and tyrant Jon decided to upset the whole office with the help of their "unable to function on their own staff". The girls that work for both Jon and Marla were used to create hate and disruption and the idiots fell for it. I am glad I moved on from HCDJFS, I now work for professionals.

ex employee (An...

yes I do know a lot and would love to tell the story to the commissioners, but I left to better myself. There are no promotional opportunities in that office and with this type of stuff that is going on I am glad I did. They need to hire someone that has never worked for HCDJFS, Bonnie Richards is not the answer.