Spreading autism awareness through 'The Fog Within'

Former Norwalk resident with 7-year-old autistic daughter writes book.
Aaron Krause
Mar 18, 2013


Former Norwalk resident Nick Shamhart might be able to forgive a person who glares or stares at his severely autistic daughter, Paige.

The person may not be aware of the "fog within" his daughter's mind, and what she endures daily.

Although Paige is 7-years-old, she doesn't speak. Her communication through American Sign Language doesn't make up for that inability.

It's not unusual for her to experience tantrums, some of which can last up to three hours. Crossing the street alone is out of the question, even at an older age -- Paige doesn't have a sense of danger.

While autism awareness is important, events such as fundraising outings don't necessarily work, Shamhart said. A person needs to truly understand what an individual such as Paige experiences to truly empathize with her, he added.

That's where Shamhart's newest book, "The Fog Within," comes in. A story about the Shamharts and the new book was published in Saturday's issue of the Norwalk Reflector. To read it, pick up a copy of that issue or subscribe to the e-paper (a complete digital replica of the issue) for less than $1 per week and read it now.





I am so glad to see this! As a mother of an autistic son let me say "The Fog Within" was the most touching book I've read. I cried throughout most of it.

Jason Miller

I read all his books! I used to see him walking his daughter all around town when he lived in Norwalk! It was so cool to see this huge guy with black and red tattoos all over his body pushing a cute little blonde girl in a stroller!