Spotlight on sisters prompts comments

From well-wishes to chastisement, the story carrying the headline "Spotlight on sisters Samantha, Savannah" in Saturday's issue has generated dozens of reader comments Here is a sampling: Oh Great wrote on Aug. 11, 2007 10:55 a.m.: "2 more unwed mothers with children, Odds are I'll be paying to raise the children for the next 18 years. Birth control girls its free at the welfair office."
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Jul 25, 2010


From well-wishes to chastisement, the story carrying the headline "Spotlight on sisters Samantha, Savannah" in Saturday's issue has generated dozens of reader comments Here is a sampling:

Oh Great wrote on Aug. 11, 2007 10:55 a.m.: "2 more unwed mothers with children, Odds are I'll be paying to raise the children for the next 18 years. Birth control girls its free at the welfair office."

2job Mom wrote on Aug. 11, 2007 11:47 a.m.: "I would bet a weeks pay both mothers and now babies are on Medicaid.Medicaid is paid for by MY tax dollars. All medical care is now FREE for them. Get on birth control.It also is free. You two don't know what life is about except gimme, gimme. Foodstamps plus WIC, free medical.Thanks Reflector, I needed to be reminded today on my way to my second job of where my tax monies are going on the front page."

Pay up wrote on Aug. 11, 2007 12:14 p.m.: "I bet that Daddy isn't even paying for the FIRST BABY!! Those girls should be hanging there head in SHAME!! Not even married I bet they don't even have jobs!! How do they plane to pay for those children. I'd be shocked if the daddys are working a job that pays enought to raise a family. I bet They'll live at home with mommy and daddy and collect welfair and the daddys will go out and make more babys for US to pay for!! Insted of a front page story they should have to wear a scarlet letter!! Shamefull girls just shamefull!! I bet your family's proud"

Spelling Lessons wrote on Aug. 11, 2007 12:42 p.m.: "Sitting here making ridiculous comments is a waste of space. You're mostly showing the reason we should all stay in school. People have the freedom to have children. Yes, some are stupid and they do rely on the government to take care of their children but not all people do. So unless you actually know these girls and know that they're are like that, you have no place to judge them. Besides that's not the only place that your tax dollars are going. What about the murderers and rapists in prison? We are paying for their housing. So we're all under the understanding our tax dollars get used for some bs but because you have nothing better to do than sit here trashing on people you don't know just because it's in the paper is just ignorant."

Gesh.. wrote on Aug. 11, 2007 12:48 p.m.: "There parants must be proud. 2 daugthers knocked up at the same time. That should boost the household income two fold welfair, wick, foodstamps, ADC, Free medical. No wonder the goverment is taking so much out of my checks. Yea the Reflector really put them in the spotlight. I can see nothing good coming from this."

Annie wrote on Aug. 11, 2007 3:06 p.m.: "Congratulations ladies! The miracle of birth and life is a wonderful gift to bestow. Ignore the other comments on here; they are just a bunch of close minded louts who have not a care past their pocketbooks, and are so bitter they would rather bash two young mothers and their children than send their well wishes. Best of luck!"


Love one anothe...

OK. Can we have a LOT more positive comments here, please? These two sisters have brought a miracle of life into this world. They didn't go out and get abortions or leave these babies somewhere. They chose to have these precious babies. What happened to loving one another? Congratulations ladies. Bless you and your families :-)

SHOCKED!!! (Ano...

Shame on this community for all of the negative, vindictive messages directed towards these young mothers. And let me remind all of you that your comments are all questioning the morality and ethics of these families. Yes families, whether married or single, poor or wealthy, educated or uneducated, and deserve to be celebrated as such. I urge all of you to consider yourselves blessed that your lives have so obviously not taken unexpected twists and turns. How grateful I would be if I was never faced with lifes unexpected circumstances. I applaud the Norwalk Reflector for publishing this unique story and capturing this precious moment for these two mothers. I can only hope the hate this community has shown will only determine these girls to prove all of you wrong.

melissa (Anonymous)

everyone should be ashamed!! NOBODY has the right to judge anyone but God, and im sure none of you are him!! so you all need to back off!! savannah and samantha are both good girls and who cares whether they are married or not, no one has to right to judge them!! i know married people that get help from the government, but what because they are married it doesnt matter? congratulations girls i wish you both the best of luck!!

from one unwed ...

First of all if you don't know these girls why is it that you trash talk them? These girls have worked since they were old enough to do so. And if they needed help from the government then they have paid enough of there own tax dollars to ask for it. It's not a shame to be on medicare of welfare if it is something that you do not abuse. I hope that those of you who have said horrible things about these girls hang your head in shame and the next time you decide to talk bad about someone else that you know the facts. Girls I know and love both of you. I know that you work hard for everything you have, nothing has been handed to you cause of your mom and dad.Whether you are wed or unwed it does not matter you will both love and cherish the small miricles that you have brought into this world. And don't worry about people talking trash about you.They are just showing thier intelligence levels. Best of luck Samantha and Savannah you both deserved to be in the spot light!!!!!

wondering (Anon...

the paper needs to do an article on where women can get free contraceptives--and tell about the mornng after pill and what you need to do to get it at the local pharmacies==but alas some people have kids and have no clue what it means to be a mother and who suffers--the children do--

sick of hearing...

The girls come from a family of six they know exactly what it is to take care of a baby. Yes they work and so do their boyfriends.So would you people please quit putting them down. Maybe try asking the news paper to another story about thiers lives so that you know what the hell you are talking about instead of critizing people you don't even know!

they (Anonymous)

still need to get birth control and hold an aspirin between thier legs.

see (Anonymous)

why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free, only a baby isn't all that free, is it?

