Mom 'flips out' at deadbeat dad going to Daytona 500

Woman says ex-husband owes more than $9,700 in child support
Aaron Krause
Mar 18, 2013


Former Huron County resident Crystal Hennigan feels she's a burden on her mother.

The Dinton, Iowa resident has had torn rotator cuffs on both sides and has been unable to work since 2009.

Hennigan is living off her mother's income of roughly $1,200 a month. That money also must go toward paying utility bills, groceries, clothing and gasoline for a 2000 Chevrolet four-door.

Hennigan said her ex-husband, Kurtis Wolford, is supposed to pay her $249 in child support for their 20-year-old daughter, Courtney.

While Hennigan received three payments from her ex-husband in February, she hadn't received any money from him for six years before that.

"My ex-husband owes me over $9,700 in child support," she said. "Ohio child support does not seem to be doing all that they can to get my money. He also owes the state over $30,000."

Hennigan said she became furious when she saw a photograph of her ex-husband at the Daytona 500.

"I flipped; I was screaming," said Hennigan, who heard it costs about $1,500 to attend the race for six days.

Hennigan said if Wolford would pay his child support, she wouldn't have to be so dependent on her mother.

"At least I could put gas in the truck instead of mom having to do it all the time," she said. "There are times I can't get to the doctor because Mom does not have gas money."

Hennigan said her daughter is paying for her own college education through grants and loans. Hennigan said at first, college officials wanted her to assume financial responsibility for the loans.

Hennigan said she wanted to, but couldn't.

"I'm not financially in a situation that I could," she said.

As she explained to her daughter, she's "living off of grandma."

Officials with the Huron County Department of Job and Family Services declined to talk about this case.

While criminal charges could be filed, many times prosecutors do not go after deadbeat parents until the amount owed exceeds $10,000.

In March 2012, Wolford declined to speak on his own behalf before Huron County Common Pleas Judge Jim Conway sentenced him to 11 months in prison for dealing heroin July 13, 2011.

Wolford, now 46, was willing to be part of a risk reduction program while behind bars. That meant he could get substance abuse treatment and be released from prison after serving 80 percent of his term.

He earlier went to prison for burglary and child endangering convictions. Prior to July 2011, Wolford's last felony conviction was in February 1987.

Hennigan, who has no way of contacting Wolford, said she doesn't know what her next step is.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Staff writer Cary Ashby contributed to this story.



A waste of time to read.


I agree. This is all hearsay with no court documents proving any of this. I don't know any of the parties involved but I don't feel it's appropriate to run a smear compaign in a local paper. This paper is a huge disappointment and really provides nothing as far as news goes. Just a bunch of poorly written articles about what druggies are in trouble this week. I don't know if "grow up" or "do your job" is more fitting for this but I recommend Mr. Krause and Mr. Ashby do both. Give us some real news stories from Norwalk that won't make our area seem as bad as it is.


Doesn't child support stop at 18?


not if you owe it and ever paid it.... you can owe it until your kid is 40 if you never pay it...... it's not like the bill goes away after the kid hits 18....... you don't have kids do you?


No, I do not have kids-I understand the whole thing about still owing but just wasn't sure if they tack on interest and penalties like the IRS does


no they don't tack on interest and penalties.....just owe what you owe....or move to Flordia where they don't uphold out of state child support orders.....nice i know......i just know this.....i married to my kids dad


I do have kids and do NOT know how child support works...I am MARRIED to their father. Not everyone with kids is familiar with child support.


no..if the person receiving child support is still in school...or if the child is owed back support


Classy ....... look at the cutie he has now!


So crazy bc he's my cousin father as well and did the same thing so I'm sure he's way more than 10,000 behind lol bc she's 30 now!


Child support is the biggest joke. I'm also raising MY kid on MY OWN and I call the child support office every Friday and I've NEVER received a payment.... It's ridiculous how the deadbeats can get off so easy and spend their money how they want to without contributing to a child they helped make


Call them every day. The only way to get a government agency to respond is to bother the hell out of them.

whatever you say

While I understand the whole child support issue, I hate how the parent who has the child always complains they have nothing. I have been on both sides of the paying/receiving child support. I knew better then to depend on it as my only income. I made the choice to become a parent. So I worked. Thru pain, no transportation, and many obstacles. It was hard, but no one ever promised it would be easy. And when my child went to stay with her other parent, I paid support.
I sickens me when I see people using their child support cards to buy cigarettes, beer, and stuff for themselves.
The excuses people use to avoid paying/ or for not working to help support their children simply amazes me.


