Drug defendant sent to CBCF

Local man goes from one substance abuse treatment program to another.
Cary Ashby
Mar 19, 2013


From one substance abuse treatment program to another.

That's the news former Willard resident Bradley C. Jones, 39, received at his probation violation hearing Monday in Huron County Common Pleas Court.

Since Jones wasn't eligible for the Teen Challenge program in Youngstown, Judge Jim Conway ruled the defendant now must a complete four to six months in a community-based corrections facility (CBCF), a form of prison which focuses on substance abuse treatment and education. Jones will be held in the Huron County Jail until he is transferred to a CBCF, which earlier accepted him.

"He is still on community control. His community control is being continued," Huron County Assistant Prosecutor Daivia Kasper said after Monday's hearing. "He is on it until December 2015."

Jones earlier served 17 months in prison for two separate drug charges.

In mid-May, he pleaded guilty to one count each of trafficking in heroin for a Dec. 9, 2011 offense. Jones also was convicted of possession of heroin for a Dec. 21, 2010 incident.

During the possession case, the Huron County Sheriff's Office and Bellevue Police Department raided a Bellevue hotel. Officers seized a large amount of heroin, some prescription pills, suspected marijuana and various drug paraphernalia as evidence.

Moments after a mid-March 2012 hearing, Jones was arrested by a deputy in connection with testing positive for drugs. He had been in court to be arraigned on three counts of trafficking in heroin.



so why is this guy going to rehab he has like 7 prison #s wow


Yes he does have many trips to prison. Just think, if they would have sent this man to CBCF earlier there could have been a chance the other crimes might not have happened. It's doubtful, but still everyone is entitled to the same opportunies. What I don't agree with is letting the same person having these options available to them more than once per case.


That's all that judge Conway does. Keeps sending them to rehab and dropping their sentences in hopes that one time it will work. Meanwhile crime waves spike in Huron county. Thanks judge!

Mr. Touchdown

There probably are a few people out there who would benefit from CBCF but this loser isn't one of them! He's been selling & using drugs for years & years & years! Be back on the street before you know it! Thanks Conway!


he must of been a realy good snitch////////////////////////////////


Well, I have known this man for many years, even remember him in high school, and I have never known him to "snitch", but yes the rumors are out there. I have heard the very same thing


10 to 1 odds that this guy is back on drugs within 3 months of completing this treatment.


yep the longer this guy is not in prison the more the residents of huron and richland counties have to pay for his breakins, drug selling and drug using is it really fair to the rest of us


he has told me personaly "what am i going to do i have 4 dope charges, nothing to do but sell dope thats what im known for" about 5 years ago in county jail


Thats funny,cause all cbcf is is a place to hook up with next connects.He just go out,was doing dope the whole time he was in.Go heroin county!!!


4-6 months in CBCF for a repeat drug offender? What a complete surprise!

Brock Lee



He's a snitch and that is what he is best for thats y he has never served serious time.. And yet he has so many charges on him!!!