Stackhouse properties transferred to out-of-state lender

Stackhouse was one of the biggest taxpaying citizens in Huron County prior to his criminal charges.
Scott Seitz2
Mar 27, 2013


About 46 properties owned by Willard Rental Properties have been transferred to an out-of-state lender.

The Huron County auditor's office released the transactions recently.

Willard Rental Properties is the company co-owned by Jerry and Janet Stackhouse of Willard. The Stackhouses filed for bankruptcy in summer 2012 after falling behind on second-half taxes, according to the auditor's office.

In December 2011, Jerry Stackhouse, 66, pleaded guilty to a total of 18 counts involving conspiracy, mail fraud, wire fraud and bank fraud. He was sentenced in May 2012 to one day in prison for each count and also fined $15,000 per count in federal district court. The charges stemmed from a 2006 dealing involving rental properties.

Prior to the criminal charges, Stackhouse was one of the biggest taxpaying citizens in Huron County. Through four entities, he was part of the ownership of 276 parcels of property in the county. Those rank fourth, 10th, 20th and 22nd on the list of those who pay the most property taxes annually.

A story about the real estate transactions was published in Tuesday's Reflector. To read the story, pick up a copy of that issue or subscribe to the e-paper (a complete digital replica of each issue) for less than $1 per week and read it now.




Story should mention that some rentals were Metro. WE that work paid for those.


slum lord.
I like how his money got him out of prison. Anyone else would have been put away for years.


Sounds to me like this guy is still up to no good.

Rural Monroeville

Like it or not the man is no dummy. He has had a long and successful career with incidents of a variety of circumstance. He is not bankrupt in any sense of the word. Self respect? It may look like he has skated but wonder how he sleeps.


This name sounds familiar. Was he ever employed by the Willard school district? (back in the 80's)


Stackhouse was the Sup in the early 80's. His other business's didnt work out with the schools so he was no longer employed at WCSD.


I don't know this man and have never met him. BUT....I have never heard a good word about him from anyone. Ever. Everyone can't be wrong.


Jerry Stackhouse is the king of all slum lords. What apiece of work this guy is. When he was Sup in the 80's he was fired because he ran up $100,000 phone bill on the School systems dime. Now he does all this illegal bullcrap and only gets 1 day in prison per charge. What a bunch of crap that is. If that would've been someone who didn't have a bunch of money they would've been hammered with a bunch of prison time.


$100,000 phone bill????? Did he talk to someone from China for 5 straight years without putting the phone down?

Rural Monroeville

He let a lot of people down. Everyone really respected now he isn't.


Well arnmcr - see how he used the people's taxes? (Metro) I've been told because of him zoning changed. Knew some older folks who retired from Willard Post Office. He wanted to make his dwelling into a duplex. You know a little extra $$ to help his nest egg. Naw...can't do it. Stackhouse slumed up Willard like that. Ruined it for the little guy. Handouts for wealthy - who knew?