Marijuana plant, butter, cash seized with warrant

Two teens arrested, jailed.
Cary Ashby
Mar 24, 2013


Police seized an actively growing marijuana plant, suspected "marijuana butter," more than $1,000 in cash and several weapons when officers made two drug-related arrests Friday in Norwalk.

Huron County Sheriff's Detective Sgt. Josh Querin said two different tipsters provided information about "a lot of people going in and out of the house" at 282 E. Main St. and suspected it was related to drug trafficking. The tips started coming in at the beginning of this month.

"We started seeing a lot of activity at the house. Then we secured a search warrant," Querin said.

Chadwick C. Smith, 19, and Malayna J. Coiffard, 18, both of 282 E. Main St., were arrested without incident Friday, charged with cultivation of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia and transported to the Huron County Jail. Smith also was charged with possession of marijuana.

At 11:04 a.m., Querin, deputies and officers from the Norwalk, Monroeville, Wakeman and Willard police departments used the search warrant.

"It's a good example of the agencies working together to execute the search warrant," Querin said.

Willard Police Detective Jeremy Draper left the home about 11:40 a.m. His police cruiser had been parked in front of the home with the lights flashing. Draper directed media inquires to Querin.

"He was part of the entry team," Querin said.

Police said officers seized the following evidence: An 18-inch tall marijuana plant, a grow light, "numerous pieces of marijuana smoking equipment," more than $1,000 in cash and several firearms.

"There also was more marijuana found in the house," said Querin, referring to less than 100 grams of the drug. "There was more than $1,000 (in) cash at the residence."

The detective said one of the weapons was loaded.

"We don't suspect they're stolen, but we haven't run the serial numbers," Querin added.

One of the more unusual items seized at the scene was suspected "marijuana butter."

"He (Smith) admitted he uses that to put on his toast. We've heard about it, but I haven't seen it in person (until now)," Querin said.



OK so we got 1k in cash (tax refund they Probley work) Serveal fire arm (not illegal to own a gun or have a loads gun in your home) You got some pipes, a plant, and some butter, all mistimeaners at best . FAIL


I was thinking the same thing. His pipes and the marijuana found will only result in $150 fine per item and a loss of driving priviledges. They're all MINOR misdemeanor as of Sept. 28th, 2012 and won't even appear on his record. If the plant was only 18" tall then the nodes showing sex of the plant should be showing. If male nodes are displayed then it's HEMP, if female nodes are present then it's cultivation of marijuana. One is a "controlled substance", one is not. The guns, if registered, will bring no extra charges but I beleive will be kept since they were seized during a "drug" raid. I'm still at a loss as to why all the different towns in the area had police officers involved in the raid? All of these towns have had levies in the past couple of elections needing more money for their departments. Stating that they needed more officers, new equipment or vehicles. Why would the people in a town pass a levy so that their taxes can increase for the town next to them to be safe? Local police should ONLY be patroling their own towns. They especially shouldn't be using their town's tax dollars to pay for drug raids in other towns. Especially when its ONE 18" marijuana plant. What a waste of tax payers money! (atleast no one was shot this time by this "task force")


You both appear to be the same idiot since you misspell misdemeanor the exact same way.


...yes, of course, the spelling is all important, oh alter editor


Just another example of this idiot Ashby & the HCSO making something look worse than it really is.

Yall Make Me Sick

So this is what the world has come to? Hummmm Marijuana Butter?


Saves time...wake, bake, and breakfast. Allows you more time for bagging, and flagging!


Deputies and officers from the Norwalk, Monroeville, Wakeman and Willard police departments used the search warrant? Tax payers have to pay for this? Id like to know how many tax dollars were spent on fuel alone from all the ploice cars from so many different depts? "It's a good example of the agencies working together to execute the search warrant," Querin said" So they found "one" 18 inch tall marijuana plant, and less than 100 grams of marijuana. So was it 99 grams or 1 gram? What a waste of money!


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And the best part... they will probably take the DB public defender, lay down and get railroaded. GET A DECENT F'ING LAWYER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


they will get a slap on the wrist like the majority of the druggie dirtbags in town.


That's all they should get. A couple hundred dollars in fines at worst.


