Heroin dealer with long criminal history sent to prison

Local woman 'just hasn't been able to lick this problem,' prosecutor says
Cary Ashby
Mar 21, 2013


A Willard woman with an extensive criminal record was sentenced to 11 months in prison Wednesday for trafficking in heroin.

Misty Hartschuh, 34, most recently of 202 Park St., has prior felony convictions in Ohio and Kentucky and been to prison for unspecified Kentucky crimes.

Huron County Prosecutor Russell Leffler said Hartschuh's criminal history is "mostly related to drugs."

"She just hasn't been able to lick this problem," Leffler said. "We just can't get through to her."

The prosecutor requested Huron County Common Pleas Judge Jim Conway give the woman a prison term with the option of being released into a community-based corrections facility (CBCF), a form of prison which focuses on substance abuse treatment and education.

Defense attorney Curtis Koch agreed with the state's recommendation."I don't think we can give up on Misty. I think she's a good person with a bad problem," Koch said.

On Jan. 26, 2010, Hartschuh and a 27-year-old Mansfield man were arrested in the Willard area on an allegation they bringing heroin from Columbus to Willard. A drug investigator, at the time, said Hartschuh had about 12 balloons of heroin plus some Xanax and Vicodin in her possession. She was charged with tampering with evidence and trafficking in heroin.

Hartschuh requested a term in a CBCF, asking the judge for the tools to handle her drug addiction.

"My grandfather just passed away. I got through that (sober)," she said. "I am on four years of probation through Kentucky."

Conway approved Hartschuh to be a part of the risk reduction program in prison. That means if she completes the substance abuse program, she could be released after serving after 80 percent of her term.

Hartschuh, whose driver's license is suspended for six months and will be on parole for up to three years, must pay $40 in restitution to the Huron County Sheriff's Office to cover the cost of drug testing.

In January, she pleaded guilty to trafficking in heroin.




Oh, well, she said she was sorry....that seems to make everything better now. So when, and if, they catch this guy trying to pick up middleschool students in Fremont, give him CBCF...and when someone robs and kills an old lady?...CBCF...bankrobbers, rapists, child molesters...where does it stop??? Its apperant that if you wish to avoid jailtime, and continue to be a repeat offender, just claim mommy didn't hug you enough, and you "may" be addicted to porn...it"ll set you free to eat government cheese, and enjoy your reparations while playing your XBOX 360 by lunchtime the following day! Oy vey.


...just two more words...Black Dolphin.

Simple Enough II

So many folks want to give these wasted, damaged souls chance after chance to "redeem themselves" yet they fail to realize (IMO) that they are permanently messed up. Save the heartache and let them have that next needle, bottle of cheap Scotch, super sized BIC Mac meal with a diet coke or crack pipe and actually try & make them aware at an early age.


Once again......Another one from Willard.

believe it

See this is what makes Willard look bad, she's not even originally from Willard.

Yall Make Me Sick

How is she not from Willard? I went to school with her during middle school & high school which was over 18 years ago. She went to Kentucky AFTER she graduated. So yes she is from Willard!

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swiss cheese kat

Kentucky, Willard, not much difference between the two.


If she hasn't learned what prison was like the first time, it is too late at 32 years old to teach this drug dealer how to follow the laws. Seriously Misty.... what a way to waste your life away.

Lillie Chaos

If memory serves me correctly....this girl is not from "wrong side" of the tracks. She was not influenced by home or school of siblings. She made her choices. The legal system has offered her support and encouragement and hope.
>>Defense attorney Curtis Koch agreed with the state's recommendation."I don't think we can give up on Misty. I think she's a good person with a bad problem," Koch said.<<

She chooses not to fix it! Time to send her away for a long time and yes, we pay for it.....we are paying now! Think about it Curt...you want her near your family? She is dangerous to the public. Our legal system in TWO states have bent over backwards. Would you let her wander around the streets if she had bird flu or small box? If want to classify this behavior a disease quarantine it!!!! Do not expose the rest of us to her symptoms. It could be anyone's child buying her next batch of contamination. My heart aches for her family but get her off the streets and locked up for a long time. No excuses. At least her mother will know where she is at night.


So,she hasn't been able to "lick" the problem? I always thought you kicked a problem, not licked it. Just like kicking a habit. I'm sure she has already licked it, now she needs to kick it. Enough said.


this is where thuis court is screwed up why is she getting prison they wont give it too the yates girl


@ Lillie Chaos Your memory is wrong, She was influenced by home....her Mom is on heroin and in the news too!! Look it up (Sheila Chaffins). Also her Mom doesn't have to worry about where she is because she is probably with her shooting up.


