Forecast calls for up to foot of snow from Denver to Dayton this weekend

Snow to reach I-95 Mid-Atlantic Sunday night.
Mar 23, 2013 reports the same storm forecast to bring a half a foot to a foot of snow from Denver to Dayton this weekend will reach part of the Atlantic coast Sunday night.

The Palm Sunday weekend storm will mature over the Plains and Midwest but will still pack enough energy and moisture to bring up to a foot of snow over part of the central Appalachians later Sunday into Sunday night.

The west to east band of snow is scheduled to reach part of the I-95 corridor from Richmond, Va., to Trenton, N.J., Sunday evening.


At this time areas from Richmond to Washington, D.C., Baltimore, Wilmington, Del., Philadelphia and Trenton are not likely to get a blockbuster snowstorm. However, there is the potential for a manageable snowfall.

Much of the storm's snowfall in the mid-Atlantic states is likely to be bounded by I-80 in the north and I-64 in the south. Travelers within this swath should be prepared for road conditions ranging from wet to slushy and snowcovered spanning late Sunday into Sunday night.

There is a possibility that greater snowfall will occur along the I-95 mid-Atlantic than shown here, if the storm redevelops quickly just off the coast Monday morning.

The storm's wintry effects could linger into Monday, possibly causing delays for the morning commute, schools and flights out of the major hubs and smaller connecting airports.

A snowfall of 3 to 6 inches from Washington to Philadelphia would easily be the biggest snowstorm of the season (a season which has been very lean with snow thus far). However, for many folks over the central Appalachians, snowfall has been plentiful this season. Many hardy New Englanders have reached their tipping point as far as this winter and its snow have been concerned.

Arguments for Snow

Indications show there will not be a strong flow of warm air off the ocean this time. The air will be plenty cold enough as the storm arrives and swings by to support more snow and little or no rain. This time, the bulk of the storm would occur at night into the first thing in the morning and would mean minimal influence from the March sun. The storm is also taking a different track than most from this winter: west to east rather than up the Atlantic coast. This favors the idea that cold air will hold its ground.

A significant complicating factor is the storm will redevelop just off the mid-Atlantic coast Monday morning. How quickly this happens will determine whether or not heavier snow falls during that time or extends the duration of the storm for several more hours along the mid-Atlantic coast.

A rapidly redeveloping storm could fling more snow into southern New England, New York City and Long Island, for example.

Arguments Against Snow

The west to east setup with this storm also implies an abrupt northern edge of the snow. A few miles distance could mean the difference between dry weather or non-accumulating snow and a few inches with slushy travel.

This northern edge is likely to occur somewhere over northern Pennsylvania, northern New Jersey, the South Coast of New England, Long Island and the New York City metro area.

There also is a chance that a transfer of energy from the Midwest storm to the Atlantic storm could leave another "snow ripoff zone" in the middle somewhere from northern Virginia to eastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

More Coming

The details on the storm and its evolution in the East will unfold over the weekend with new and updated stories, maps and expert videos on

In the wake of the storm, no rapid warmup is forecast. Instead, temperatures will tend to average below normal most days into the first part of April from the Midwest to much of the Atlantic coast.

EDITOR'S NOTE: This story was written by Alex Sosnowski, expert senior meteorologist for


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Cliff Cannon

Howdy Snoozer. Long time, no debate. I'm enjoying life immensely, thank-you for asking. This late season cold spell is in particular a true blessing to me.Far more importantly it is bringing---very much needed--- moisture to the Great Plains. So please pray it continues.

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Doing good cliff, I dont comment as much as i use too. Its the same old song and dance on here!Seems all the local rag can write about is heroin and other drug stories anymore. The local economy might pick up if the paper would write about other things! For example if I was going to relocate to another area or even start a business there I would definately read their local newspaper first! glad your doing good...

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@Snoozer : Good morning. Looks like we have a real debate here. Regarding the " Reflector " running drug story's, etc. It is true, a newspaper is to 'reflect' it's community's news. And sadly, Norwalk like the rest of America has a major drug problem, with all the usual problems ( theft, violence, etc) that goes with it.

Also, if you scan just the few pages around this story. You will find countless story's of school plays, National Honor society inductions,a very hard working wrestler winning another national title and so on. In short very good,positive storys

Now look at where all the comments of our fellow bloggers are. Ex-husbands at Daytona, The Mill St. Bistro t.v. garbage, a guy throwing his dog out of the car, sex oFFender out of jail and so on.

In short, THE interest of the 'average' person is on crime,sex and soap operas.

Now look, at the good news story comments. Virtually none. So the conclusion has to be the newspaper first 'reflects' it's community's happening. Them it gives the "average" person ( i.e. it's bread and butter customer)what that customer wants; sex, crime & soap operas.

In short, " we have met the enemy and he is us " Sad ain't it ?


I know what your saying but can we leave the national enquirer on page three? I use to subscribe to the paper several years ago. The first thing i did after work was read the daily paper, now I get the free paper on tuesday and I might read it by saturday now. Just lost interest in it, seems like a smear campaign against local residents at times. I know its a small town and all but when jane or john doe gets their first driving under the influence charge kind of turns me off to the whole finger pointing game! No one is perfect and we all make mistakes. Have you ever thought about starting your own newspaper cliff? Me and you could make hundreds of dollars from


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Cliff Cannon

@ Snoozer & onegirlarmy: " perception is reality " Plato

I think that is the key thing. Personally, my perception is the 'Reflector' does a pretty darn good job. Yet, I also know what your saying 'snoozer' about printing the 'finger-pointing' things.

Yet, that 'finger-pointing' is not only 'news' it is also again ( forgive the redundancy) what the 'average' reader want's. Why the 'average' person prefers to hunt the bad in good people rather than hunt the good in bad people, I'll never know. Yet, that is how it is isn't it ?
And of course sadly, newspapers all across the country are dying. So (I am assuming here) anything to get people to open a Reflector is part of the goal. No doubt, your correct we could make " hundreds " were we to invest millions to start our own paper :)

Still,I urge you not to give up on our paper. I can tell you sincerely Joe Centers is one tremendous man who cares deeply about our community. Read his column on Tuesdays and invariably you'll find something heart warming as well as uplifting.

Then, follow those 'good news' story's that are here on the 'net and give those good people, doing good things a compliment. Also, when you disagree with content---Tell them in a kind way, because they listen. No doubt, you'll get a rational explanation as to why that story was in the paper or presented the way it was.

Sadly, we live in a rapidly changing world and many of those 'changes' are uncomfortable to us " old-timers " Yet, to the best of our ability's let us " writers" both here on the net, as well as in " letters to the editor" write of the positive things, that make a good life so rewarding.

P.S. Snoozer,got to warn you though. Once we get our newspaper going " onegirlarmy" is one tough editor. :)


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@ Brock Lee : Really ? Thought for sure, you were a winter convert by now.No matter. Always a pleasure to debate you.



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Morning girls : Sorry, about the snow Kat. Yep, you better wait a bit before driving your portable billboard ( van) in the wind & snow. " Be safe all" is the best advice for snow short of this: Enjoy