VB(love you bot...

First off, reading some of these comments make me sick. I don't know how some of you can go to sleep at night knowing you just said some of things you did to people you do not even know. You know NOTHING about them other than they had babies unmarried. My sister has 2 wonderful kids, and is a single mother. She works her a** off EVERYDAY of the week to support her kids! no she doesn't have medicaid not every unmarried or single mother has medicaid. and yes she has WIC. Do any of you know how many people have wic?? it doesnt matter if your married or not you need help with the prices of formula and milk and diapers today. My nephews formula was $25 a can at one point! Who can afford that?? Maybe these 2 girls didnt fully think about things before they got pregnant but that doesnt change the fact that it happened. and they decided to take responsibility for it. Second off, i personally know these girls and not just know them i was pretty much apart of their family for about 5 to 6 years. They are good people. How many of you actually know these girls?? And to "Pay up" how dare you talk about the father like that, yes he takes care of his first daughter, yes BOTH fathers have jobs AND yes BOTH mothers have jobs! im sorry maybe you would rather your taxes go to the women out there who have 4 kids, pregnant again and havent had a job ever. It does happen!! just because your upset with those women dont take it out on these girls. Congrats Samantha and Randy and Savannah and Gerald! I can't wait to see your little ones. And to all of you who have said horrible things about this situation, please remember that karma is a b*tch, and you'll see that in the future. Also too bad this website doesnt have spell check for some of you.

trash (Anonymous)

Joe, you must be proud

Mike Jackson (A...

I love how the Reflector powers-that-be absolutely LOVE the negative attention they get with their stories...they purposely put the Brant comments in the "Roast and Toast" so it would generate more people to look at their website and now they are glamorizing people to the horrible back and forth comments about these two sisters in what should have been a feel good story.

Sensationalism at its best...the more negative and rude comments a story gets, the happier the Reflector is.

Anthony Moya (A...

As a good friend to these girls I've got to say I can't believe how ignorant some people are. So let me talk **it about these people and see how they like someone who doesn't even know them running their mouth about them.

Oh Great - Odds are you have know friends because all you do is gossip and b**ch. So why don't you go sit in front of your tv start watching the news. Maybe you'll find something more serious to complain to yourself about.

2job Mom - You disgust me, plain and simple. Sounds like to me you're the one that's gimme gimme. I've seen Samantha work 2 jobs. Oh yeah and I remember a time when Savannah worked from sun up to sundown. In other words run your mouth about the parents in the world you know are worthless and not the one's you think are gonna be. Besides a mom working two jobs where's your husband and does your kid(s)even get to spend time with their mom.

Pay up -First of all the first baby is well taken care of by the father. For you to say that, you must truly be an evil person and you should be ashamed of yourself because from what I hear through some people I know, that know you, you just decided to write your life story down on this web page but replaced your name with theirs.

Gesh - Would your parents be proud of you? If i was your parent I'd wash your mouth out with soap and take away your computer as a punishment for your close mindedness. It's probably not welfare that's taking your paycheck it's child support for some kid you had and never took the time to see. So thanks for putting the spotlight on your sad and pathetic life.

they - you can stick that asprin up you a*s.

wondering - To me it seems like you know from experience. So maybe your parents didn't have a clue or you don't have a clue. But they are from a large family and probably got a better clue than you'll ever have.

You may look at this and think I'm stupid for taking the time to trash the bigger problems in this community but I'm their older sisters boyfriend so some of the things said are personal, And that being said, is why I have a good reason to say these bad things about you guys. How you can open your mouths and say such hateful and horrible things about people you don't know and have done nothing to you is past me. Thank you for showing your true hideous faces, I just wish you would've been brave enough to write your real names so maybe we could find out how credible your rants really are.

sue (Anonymous)

Why is this thread still going???? This is so not important.

Wow (Anonymous)

Reflector you are pushing things way too far.

re see (Anonymous)

The cow thing was not funny in the other thread, and still not funny here. Repetition does need breed humor, especially when what you are saying doesn't really even relate to the conversation at hand. it Read Think THEN Post, any other order will get you in trouble

WakeUp (Anonymous)

It is sad to see children brought into this world out of wedlock but I'd rather see this headline than one about a mother or father murdering their own children. A baby is light in even the darkest times, which these times blacken more and more everyday. those babies were made by God, in his eyes...though they may not have come into this world under ideal conditions, they are here and they are loved that should be enough for people. What bothers me more is these so called "Christains" saying rude and hurtful things, I'll leave you all with this! THOSE WITHOUT SIN CAST THE FIRST STONE!

Annie (Anonymous)

And now I've lost all respect for the Rejector. I'll pick up an Enquirer before the Rejector anymore. How do you think these two young ladies feel about this?

I can't believe...

The stupid newspaper ran this article twice.

comment prompte...

It prompted this comment from me, Go to wwII!!!

sounds... (Anon...

like Anthony has a guilty conscience. who's the daddy??

mmfar (Anonymous)

actually the cow/milk for free was pretty damn funny!!!!!!!!!!!

Tammy (Anonymous)

I cannot believe that there are people out here with attitudes like that. You guys have no reason to judge people on how many kids they have and by whom it is not your life! I dont care that you pay taxes everybody does in some point in their LIFE!!! I think the girls are lucky to have there kids at the same time!!! And I THINK that other people should get a life that has nothing to do but put people down! This is a happy time in there LIFE!!! Oh and by the way everyone complaing about tax dollars and paying for other peoples babies take a look at your life you probably have a few of them in your life too!!!!!