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I just love how people like to pass judgment on these posts, when they have no idea what they are talking about. First of all, this case is over a year old. Misty had been staying out of the way upon her release from prison in KY. My question is, Why can't this judge remain consistent with his sentences for trafficking charges? It's okay to give one "repeat offender" intense probation when he has been actually putting this stuff on our city streets since the turn of the century? Misty has been out of the state a good part of her adult life. As for throwing this back on her mother, that is just plan dumb. While Sheila might have had her problems for a few years, she cleaned up her life, and has been clean many years now. By all means, I am not condoning drug trafficking, but why is it okay for a "major" heroin dealer to get off, and a low level drug offender to be sent to prison? Again, what passes for out judicial system strikes again. I believe every person should be given the same chances at rehabilitation, without it being abused. I have sat back and watched this judge send the same people to CBCF multiple time, while others go straight to prison. You want to pass judgment, point the finger at this judge while he sits on his throne up at the Court of Common Pleas, because the WPD & HCSO are doing their part. Hope people remember all this come election time, that is if there is anyone left in Huron County with any integrity to run against him....


First, Judge Conway was just reelected and starts his new 6 year term in May.

Second, many times a sentence is based on the sentencing report provided by the probation department and that information is never in these news stories.


Lets equate this sorry excuse of a woman with the Little 15 year old who just got charged with failure to maintain control of a vehicle. This drug dealer has hurt far far more people than the 15 year old will ever hurt. The 15 year old, had a learners permit. She just learned a valuable lesson and is already suffereing more concequences than this Drug dealer ever will. But yet, people want to condemn the 15 year old, while the drug dealer has learned NOTHING by going to prison, or CBCF.....Seriously???
Let me say also that our law enforcment people out there are doing a GREAT job of trying to get the drugs and the dealers off the street, but when the prosecutors and the judges, don't support them.....well, you see where that goes.


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What!!! That is so horrible to hear, I think I would of beat her a** . Selling to adults is one thing but to kids is another. Them kids ain't going to have a chance in life bc of people like her!!! What the hell is wrong with these people. She needs to rot in prison the rest of her life so she don't destroy any more kids!!!

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swiss cheese kat

She has already been beaten with the ugly stick.


I really doubt you saw 10 or 15 kids, and I highly doubt she was selling dope. How do I know, because I do, that's how I know. If you saw any younger "kids" around it was prob her little sisters friends, and I do know for a FACT that she wasn't a user or seller. Just another person thinking she "saw" something because you seen this person walking down the street or talking to someone. Since when was that against the law? Why don't you point the finger at the real heroin traffickers in town, and not just at the people you see in the paper. Oh yeah, that's right, you prob don't know who the real people are. LOL, do a lil research Wow, it's a small town, you will figure it out.


This woman was in trouble in high school. She's been in and out of trouble her whole life. Just another waste of space. Society should give up on her because she has given up on herself.


@ Wowseriously, U seem to know soooo much... do I smell a RAT??? and if u "watched" her so much from ur cousin's house and threatened to beat her a!! and yelled things at her why didn't u do something then if it bothered you so much?? yea, just another person talkin behind a computer. I have known this girl all my life, she went to school here and has family here and in Ky so it dont matter where your from she is not the only 1 who should be made an example of when this town has went to sh!! and it ain't only bcz of her. she has done & did her time and been on the straight since, so before you start talkin about things you dont clearly know all the details and facts too, here's some advice... Keep your lips closed!!


Well said Devil!! She "saw" something, lol. She don't know what she saw, if anything. If she was out doing drugs the whole time she was on drugs, how come she was passing every urine screen when she was called in to take as conditions of her bond? Hmmmm..., kinda makes you wonder. But yet, if she was an known informant she would have been OR'ed, and out committing new crimes. She was clean everytime she was called to drop, and at her PSI, but yet this joke of a judge sends her away and not Adams, not Dalton? Please, get the facts straight Wowseriously.


HBK, that's the thing so many ppl think they "see" things and fabricate them. if this person was so outraged by Misty's so called selling and to children (which is a load of crap) then instead of yelling things & threating her why didnt that person(s) cross the street? hmmm, like i said RAT!! maybe even a informant.. but like i said before why make Misty an example when there's plenty others selling, dealing, and doing this crap and get off with no jail time, or get early release,or start narking. yea Misty has made bad decisions and choices but she lives with that every day and has realized wat she has done. last i remember tho these ppl who are on drugs didnt hv somebody hold them down and force them to do it.. they made there choice on there own. now they dance with the DEVIL"