Mom 'flips out' at deadbeat dad going to Daytona 500

Woman says ex-husband owes more than $9,700 in child support
Aaron Krause
Mar 18, 2013


Former Huron County resident Crystal Hennigan feels she's a burden on her mother.

The Dinton, Iowa resident has had torn rotator cuffs on both sides and has been unable to work since 2009.

Hennigan is living off her mother's income of roughly $1,200 a month. That money also must go toward paying utility bills, groceries, clothing and gasoline for a 2000 Chevrolet four-door.

Hennigan said her ex-husband, Kurtis Wolford, is supposed to pay her $249 in child support for their 20-year-old daughter, Courtney.

While Hennigan received three payments from her ex-husband in February, she hadn't received any money from him for six years before that.

"My ex-husband owes me over $9,700 in child support," she said. "Ohio child support does not seem to be doing all that they can to get my money. He also owes the state over $30,000."

Hennigan said she became furious when she saw a photograph of her ex-husband at the Daytona 500.

"I flipped; I was screaming," said Hennigan, who heard it costs about $1,500 to attend the race for six days.

Hennigan said if Wolford would pay his child support, she wouldn't have to be so dependent on her mother.

"At least I could put gas in the truck instead of mom having to do it all the time," she said. "There are times I can't get to the doctor because Mom does not have gas money."

Hennigan said her daughter is paying for her own college education through grants and loans. Hennigan said at first, college officials wanted her to assume financial responsibility for the loans.

Hennigan said she wanted to, but couldn't.

"I'm not financially in a situation that I could," she said.

As she explained to her daughter, she's "living off of grandma."

Officials with the Huron County Department of Job and Family Services declined to talk about this case.

While criminal charges could be filed, many times prosecutors do not go after deadbeat parents until the amount owed exceeds $10,000.

In March 2012, Wolford declined to speak on his own behalf before Huron County Common Pleas Judge Jim Conway sentenced him to 11 months in prison for dealing heroin July 13, 2011.

Wolford, now 46, was willing to be part of a risk reduction program while behind bars. That meant he could get substance abuse treatment and be released from prison after serving 80 percent of his term.

He earlier went to prison for burglary and child endangering convictions. Prior to July 2011, Wolford's last felony conviction was in February 1987.

Hennigan, who has no way of contacting Wolford, said she doesn't know what her next step is.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Staff writer Cary Ashby contributed to this story.



You are right, JD12. The whole system is a big money-making scheme for courts, agencies, the State, and lawyers.
Here are a couple websites to check out for anyone interested. They also have active Facebook pages.
THe system falls back on the adage "For the best interest of the children" when it isn't at all! The children's civil rights need to be protected! For example in many cases a parent alienates the kids from the other parent and uses them for their own financial gain! This system, if not corrupt, is definately biased and needs reformed!


I comepletly agree and what worse, in my situation anyway, my 16 year old son is goig on a school trip and has school fees which, according to my divorce decree, I am under no obligation to pay for. The trip itself costs $800+ then he has school fees and is just going through drivers ed, my ex is refusing to pay for any of it, so I either pay or my son is not going to get to do those things we all go to do in HS. She refuses to use any of her CS money to pay for any of this, so, I call CS and explain to them that I have given my son a check for $850, paid $230 for drivers ed AND she just took $1400 of my Income Tax check, asked if I could deduct that from my CS.....I was told no and the only thing I can do is refuse to pay for women are NOT held accountable what they spend the money wife and I do not have the greatest savings account in the world plus I just lost my job and am in the process of looking for one....PLUS she still keep sending me the bill for his school fees which are $102....CS is a joke and it has NEVER been about the child, because my son has BEGGED to see more than just the "every other weekend" thing...she refuses and as I said I have failed each time I have tried to take her to court just to get my days I gave up and decided to ride it out..what else can I do?? Im not like these guys who owe thousands, I cant go to jail, I cant have my license suspended.....


If you gave your son the $800 cash for the trip, you should have paid it through the child support agency. You could have Photocopied what you paid to show your son as proof. Then let that amount get paid towards any arrears or applied as "futures." Don't EVER hadn over money like that. It will "not count!" It will be treated in court as "a gift."
The child support money she gets should absolutely go towards those things for your child. Your ex sounds like a selfish, greedy abuser of the system that the courts enable and empower! Sad injustice to the children they are supposed to be representing!
When your son walks out her door for the last time, she will get what she deserves. He sounds like a good kid and sees her for who she really is!


and don't you DARE pay that $102 school bill unless your court judgement entry says you HAVE to! ;-)


I get what youre saying but even had I paid it to CS it would have gone to my ex and she wouldnt have had to pay for his trip, I was told that on the phone. So it was either I hand the check directly to the school or he wouldnt have gone. I also had to personally pay for hie driver ed or she wouldnt have. Trust me, there is a lot more to this, like her not allowing my kids to go to their great grandmothers funeral, because her funeral didnt fall on one of my days....called children services and was told nothing they can do


What a worthless article. Hey Norwalk Reflector! My neighbors son just failed his history test at school lets write a article about that.


