Heroin dealer gets prison time

Defendant charged after Norwalk 'heroin house' raid.
Cary Ashby
Mar 22, 2013


A Norwalk man was sentenced Thursday to 10 months in prison for selling heroin to a confidential informant.

Roy A. Stewart III, 32, was one of five people arrested in early December after Norwalk police officers used a search warrant at an East Harkness Street residence. Detective Sgt. Jim Fulton has said all the suspects are "known heroin addicts" who had been staying at the local "heroin house" and were traveling to Cleveland to buy the drugs.

Stewart pleaded guilty Thursday to one count of trafficking in heroin. Huron County Assistant Prosecutor Richard Woodruff said the defendant sold two balloons of heroin to a confidential informant Nov. 19.

As part of a plea deal, the state agreed to dismiss a second trafficking in heroin charge in connection with a Nov. 25 incident.

"The joint recommendation would be 10 months in prison," Woodruff told Huron County Common Pleas Judge Jim Conway.

Stewart, who waived his right to a presentence investigation, declined to speak on his own behalf in court.

While the judge didn't impose a fine, Stewart must reimburse police $80 to cover the cost of drug testing. He also had his driver's license suspended for six months.

"He has prior (felony) convictions. He's been to prison before," Woodruff said.

Most recently, in late June 2011, Stewart was sentenced to one year in prison for trafficking in heroin.

"He didn't do the whole year. They let him out after nine months," Woodruff said.



10 months?? Why not 10 years? Oh, thats right, he went to Huron County courts. Ya know if I was a drug dealer...I would make sure I did it right here in Huron County...It's a very good living and very little consequence. It's a no brainer.
Even for the Multiple offenders...the more times you go to jail, the less time you get, then they give you CBCF which lets deal while your in jail...What a job..


Judge James Conway is a enemy to the town or Norwalk, Ohio... let it be known

The man is as worthless as the drug addicts he is supposed to be ruling on.

The man has to be a spineless out of touch, sociopath for ruining this town.


I would love to wipe that piece of dog poo's smile off of his face with my 40.


40? old English 800? that would wipe the smile off my face too..


They man 40 as in a large enough caliber to decimate and ultimately destory the enemy to Norwalk, Ohio which is these pathetic scum.

Your not alone brother, alls we need is to make an example of these scum by droping one or two during a drug fueld robbery.

Let it be know to all the junkies and low life they are many of us are ready to annihilate your scourge.


Really?...smiling for the mugshot?...this a-hole needs a swift, and straight trip to Black Dolphin prison....too bad the Russians are the ones placing proper accountability towards those whom are offenders. This is a reoccurring problem right next door to my home, where my young, and impressionable children can see that there are no repercussions for faulty, and negligent actions....oy vey.


I wonder if he said "cheese"!


It's almost like he's smiling because he knows he's getting CBCF treatment, to avoid the, and I say this lightly, as to avoid offending the d_bags of society and starting a ruckus, prosecution he, and every other lawbreaker diserves.

swiss cheese kat's picture
swiss cheese kat

The homeowner should be made to forfeit the home for providing a 'heroin house'.


The neighborhood it is in, IS NOT a bad neighborhood.

It will be recovered and hopefully the slum lord who owns that house can meet a fate the same as the scum he provides shelter.

Residents of this town need to step up and end this type of activity, we also need to vote out that PATHETIC WORTHLESS JUDGE, I mean is James Conway selling drugs? Is that why he wont punish these scum bags?

Judge James Conway is a enemy to the town or Norwalk, Ohio... let it be known

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swiss cheese kat

I understand the neighborhood thing. There should be laws for this type of situation. Landlords who provide shelter for junkies should have to forfeit the property. That will make them think twice. Its no surprise to whom the owner is.

swiss family

I agree with most everyone on here. Justice in Huron county is a pathetic joke, and between the Prosecution team and our Judge.. they continue to make it seem as though they are making deals WITH THESE DRUG SELLING CRIMINALS..I always thought that in a "Deal" both sides gained from it. Where is the gain for the citizens??? Yea it is a great deal for the druggies, they dismissed some of their crimes... but they are released early only to get more people involved, ruin more teens lives, and make lots of money WIN< WIN< WIN.. and we get what.. he agree to plead "Guilty" big deal.. let him plead however he chooses, especially when you have enough evidence on him to send him away for a long, long time.

I wish that the community would finally have enough if these almost non existent punishments, and send a letter, or e-mail, or call the Ohio Attorney General's office. I have done it many times, to complain about what our Justice team seems to feel is justice.. But if only one or two people complain, I think that they will probably think that I have a personal involvement, like I am avenging a relative or something of a selfish reason.. but if lots of people complain that our community is becoming a Drug Haven, and our Judge keeps sending them to a treatment "spa" instead of Prison, then hopefully they will take note and investigate it.


You are 100% right, if you could post the information of who you contacted so we can keep current with the right departments needed to make a change.

swiss family

if you go to "ohioattorneygeneral.gov" you will be on Mike Dewine's sight, there is a place marked "complaint" go there then to ,"general complaint".. there is also a toll free number to call if you wish to... if you are as fed up as everyone else is.. please complain..I did also tell them at that website how the community in general is fed up, and for them to check out Norwalkreflector.com, to see what others in the community have to say.. but please make your own complaint.. you can make it an autonomous complaint if you would like to

I also feel that sometimes the way we set up the court system, leads to these Judges feeling like they are above the law...think about it, they come into work, go to their chambers , put on their"costume" or robe, like that should automatically give them superiority and respect, and usually the only people in the court room are the guilty parties, and their families and the lawyers...these Judges actually work for us... we pay them to do a job, maybe if we all went to the courthouse to see these trials happening , it might cause different outcomes..Everyone knows that most people work their best and do the best job when their employer is watching over your shoulder.. so maybe we "the taxpayers and his boss" might feel an obligation to the community to actually do the best job he can do , and to hand out the proper punishment, and that the community is watching him. and demanding that he does the most responsible job for the community...I would hope that everyone occasionally would just go to the court house and watch the trials, and when a less than expected punishment is given out, or when an unacceptable plea deal is made, just show your disapproval, with a grimace, or shaking of your head or something that is not disruptive to tell them that the community is watching and the community is NOT happy

Yall Make Me Sick

Awe he's so proud if himself! Lol! Winner winner winner!!


The small money it takes to acquire the amount of said "heroin", seems simple. The time, the footwork to erase said charge, and (as it may be short) jail time, will sit and linger throughout the existence of the offenders future...THUS, causing more of our tax dollars, to house, feed, and clothe these reckless individuals, as they may very well never see the light of a decent paycheck...and furthermore, will only prolong the "recovery' of said individuals. I wonder to myself at times, ..." Why work?...why pay taxes?...why obtain and practice the morals so taught to me by the very woman whom brought me into this world?"...because I can...and I will, solely for the purpose as to express exemplary vision, to my children, all of which never asked to be introduced to this world that law has forgotten....whew!...that was alot of backspace, and reevaluation.