Local man shoots at dog, owner

70-year-old suspect charged with felonious assault in dispute over neighbor's defecating dog.
Cary Ashby
Mar 22, 2013


Frustration over a neighbor's dog defecating in his yard led to the homeowner reportedly shooting at the pet and its owner Wednesday.

Nobody was injured in the Ohio 4 incident near Bellevue reported to the Huron County Sheriff's Office about 11:50 a.m.

The suspect, John A. Mahl, 70, of 6199 Seel Road, Bellevue, was charged with felonious assault. He was released Thursday from the Huron County Jail after posting 10 percent of a $30,000 bond.

"She (the complainant) had let her dog out to use the bathroom," Chief Deputy Ted Patrick said.

"She observed the neighbor come around the corner of his house with a shotgun and (Mahl) fired a shot in the direction of her dog and her. Neither one was hit," Patrick said.

Sgt. Tod Wagner responded to the scene. He confiscated a 12-gauge, single-shot Harrington & Richardson shotgun and a spent shotgun shell cartridge.

"He interviewed Mr. Mahl. ... He indicated to Sgt. Tod Wagner (he shot) in the air," Patrick said.

When Patrick was asked if the suspect provided a reason for firing the gun, Mahl reportedly said "the dog had been defecating in his yard several times."

If convicted, Mahl faces two to eight years in prison.



I think if people would let their dogs out chained in their own yards things like this wouldn't happen. I let mine out on the dog run in my own yard. I see my neighbors out just letting their dogs wander everyone else's yard crapping in other people's yards. Makes me want to take them and rub their noses in their dogs crap just to let them know they shouldn't be doing it. I don't blame the man myself.

Freedom Writer

anybody who lets their dog sh1t in their neighbors yard deserves to be shot at.

swiss cheese kat's picture
swiss cheese kat

I don't understand your reasoning. Are you advocating taking the law into your own hands?


Freedom Writer it is obvious you are very very misguided and well I cant be nice about it, your holding back the rest of humanity and real American gun owners.

You should change your name because you thoughtless comments do nothing but hurt the freedom real Americans strive for and you my friend are not on the side of the 2nd Amendment with that attitude.

So if you think your helping anyone by commenting like that you are dead wrong, you are the type of person that hurts Americans freedoms.


Agreed. A mans domain is his sactity...minus the pooh


I agree with freedom writer. I wish someone would put my neighbors dog out of my misery. They think their dog should be able to run wherever he wishes. Also use my beautiful flower beds for a PUBLIC TOILET. We keep our dogs in our yard and under control. This is a real pain in the butt. We tried to talk to them but didn't do any good. A couple years ago a dog was killed in front of their house and I called the dog warden to come and pick it up. They checked for dog tags for us and them. We had ours but they didn"t have any. So they got a warning and had to get license for theirs. GO JOHN!!!


So when someone comes along and puts YOUR dogs out of their misery is that ok?

Keep it simple,and think. Would you want your beloved pet killed for a mistake it made?

I dont understand why ppl on here are so willing to gun people and pets down.

Seriously I thought I was kind trigger happy on self defense issues


I don't have dogs because I don't want to clean up dog crap. I certainly don't want to clean up my neighbors dogs' crap.
If you let your animals run wild, don't complain when people shoot at them.
If it is your pet that you care so much about, then you would care where it goes and what it does. Otherwise, it's just a wild animal.


He would have got into less trouble for shooting the dog. Never shoot into the air!

Simple Enough II

If he had only been "Shooting Heroin", he would have gotten a slap on the wrist and told not to do it again!

hit the road jack

Looks to me that we all have the same idea or agreement,don't let your dog or cat loose in my yard or garden and they'll be no problems.

former local

You people are crazy!!!! Shooting over something like that, and you wonder why some of us think there are people who shouldnt be allowed to have guns. Sheesh!!

hit the road jack

Ever walk in YOUR back yard and have the neighbors animal feces squish between your toes? well,you get tired of this crap,keep your dog and cat in your house and let them crap on your carpet,problem solved! not only that,people like you should not be able to own a dog or cat either.

Sitting In The ...

Because it squashed between your toes you believe that justifies grabbing your gun and discharging it ....WOW okay. Of course taking other avenues would just be to much work and the gun right there .....YEEHAW.

hit the road jack

I'm sure the neighbor was told or warned about the dog before this and as usual some of you will not listen.
I'm also pretty sure he didn't fire at the woman,she probably blew it way out of proportion just like you,so people,keep your damn dogs and cats at home.

Sitting In The ...

Did it ever occur to you that it might not be your neighbors dog? Also how she blow it proportion if he admitted to doing it ?


Ever hear of shoes, or don't they go with your daisy dukes and wife beater
t-shirt? Just kidding, couldn't let it pass.

tell it how it is

shouldn't have shot, should have called the cops. No one is ever "allowed" to shoot at people, even if they don't actually want to hit the target.

But sheesh! Why is there so many dog stories in the paper????? This ^^ shouldn't be about him shooting at the dog. It should be about him shooting at the owner!

Now The Rest of...

Talk about overreaction, taking a shotgun to a poop fight.


I just wonder who is telling the truth. It is his word against hers. If he fired a shotgun "at her" unless he was a really bad shot, wouldn't she or her dog have had a few pellets in them?

Now The Rest of...

The problem is the next time he shots another person might not wait to see if its up in the air or at them and respond, with the number of CCW permits this could have turned really bad. Clearly there are less dangerous ways to take care of this problem.


Ya that man is a reckless mess and everyone here that is condoning him obviously does not own a gun or should not be allowed to.

Responsible gun ownership is apart of being a Responsible American


Throw the book at the dumbass. I don't care how old he is. There are other ways to handle this other than the NRA way.

tell it how it is

Just because he shot at them doesn't make it the "NRA" way.

Their way is NOT the retard way, this man's was.


I went and bought a $10 slingshot. I then went to Northwest St. and parked my car and walked on the railroad tracks and picked up a coffee can of iron ore pellets. I now can hit a dog or cat that wonders into my yard or garden silently and for the most doesn't kill them, just a good ding to keep them away. After you smack the cat in the side and he jumps 4 feet in the air they usually stay far far, away. If you have to do it twice, you won't see them again. They learn. Rather quickly also.


The neighbor dog runs free next store to me. I usually find his crap under my foot while out mowing my grass. It pisses me off. Keep your dogs in your own yard!

It's a Jeep thing

this is great! lol that would be a dead dog if i saw the thing crapping in my yard! the damn woman would be cleaning it uo with her hands as well! Good job mr. mahl i applaud you. You got all these crackheads walking around...take care of those idiots first!

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swiss cheese kat

Cruelity to animals and assault is how you would take of it. You seem like a winner.

It's a Jeep thing

i see no cruelty and or assult, nobody got hurt. Just a warning shot is all i gather from the information in front of us. he was giving a friendly warning. Im sure he wouldve hit the dog if he meant it.

Sitting In The ...

What if it wasn't her dog?