Norwalk schools approve about $1 million in staffing cuts

School board eliminating at least a dozen jobs.
Cary Ashby
Mar 19, 2013


Norwalk City Schools announced about $900,000 worth of staffing cuts at Monday's regular school board meeting.

The board approved the cuts, effective for the 2013-2014 school year, with a unanimous vote.

Board member John Lendrum said there are community residents who believe the district won't need a levy if there are cuts, but Lendrum said that's not the case. Other board members agreed.

To find out which positions are being eliminated, and to learn what else the board did Monday night, read the front-page story in Tuesday's issue of the Norwalk Reflector. Or, you can subscribe to the e-paper (a complete digital replica of each issue) for less than $1 per week and read it now.


Estrella Damm

Oh well, increase the ratio of teachers and students, decrease the education level, increase the amount of articles that the reflector has on crime in the city. Win, win for the residents of this town. At least the unemployment rate in Huron County is low.


Teachers Unions amaze me: They would rather have less people making more money, than more people making a little less money.


well said ..that is the main problem. Now we can watch them say its in my contract.


Where does it state that this is because of the union? And where did you find that the Norwalk Teachers Union did not make concessions in the past?


take a look at the new curriculum that they are using next year, and the amount of computer upgrades that is needed to use this new currculum. Read about this curriculum at


rockinr, your link didn't work. Did you mean this?


Yes that is the correct link. Thanks for posting


I have just recently been looking into this. Wasn't aware of it until reading some other posts. I am glad you posted that link. I would LOVE to know how teachers feel about this program! Parents should know what curriculum is in their school district too!

The Core program, Common Core Math Standards..."initiated by private interests in Washington, DC, without any representation from the states. ... these standards will prepare your child with empty skill sets and will teach them what to think, not how to think."

With school districts depending on the state and more technology with teachers not teaching anymore but administering this CORE program...their skills won't be needed and salaries will also go down. What side of the CORE program are teachers on?


The transportation secretary retired, and an aide has been doing the job. Is the aide going to be doing that job next year, if so, how is that a cut? What about the former Assistant Superintendent's Secretary? The citizens of Norwalk are paying 50k a year plus benefits for a position that consists of making copies all day. That position should have been eliminated when Mr. Crooks left, and it should definitely needs to be eliminated before one single teacher is let go.


The federal gov't should stay completely out of education in this country. Educational standards should be set by the state and local gov't.
Does anyone really think the same educational programs work in inner city Detroit, Iowa, and Castalia, OH?


This Common Core system is just another example of big government. The way they want to collect information on the students at school and at home is scary. We need to get this system out of our schools


Give thanks to We Are Ohio and everyone that repealed SB5. Good call union sheep!

former local

Since I'm not a subscriber, I can't see what cuts they chose to make but I sure hope it's not very many teachers. The higher the student-teacher ratio, the lower the education level will be. It's easy to sit back and blame teachers, but back in the day all teachers had to do was teach, but now they are also doing many other things because parents don't want to be bothered. Used to be when a child received a low grade the parent asked the child why, now they ask the teacher why. HUH?????


This is not necessarily true. I had some college classes that had nearly 200 people in them. The difference is that those who cannot keep up must find their own way to keep up by getting a tutor or taking a remedial course or they fail. In our current education system the whole class is brought down to the "slow learner's" level.

swiss family

as a taxpayer, I would like to thank the school board for making these cuts.I would really be impressed with you if you would continue making more cuts. I am disappointed though to see that you just signed contracts for the position on "Vice Superintendent" I am sorry, but I happen to think that a town and school system of this size does NOT need hardly any "Vice" positions, especially at the exorbitant salaries that these "Vice" positions get. I do think that there is certainly enough to do to keep the local Superintendent busy, but to add a "Vice" to that position, In my opinion , there is not enough for them both to do, without either stepping on each others toes, or giving them too much free time...especially when you see the salaries of the Superintendent and the Vice Superintendent ,combined, comes to almost $212,000.00... which just for those 2 position is nearly a QUARTER OF A MILLION add into the all of the school Principals.. and now we are paying almost$690,000.00... that is nearly THREE QUARTERS OF A MILLION DOLLARS... BEFORE we even get to the teachers, cafeteria workers, Librarians. (which by the way makes $66,000.00 or better... )(couldn't they get parents to volunteer to watch the library???)
Again, I congratulate the school board for the cuts, but I think you have a long way to go, especially when anyone can look up all of the staff's salaries on get the list of the staff for any school by clicking on the Norwalk City School website, and going to staff at each and every school in town, and see where the money actually goes.. and where real cuts need to be made, and which positions make enough to cover all of the work they are paid to do, and not hiring a highly paid "Vice" position to help with the job...



Sitting In The ...

Norwalk Schools cut faculty incredibly none at the top are affected and they believe voters will just keep passing levies good luck with that.


They will cut the lower end of employees and keep the chunk of cash for the top. The poor under informed school employees that helped get sb5 overturned will pay the price.. SB5 protected you and you voted against it. so sad you voted to be unemployed.