They come with guns blazing for this, yet get someone breaking into people's houses, all strung out on heroin, and they get a slap on the wrist and put into a nice relaxing 'program' (which has already proven not to work). Fantastic priorities.

Simple Enough II

Agree Bailey.


One 18" plant and some butter? Hahahahahahahahaha!


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Well, at least it wasn't heroin or crack. I know pot is illegal, but with all the other crap you read about in the papers nowadays......who cares if the kid wakes up and enjoys some "special" toast? I bet Bugs Bunny is especially funny on those mornings!


...I'm not sayin' that Emeril uses this butter in his cooking, but he does say "BAM" a lot...

Simple Enough II

Couldn't do a controlled buy to ensure what resources you were going to need to use or in this case waste, were worth it? Sorry looks like a real waste of time and dollars, yes they were breaking the law, but then you have folks breaking into homes and they are still out there doing it. Sounds like a poor PR photo-op!


I would think that the cops should have a little more information before the judge gives them a warrant. They are so quick to put thieving, drug addicted, violent people right back on the streets, yet they get this crazy over some grass? They have no controlled buys, no scales, and no mention of intent to distribute charge. This should result in nothing.

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swiss cheese kat

Officers from the Norwalk, Monroeville, Wakeman and Willard police departments for 1 18-inch tall marijuana plant? What a waste of taxpayers money. Pathetic. Downright idiotic. 1 cop could have done the arrest.

Marijuana Prohibition costs an incredible amount of taxpayer money. Just imagine what we could do with that money wasted on busting some kids with 1 marijuana plant.


You think the police were called in from home and given overtime? If they were on the clock, and not on a call anyway, how is it a waste of money for them to respond?


Interesting conversation. First - was there a possibility of more drugs and either they were sold out or ran out? Second - it sounds like the neighbors where tired of all the traffic in and out at all hours? Tiny driveway on a major street and houses close together would get on my nerves. Third - maybe there is time for them to think about this before they move on to heroin, at which time there is no turning around your life.

Not all smokers turn into heroin addicts. But anyone who has had a coworker that smokes knows they turn into a slacker. It sounds these guys had turned into a little more than weekend partiers and maybe this is a good wake up call. Or maybe we don't know the whole story either.


I'm kind of surprised he got a warrant for that. I'd like to know what Judge signed it and what Querin put in the request for the statments of facts. "a lot of people going in and out of the house" wouldn't come close. And were these really gun's or were they "Air Soft's" like the last one.


Hmmmm ... Marijuana butter? maybe I could make a version with oregano and parsley flakes & pass it off as the real thing and start selling it for extra cash.... might work.. I could call it "Herb Butter" LOL!


I would love to know how they got a warrant to raid the house?? Just because they have a lot of traffic? I'm a 24 year old male and have my friends coming and going all the time, so if my neighbors were to get mad about it and tell the cops I have a lot of traffic coming and going I could possibly get my door kicked in??? WOW sounds like some sh*tty police work!!!!

Simple Enough II

Get to know yur neighbors and let them know some of your intrest, so they don't develop an unwarranted opinion.


Boy was that a waste if taxpayer money. Good job guys!


Wow, high crimes! Death penalty? Pot will be legal soon, waste of time.


Let this be a valuable lesson to homeowners in this country. You are not entitled to have visitors. You are not free to move about the cabin. Reminds me of the scene from Monty Python's "Life of Brian" where half a dozen Roman guards rush a private dwelling. After destroying the residence, one of the Centurians proudly holds up a job well done...."yes sir, we found this wooden spoon". Marijuana butter. Good job. The tides are turning, we're running out of heroin addicts.


Who said they were homeowners? And frankly if people are in and out at all times of the day and night -- it's suspicious activity. Usually -- NO , not always -- means drugs are involved. There was a bust down from where I lived several years ago. Same MO only it turns out they were in there cooking meth. The landlord who owned the place wasn't real happy with the mom, dad, 3 teenagers and all teenage friends .. stuff thrown from the second story window in a pretty busy business district and they were pretty blatant about it cause they were right by a store parking lot. NOt too bright but that's huffs for ya.