Boose offers insight into JobsOhio controversy

Governor appoints JobsOhio board members, some of whom make in excess of $100,000 per year.
Scott Seitz2
Apr 6, 2013


State Rep. Terry Boose (R-Norwalk Township) recently offered insight into the recent controversy surrounding the JobsOhio program.

"When the JobsOhio program was created through a bill, it was supposed to take over the functions of the Department of Development," Boose said. "A difference would be JobsOhio would be a private entity instead of public."

State auditor Dave Yost has requested an audit be conducted on JobsOhio since it uses public funds, something Gov. John Kasich and members of the JobsOhio team have resisted.

The governor appoints the JobsOhio board members, some of whom make in excess of $100,000 per year.

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BOOSE making excuses why his republican buddy can give away our tax dollars.Anyone that knows Terry,knows how well he could explain.State auditor Dave Yost has requested an audit be conducted on JobsOhio since it uses public funds, something Gov. John Kasich and members of the JobsOhio team have resisted.This isn't just wrong,could it be criminal?TAX dollar use should always be transparent.


Sure. They are just like selfish children who resist the truth, i.e Mr. Yost. Glad to see this. Our elected officials must be accountable to US.


When "businessmen" get involved in government, they don't want to be accountable to anyone because they're use to beibg little dictators in their own affairs. Greed is bad when you're an employee asking to be paid more but greed is good when you're a businessman wanting to make a larger profit. What's the difference? For some reason, higher profits are good but higher wages are un-American. Someone please explain this double standard.


This is what privatization does. The right people get even richer, it costs taxpayers more, and the formerly government run agency accomplishes even less.


Jas imo . 1. Last election for Ohio's governor, only 15% Of Huron County voters voted. (We get the government we deserve) 2. Spell this word: buSINess. What's in the middle?


I just wanted to share with everyone what a great job Terry is doing!!! I have contacted his office by e-mail or telephone at least every week since January 7, 2013. I have asked him everytime to just please call me and hear my concerns. I have never once since heard from him. He must be too busy with other political affairs to speak to the people he represents when asked.


I pretty much think you are not being truthful or are contacting Terry about things like aliens landing in your backyard and wanting to test the elasticity of your sphincter. Have you tried contacting Terry himself, his phone number is in the phone book, he constantly replies to messages on facebook, and I am sure if you look hard enough he has publicized his cell phone number.


uncommoncents... I have tried to contact him about legislation as I was directed by a county official not aliens in my back yard or anything of the like. I am not going to contact him at his home and I have used the telephone number provided by the state general assembly. You don't call the pizza delivery driver at home their home to order your pizza do you? Trust me you assuming person I conduct my business in a professional manner and expect the same in return from those elected. If you doubt my integrity or truthfulness please reach out to Terry Boose yourself and see if you get him to respond. Gayle Manning responded to me within 4 hours and she represents a larger body of people than Terry.




So what you are really saying is that you really just want to whine about not being contacted by Rep. Boose. I've given you several ways that you can contact him and if your issue was that serious you would have taken steps to make that happen. I'll tell you what, put some contact information on here and I will personally drive to Terry's house and ask him to contact you.


I'll even do you one better, I just talked with Terry and he asked me to give you his business cell phone. It is 419-706-2676 and he would be more than happy to speak with you!


The people he represents don't live around here.