High visibility enforcement nets traffic stops, citation

Working overtime, Norwalk police officers make 20 traffic stops but find no impaired drivers.
Aaron Krause
Mar 29, 2013


The Norwalk Police Department officers worked overtime from Feb. 1 to Feb. 4 to look for impaired drivers and enforce traffic laws.

These "Superbowl Blitz" patrols, officers made 20 traffic stops and issued one citation for speeding. None of the drivers stopped were found to be impaired. Officers issued 19 warnings for various violations.

These activities are funded through the High Visibility Enforcement Overtime Grant. These funds are passed from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration through the Office of Criminal Justice Services of the Ohio Department of Public Safety to local agencies. The purpose is to reduce traffic crashes, injuries and fatalities.


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swiss cheese kat

Obama stimulus money well used and only one ticket written. Nice job.


keep thinking you are free America. We live in a police state.

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