Welcome to America. Where a lot of people think they do not have to pay their bills because they are entitled to a trip to Daytona. Or because they have to have that iphone with all the features.

Estrella Damm

So no jobs for someone with torn rotator cuffs. That is unfortunate.


thats what i am wondering. a local contractor here had, at separate times, surgery to repair both of his rotator cuffs and he is still building homes. my father-in-law who is a farmer had one of his rotator cuffs repaired and he still farms. just another excuse for someone not to work. however, that doesn't give ole daddy o the excuse not to pay.


Child support definitely needs to figure out a new way of doing things. Letting someone reach $10k in arrears before taking action is just plain ridiculous. There has to be a better way.


Let me be the first to correct a myth....Child Support does get dads who dont pay, but they go after the wrong people. I have a 20 year old and a 16 year old, my wife and I divorced when my kids were 2 and 6.....since day one I paid my support, it came directly out of my check so I was never late. I recently lost my job and was not able to immediatly find another one. I contacted CS and informed them that I might be late on a few payments. My ex has long since been remarried and is in no way hurting for money. ONE month went by and I couldnt pay the whole thing, I received a letter from CS stating if I didnt bring $800 down to CS by the end of that week, my license would be suspended. Ok, what kind of sense does THAT make??? Im trying to get another job, so I can PAY on time, but theyre gonna suspend my license, making it almost IMPOSSIBLE for me to get another DECENT job?? So, to correct you, they DO go after people, but its easier to go after guys who have paid regularly because 99% of the time, these are the guys who cant afford the penalties...but these morons who have criminal historys get a pass, becasue there isnt much more they can do to them....they wont prosecute unless they are $10K in the rears?? But after ONE month theyre ready to yank my license?! Gotta love this county!!!! Whatta joke!!


The only way they went after you that quickly is because your wife knows someone who works there. That does NOT happen otherwise.


No it's true. I have been in the exact same situation. They go after the ones that have always paid on time first because they know those are the one that will be most likely to get caught up faster because they have always paid. They don't go after the deadbeats because it costs too much to go after them and incarcerate them.


Path of least resistance. They do whatever is easiest for them.


@ goreflect, you are 100@ wrong!!!


Well I don't think I'm wrong! I am owed about $30,000 in back child support. I always update what job my sperm donor jumps to next and still nothing. Mine is an interstate case which is a total joke! I think that people who owe child support should be made public. Blast all their names in the Norwalk Reflector! Have you seen these people?


John...I'm sorry that happened to you. You are correct, they do go after the wrong people. And I've never thought that suspending someone's license was an effective way of getting someone to pay their child support.


I somewhat felt that in order for them to come at me so soon may have meant she called to complain....I had to borrow the money and pay it so they wouldnt suspend my license. My ex works at a auto factory making great $$ and they own a local business that I know makes good money.....thanks though!


It has nothing to do with someone knowing someone at child support. That also happened to my husband he got 1 month behind and they said they were going suspend his license, and he had already found another job and requested them to send the papers to his new employment and everything and they still were going to suspend it. It all has to do with the person receiving child support and how much they bug child support to do something. I also receive support and my ex has been late but I don't rely on that money so its never a big deal to me when my son doesn't receive it when he is suppose to because I have my own money.


JohnDorian12 .... YOU are 100% completely correct in everything you wrote and this is how I know .... years ago, I went down to DJFS to talk to them about my ex, who had never made any sort of effort to pay his CS. My father, on the other hand, paid on time each week for my little sister and my brother paid faithfully for his children. I asked the worker to her face, WHY was it that when my brother lost his job and got a couple weeks behind, that they were threatening him and harassing him and same for my father .... I swear, this was the workers exact words "It's a waste of our time to go after men who aren't going to pay anyway, so we focus on the ones that do pay" .... I was absolutely appalled!!! That's been a few years ago, but they are still doing the same thing. Child Support is a joke and like everything else, it's broken and needs fixed. Also .... absent parents are required to pay child support until their child is 21 if the child is attending school.

the unsilent majority's picture
the unsilent ma...

Try being a man with custody trying to force a deadbeat mom to own up to her resposibility. The system looks at you with a how dare you attitude. Im tired of trying to get them to do their jobs and getting a .....just be happy you have your kids attitude.......


Yes I definetly know what you mean.


You are so right. When the mom is the deadbeat they expect the dad to "handle it".