Trooper witnesses DUI crash

Norwalk driver is three times the legal limit for alcohol.
Cary Ashby
Mar 19, 2013


A state trooper witnessed a suspected drunken-driving accident this weekend in Norwalk Township.

The driver, Kevin T. Weisenberger, 29, of 164 Benedict Ave., was charged with driving under the influence (DUI) and failure to control. Sgt. Brian Gockstetter, an assistant Norwalk post commander, saw the crash that happened just before 1:30 a.m. Saturday.

Weisenberger, who has a prior DUI charge, was southbound on Whittlesey Road when he went off the right side and hit a post, Gockstetter said in his report. The driver then came back across the road, where he went off the left side. The trooper reported Weisenberger went through a ditch and field before stopping in a yard.

The driver's blood-alcohol content level tested at .240 percent, Gockstetter reported. That's three times the legal limit for drivers in Ohio, which is .08 percent.

Rich's towed the 2000 Dodge Dakota pickup truck from the scene with disabling damage to the center front.



Wow .240 imagine if they waited a little bit longer, I'm willing to bet it would of been even higher yet.

jack langhals

Yea,he was right on the mark for 3 times.Isn't that pretty close to poisoning?

Sitting In The ...

According to a page done by Ohio State they say .300 is when Alcohol Poisoning is taking place. They said at .200 "Confusion and Disorientation - May need help to stand or walk;.


Any chance of getting the video for this one?

jack langhals

We will probably see it on Craziest videos !Sounds like some good driving !

Rod Farva