Mom 'flips out' at deadbeat dad going to Daytona 500

Woman says ex-husband owes more than $9,700 in child support
Aaron Krause
Mar 18, 2013


Former Huron County resident Crystal Hennigan feels she's a burden on her mother.

The Dinton, Iowa resident has had torn rotator cuffs on both sides and has been unable to work since 2009.

Hennigan is living off her mother's income of roughly $1,200 a month. That money also must go toward paying utility bills, groceries, clothing and gasoline for a 2000 Chevrolet four-door.

Hennigan said her ex-husband, Kurtis Wolford, is supposed to pay her $249 in child support for their 20-year-old daughter, Courtney.

While Hennigan received three payments from her ex-husband in February, she hadn't received any money from him for six years before that.

"My ex-husband owes me over $9,700 in child support," she said. "Ohio child support does not seem to be doing all that they can to get my money. He also owes the state over $30,000."

Hennigan said she became furious when she saw a photograph of her ex-husband at the Daytona 500.

"I flipped; I was screaming," said Hennigan, who heard it costs about $1,500 to attend the race for six days.

Hennigan said if Wolford would pay his child support, she wouldn't have to be so dependent on her mother.

"At least I could put gas in the truck instead of mom having to do it all the time," she said. "There are times I can't get to the doctor because Mom does not have gas money."

Hennigan said her daughter is paying for her own college education through grants and loans. Hennigan said at first, college officials wanted her to assume financial responsibility for the loans.

Hennigan said she wanted to, but couldn't.

"I'm not financially in a situation that I could," she said.

As she explained to her daughter, she's "living off of grandma."

Officials with the Huron County Department of Job and Family Services declined to talk about this case.

While criminal charges could be filed, many times prosecutors do not go after deadbeat parents until the amount owed exceeds $10,000.

In March 2012, Wolford declined to speak on his own behalf before Huron County Common Pleas Judge Jim Conway sentenced him to 11 months in prison for dealing heroin July 13, 2011.

Wolford, now 46, was willing to be part of a risk reduction program while behind bars. That meant he could get substance abuse treatment and be released from prison after serving 80 percent of his term.

He earlier went to prison for burglary and child endangering convictions. Prior to July 2011, Wolford's last felony conviction was in February 1987.

Hennigan, who has no way of contacting Wolford, said she doesn't know what her next step is.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Staff writer Cary Ashby contributed to this story.



I can ONLY imagine what you are going through bro! The court system is so messed up, the punish the good dads, because they are too ignorant to go after the real dead beat dads....they think by putting their pictures in the paper will affect it, trust me these "guys" dont care!


What do you think CS could do to make things run a little smoother? Just curious as to what other people think.

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the unsilent ma...

Normally i have an opinion for everything, i hate critisizing without some kind of an idea towards a solution but this time im a little stuck. Short of getting rid of everyone and hiring people who actually care about holding parents to their responsibilities i dont think it could be fixed. Its not all cs fault. The entire system is a joke. All the rules and formalities make it way to easy for deadbeats to dodge their obligations.


Since the cost of raising the child is supposed to be the responsibility of both parents, and since the state uses child support as a profit machine, my suggestion would be for BOTH parents to pay INTO the "money machine" (called CSEA,) and put the responsibility for paying child support on BOTH parents from the parental income worksheet. The debit card goes to the custodial parent and tracking of expenses to the card would show if alcohol and cigarettes are part of "raising the child." The state can collect the poundage off BOTH parents and make more income too! If the deadbeat mom isn't paying then she can get the same warning letters the daddy gets!
And it is true, the agency only goes after the moneymakers; the dads and moms that are working and get behind...even if arrears are due to the CSEA's own neglect or incompetence.


First they have to understand that not EVERY single case is the same. A guy who runs into an issue with his job and cant pay a month, is not the same as a guy who has NEVER paid and has no intention to ever pay. But they dont, they group us all together and reel in the small fish like me and some others on here, instead of actually doing their jobs and making life REALLY miserable for those who are really DEADBEATS, but this will never happen because CS workers may actually have to .....uh I dunno....DO THEIR JOBS!! So, I am stuck for another year and a half, then my ex can drop off the face of the earth for all I care...


$9700 that's it? My wifes ex owes over $30,000 and hasn't paid in over 8 years. He has no job and no license so they don't go after him. Cant get blood out of a turnip


Great Point!


My ex is 4, 000 behind and to my knowledge has never been contacted and when I tried to file contempt charges they wouldn't do it!


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The child support system is broken and the only one winning this battle is the state. The local support office is backwards and will go after people that are late one or two payments while others go free owing substantial amounts. In one case I recently heard about an individual was laid off from work and was not paying their child support as a result. Knowing about the layoff they called the offices and told them. They were told that they needed to make a payment still or they would lose their license for 6 months. During this time they filed their taxes and the support money that was owned was garnished. The state garnished the money the first week of February and now it's only a week from being April. The money has still failed to appear in the account and neither parent is happy. The state is now garnishing an extra $20 a week from the parent paying the support's check from their work check. What for? Late pentalities. Even though the $400 dollars has already been collected, they are still assessing a late fee. The extra money does not go to the child but solely to the state. The state has taken an extra $120 because the money hasn't been transfered. The only one getting anything is the state. They assess fees on the amounts paid that exceed what is really needed leaving less money to be used for the child. Its a broken system.
On a side note...I noticed that this wasn't a court case that was currently going on. So did this lady call the reflector, complain about this and get an article as a result? If that's the case my ex girlfriend from high school still owes me $5 I let her borrow and I heard from someone she went to the Carolina's on vacation. I have a picture of her...wanna run an article on that too?

