UPDATE: Level 1 emergency in Huron County, schools closed

Welcome to spring.
Joe Centers
Mar 25, 2013


An early-season snow prompted Huron County Sheriff Dane Howard to issue a level 2 emergency. That has now been reduced to a level 1 emergency. Roads are snow-covered and drivers should use caution. Erie County Sheriff Paul Sigsworth has issued a level 1 emergency.

Also, all area schools are closed for the day.



A lack of planning on the part of the county does not constitute an emergency on my part. This is Ohio, we were warned of the potential snowfall were we not? I think maybe the county has already removed the snow plows from their trucks and just didn't want to get out of bed this morning!


Yes because if you don't see the county out plowing they must be home in bed (and yes, that's sarcasm in case you didn't pick up on the undertone).


Thank you for the level 2 info Sheriff Dane. Drive safe Norwalk.


I think we got it worse than it said we were going to get it, so they weren't really ready.

Sitting In The ...

They predicted 3-6 inches of snow. Of course if they didn't do it people would be complaining about that so how can they win?.