When I won custody of my child the court ordered me to pay child support. So for two months they took child support out of my pay and had to send it right back to me... yea there is no bias toward females. They seen a guys name on the paper work and thought oh he must have to pay. So after my lawyer proved that she actually owed me I told the court I didnt want a cent from the mother because my kid isnt a paycheck. She can do the right thing and help out and if not its not the governments job to force her on my behalf.


I had my son when I was 16 and never been on welfair or asked for child support. Instead I worked and served in the national guard. I never needed government to hold my hand and we have way to many people taking from those of us that are over taxed trying to pay our OWN way.


I respect that more than you will ever know...and I think you will find most hard working guys who just want to spend time with their children and ask for respect from the "system" that LABELS us, also respect that. My ex works and always had, she just married a guy who hated the fact that I was her ex for several reasons, one being my job, and manipulated her into screwing me I say again, you are a very strong person.....good luck to you!!!


Yea to many people use the system to punish the other person and that is just wrong. It seems to me that the system promotes broken homes. My ex took me to court for custody and child support and a bunch of other things and it back fired on her. It helped cause I had a lawyer and she didnt. Being a man I knew I better have a lawyer!


What's interesting is that the parent that "needs" child support to raise the children isn't financially stable enough to keep the children. Put the kids with the fathers who pay because they are clearly capable of being financially responsible to begin with. The system is unfairly slanted toward mothers retaining custody that it isn't even funny any more.


You sir, are preaching to the choir lol, and you are 100% right!! The question is what, if anything, can be done? It has been like this forever it seems like....and it is showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon. I have written congressmen, county officials, committee men and NOTHING has been done, I have yet to even see any responses from these people.....I read the paper and watch the news seeing what some of these women are letting happen to their kids i.e. the duct tape woman and the woman who let her child take a hit off a bong with marijuana and wonder how BAD must the father have been to allow these "people" have custody??? Not in EVERY case is the mother the BEST choice to be custodial parent, maybe guys dont go for full custody anymore, cause they know they wont get it, who knows....its just pathetic!


Whats worse is when women keep having children born in broken homes the judge never looks at them and ask "why do you keep having kids you cant afford?"


CSEA also makes men pay for kids that arent theirs...



"We find that the balance of policy considerations favors protecting the best interests of the child over protecting the interests of one parent defrauded by the other parent in the midst of a divorce proceeding," writes Justice Kenneth Bell for the court.

"We recognize that the former husband in this case may feel victimized," he writes. He then quotes a scholar to explain the ruling: "While some individuals are innocent victims of deceptive partners, adults are aware of the high incidence of infidelity and only they, not the children, are able to act to ensure that the biological ties they may deem essential are present."

In effect, the high court is saying it's partly the "daddy's" fault for trusting his wife.

Yet Medicaid, TANF, Social Security, WIC would demand their money paid back by the mommy that defrauded them of cash and/or services.
But the double standard system will let her keep the stolen monies from the wronged man.

Kottage Kat

With stories that could have good comments.
The children who have wonderfully concerned parents, because these child require special attention due severe health needs
And this trash gets 101 comments
what is wrong with this picture, and not the one on this article


Thanks for adding one more comment KK


Condoms. This DB needs to buy stock in them. Enough said.

Sitting In The ...

I say have fun buddy...what a shocker the mom so injured she can't work but attends college for what?. Also is the grand-daughter injured I didn't see anywhere that stated she was working hmmm notice a pattern here. I feel sorry for the Grandmother I say kick them both out... maybe then they'll both grow up.


Yea SURE!! Have fun abandoning your child and making the tax payers have to raise them....I mean heck if you can get away with it...why not, right?? This guy was never going to raise the next President or a Rocket Scientist anyway, right?? You are obviously not someone who either a.) has to pay child support and pay the price for the truly dead beat dads in this country or b.) you are one of those dead beat dads who say, hey if the states not going to do anything anyway, why worry...DB!!!