Sex charges dismissed against Willard man

Suspect released from jail; authorities say something criminal happened but the context "didn't fit" with the way the law is written.
Cary Ashby
Mar 27, 2013


Two sex-related charges have been dismissed against a Willard man.

Marcus Hampton, 26, of 115 Crestwood Drive, was released Monday from the Huron County Jail. He initially was charged with sexual battery and contributing to the unruliness or delinquency of a minor.

Willard Police Chief Mark Holden explained why the charges were dismissed.

Holden said the way the statute is worded and written for sexual battery excluded "a certain element of that offense." The chief declined to elaborate.

"In my opinion, it was a poorly written statute," Holden said.

The chief said police suspect something criminal happened between Hampton and the suspected victim, but after several attorneys studied the law, they determined the context "didn't fit" with the way it is written.

"They are going to refile the contributing charge in juvenile court," Holden said. "They (prosecutors) are looking at it now."

Only juvenile courts have jurisdiction on the filing of contributing charges.

Huron County Prosecutor Russell Leffler said a sexual battery charge doesn't apply to a "general relationship" between a victim and defendant and only applies to the suspect being a victim's teacher or substitute teacher.

"You have to have that relationship," Leffler said.

"We were looking at the relationship with a coach," he added about the research his office did.

Assistant Prosecutor Dina Shenker will be representing the state if a contributing charge is filed against Hampton.

Sgt. Shannon Chaffins started his investigation between late Saturday and early Sunday.

The suspected victim is a 17-year-old, but police have declined to disclose the juvenile's gender in order to protect his or her identity. Holden said Hampton and the teenager became acquainted initially on Facebook or another social media site and met each other in person later.

"It's not a local resident," Holden said. "The victim's father is upset about it."

Hampton has no previous criminal record.

"I don't think we have anything on him," Holden said.



Aha, off on a technicality. Gotta love our judicial system . . . NOT!


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He is a good man that helps kids and that isnt enough for pops.


Still might have been a dude, who knows? Hell, WPD prob don't even know. They don't even know what the law really is and they go around arresting people for laws they don't even understand. Mr. Chaffins, I have always thought of you as one of the more "fair" officer's on the force, I would have expected more of you, especially with your experience.

enough of the bs

It's nice how the Reflector created a story here. As we can all imagine more is yet to come of this when it is filed as a new charge. As all criminals have the option to do I'm sure he posted bond to be released. This sick freak will be back in soon after Leffler decides how he wants to charge him and then reduces it to another slap on the wrist as he is famous for in a plea!


Sick freak? Really?


If the charges were dismissed there is NO bond to post.

Willard 3

you have no clue what your talkin about marc is a good man and like i said fro the begining he didnt do anything i no him he is a really good friend and someone whos example to follow because he is a good man


Fro the beginning, we be innocent.


Yeah, what else could you expect from Cary Ashby, ya know? He will write anything to sell a story and slander people. He's a cop chaser, and runs with whatever they say, and never does any real investigating on his story's. Now look, this kid had to be released because there wasn't now case, but Ashby went with the story and put all this out there for nothing because he followed an inconstant police department. Way to go Reflector!!! You should be so proud of your reporters!!!


We be out


The chief needs to go. It is so transparent what happened here. They knew they had nothing on this guy but persecuted him anyway just to please daddy. It is a shame how blacks are treated by the system. A blind person can see what happened here.

believe it

Which chief are you referring to...Willard's police chief? Because if so, they were just doing what they have to do if someone files a complaint.

And I am completely behind Hampton too, I know him very well. I thought this was unfair. But if you're saying the police chief needs to go because of this, you're completely wrong.


What's completely wrong is dragging this guy through the mud on some dumb, ridiculous charges. Who filed a complaint? Daddy? Wasn't this still suppose to be investigated thoroughly? Whatever happened to the idea of not releasing certain info until things are investigated properly? Some of you give LE a pass!

believe it

I don't disagree about his name being drug through mud because of this, I went to school with Marcus. But to say the chief needs to go because of this? C'mon.


we be lookin for reparations.


Keep lookin'!


You don't think the chief could've squashed this? C'mon! If I were Marcus, I would be highly upset!


this is just the reason why NO names should be printed until an actual conviction!!!


we be mad


Poorly written on complete speculation. If the charges were dismissed because the actions didn't fall under a law then there is no crime. Where is the story here? "The chief said police suspect something criminal happened between Hampton and the suspected victim, but after several attorneys studied the law, they determined the context "didn't fit" with the way it is written." Is supposed to mean what? I'm sure there is a better law that fits with a person, in this case the police chief, slandering a persons name when no actual laws have been broken. Completely vague, speculatory, sensationalized article. No story here.


we be real mad


Told you.


I won't say much more than this; pissed off or not about ANY "situation" that happened between ANYONE'S child, especially my own, and another person I would want to be taken seriously. If it comes out that it was b.s. or what have you, then both the parent and the billies need to apologize and then move on. If a person thinks differently now, they better not wait until it's THEIR son, daughter, niece, nephew, etc.