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They hold tax refund garnishments for 6 months to allow for appeals


I should have put that in there because that was part of the point I was making. lol Being that the state keeps those funds for that long there should not be a fee assessed if the money is there but is waiting to be distributed. $20/wk for 26 weeks = $520 In some cases that is more than what is paid per month per child. I don't see how this helps the child. The state however gets free money because a parent got laid off of work.

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Was this a gift? Can she prove he bought the tickets?


OK so Im Courtney! I paid for the tickets for my dad to go to the 500 as a vaction. This whole story is bs. My mom isnt living off her mother, her boyfriend drives truck. She has bounced back and forth between Ohio and Iowa for years now. Let me tell you take takes alot of money. We went down there for a family vaction and he didnt have to pay for anything. It was a get together. The point with the child support is also wrong but when you give a story god forbit you give it all. Shes got quite a few lies on there and if you want the truth just ask.


Nice Job Courtney! I understand what your saying, but does your dad still owe back child support? Laws are laws regardless if you like them or not. It sounded like a line of bs to begin with if you read my comments, I dont read everyones comments cause,well there's just to many people that like to make jokes and stuff. If your moms is owed back child support, then it is what it is.


I know these people personally.In the picture is daughter boyfriend and dad.Daughter and boy friend paid for a vacation for them all to have a wonderfull time together.And that they did. I also know what a lieing coniving b$#*% she really is.The two of them had a trucking company together.of course everything was in her name..for 7 years he drove for her and for 7 years she wouldnt send child support money out on his other obligations..she burned out his social security (being his payee) and getting checks for him while he was working..Now he has to pay that back.. she has tried to draw social security her self ,but the doctors cant find nothing wrong with her..this is another one of her crazy games she plays and the Norwalk Reflector fell for it.. I hope the NR can be suied for some sort of slander...Nothing in that story is true...


The only thing that matters in this story is that the father owes back child support from the years before the child turned 18. It doesn't matter if the custodial parent has a great job, works two jobs or marries someone with a great job. BOTH parents have to provide child support for a child. This doesn't mean just money for fun things, it means electricity and rent and water and heat and food and clothes and cough syrup and toilet paper. If he owes money through the court system - he needs to pay it. If he was dealing heroin, he must have been making plenty of money. I don't see how anyone can defend this loser.


Maybe women shouldnt sleep with losers and not need to beg the government to clean up their mess.


He had coustody of his daughter,till she turned 16,and her mom talked her into comming to stay with her in Iowa. Then her mom kicked courtney out at 16 and the mothers been drawing support for her liveing there.. what a scam


I normally don’t comment on articles. I am a single mother of one, I have a full time job and get no assistance from the County JFS other than Medicaid for my child. My child’s father owes my child over $14,000.00 in child support, I have never once received a penny from him, BUT he does have the money to go buy drugs and alcohol. It's very difficult to try and get any information out of JFS, usually rude and inconsiderate when you do call to see if there is anything you can do to get this money for your child. I understand that some people live off of their child’s child support money & all other government assistance so that they don’t have to work, that is not my case. I was told by JFS that it was MY job to provide them with an address so that they could contact him. I have taken matters into my own hands to try and get the money he owes my child. Since it seems to be an inconvenience for JFS.


Totally agree with this. I had a co-worker who would call JFS everytime her ex got a new job. Usually had to leave a message because the social worker wouldn't even speak to her. When she told the employer, they would tell her SHE had to provide the address. Five minutes on google and she would call them back with the address. Sometimes it would be a large well-known employer; certainly they would have the address in their files. And by the time they sent the paperwork through, he would have lost the job.


Yeah my childs father doesn't even work. He finds money "other ways". I remember asking him once if I could BORROW money for diapers (I had just got my job) and he couldn't even do that. I do live with my mom & dad just because it helps out with the money situation. I pay for all of my son's stuff with help from my mom & dad at times. My child NEVER goes without anything he wants or needs. His father has even went as far to tell me that it is MY job to bring my child to Michigan to see him..YEAH RIGHT! But the positive is that my son is very well loved and happy :)
I have no use for dead beat moms or dads


I would think if this lady has both torn rotator cuffs and is unable to work, from a medical side, then she should be collecting disability for the past year and a half. She doesn't have it? Then get a disability lawyer if it's a legit case! Child support, doesn't really have manpower nor resources to track down each and every deadbeat parent, that's where YOU and your child **Victims** Can help. Get his address, where he works at, then get off your azz n hound child support each n every week until they do something..Be creative..Call from some blocked number n tell them they won something.Get all the info you want then..Forward it all to child services and before you know it, your getting your child support..They are alot more deadbeat parents out there than ever before, you have to help yourself as well and stop blaming others.


Last I knew you could also FIX torn rotator cuffs with surgery. I think there is ALOT more to the whole story.


She has filed for disability, there is nothing wrong with her. read itsamazings blog.That is Courtney the said child in this artical.Goes to show you that you cant alway beleive what yoou hear in the Norwalk Reflector


So is the Reflector going to contact Courtney, (Itsamazing) and get the "rest of the story" - Sounds like a big ol' redneck affair going on here and unfortunately there are legitimate complaints about Child Support.


Why pay good money to go to Daytona when you can watch it on a free TV from Walmart?

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I paid all my child support for 3 kids till they turned 18. It amazes me when i hear guys get away with it for so long. If you got a job it aint hard to find ya. If ya aint got a job well.....
On another note,is that his son or his girlfriend?


Dayum!! Someone got beat with the ugly stick!