Two arrested in Holiday Lakes home invasion

Sheriff says suspect were considered highly-dangerous, volatile individuals.
Scott Seitz2
Mar 17, 2013


Two Willard men were arrested Thursday in Michigan for their alleged role in a Holiday Lakes burglary Monday.

The suspects, Robert L. Hamman, 43, of 537 Dale Ave., and Jeffrey L. Patton, 42, of 405 Park St., are the suspects, arrested on burglary warrants.

Sheriff Dane Howard outlined the chain of events which began Monday.

"Our 9-1-1 dispatcher got a call at 8:55 a.m. Monday from a Holiday Lakes resident, which is near Willard," Howard said. "The caller advised she was asleep and was startled awake by individuals who voluntarily broke into her home."

Howard said a number of deputies and detectives responded to the scene.

"Early on, the victim provided a positive ID on Robert Hamman and during the investigation detectives secured information Jeffrey Patton was a suspect which led to the detective to be able to obtain warrants for the two for burglary," Howard said.

The sheriff said Detectives John Harris and Bill Duncan were assigned the case.

"After a great deal of work using investigative aides, we were able to determine the suspects had fled the area to Michigan," Howard said.

The sheriff then dispatched Duncan and Harris, at 4 a.m. Thursday, to travel to Macomb County, north of Detroit, and detain the suspects.

Hamman and Patton were located at a hotel. Duncan and Harris, along with 17 deputies from Macomb County, surrounded the hotel, but the suspects escaped out of a back entrance before the perimeter was secured.

Howard said a short time later, Hamman was arrested in a stolen pickup truck which was tracked by the vehicle's GPS.

Patton was arrested after being found wandering around a side street.

"There was a very significant manhunt for these two suspects," Howard said, not only on the day of the alleged crime, but in the days leading up to and on the day of arrest.

Howard said he has known Hamman and Patton for years. The sheriff said they both have extensive criminal histories.

"I've investigated these two when they were youngsters in Plymouth when I was a Plymouth officer," he said. "They've had a number of experiences with the law. This is not a surprise."

Howard said these two suspects were considered highly-dangerous, volatile individuals.

"These arrests would not have been possible without the assistance of Macomb County," the sheriff said. "We believe these were heroin-based crimes since evidence of heroin abuse was recovered in the hotel room."

Howard said the suspects would have a hearing in Michigan and then be extradited back to Huron County to face charges.

The sheriff said nothing was stolen from the Holiday Lakes residence because the victim had confronted the suspects in the act, causing them to flee.


Scranton Tibbs

More HILLBILLIES....good god....Jeff Patton.....really? Huron county is the cesspool of Ohio. I'm sure they will get off by being "super sorry". UN REAL.

Yall Make Me Sick

Pretty sad but they will NEVER learn. I guess the both will be returning home (jail/prison). Go taxpayers for paying for them a bed-blanket & 3 meals and heat! Free to them!

Sitting In The ...

I saw one report that stated taxpayers pay in upward of $25,000 per prisoner per year...sickening.


With these two, a couple .45's would be much cheaper.

Sitting In The ...



Yes Mr. Tibbs. Billies & Willard. What a stink-hole because of the likes of them.


Just say the "drugs made me do it", "I need help", "I wanna get clean".


It will be interesting to see what kind of sweet deal these two get! If they follow suit like the rest of the most recent cases in front of Conway and Leffler, they will get Huron County Hilton, and we will keep seeing their pictures in the paper! Because they are "so sorry" and they have a drug problem. It is just too bad a husband was not home in this story and saved the taxpayers of Ohio a lot of money, the paper more ink, the HCSD more headaches, and just cracked these two's skulls! Eventually, we are going to read about that happening! There is a need for lenience in some cases....but, the same names in the paper all the time, does not bode well for the confidence in the justice system. Not to mention, all of the stolen property that these guys have taken that is never returned!


Really 2 pieces of white trash thinking that the way through life is steal and add to their drug for Kurtje..... go f... yourself if you think Willard is the drug capital.....I think Norwalk is the starting point.


I think it is awesome that we have police that can work a crime like this and come up with suspects so quickly. So many crimes like this go unsolved.

Mr. Touchdown

Ya it's awesome that the cops were able to catch these criminals this time but how many crimes did they get away with in between their prison stints? Patton has been in & out of jail/prison his whole life.Why do they even let the guy out when he always resorts back to crime.That is one guy who should be locked up the rest of his life!

Simple Enough II

Maybe we could have one of thos incidents like "They tried to take my gun, I had to shoot them.", or "I have no idea how they got those drugs, you know we can only do cavity searches in extreem situations, shame, you would have thought they would have known how much to take with out ODing.".

Sitting In The ...

Or "I was just trying to scare them I don't know why I went through four clips" hahahaha.


Robert hasn't been out even a year and half after serving 15 yrs. He needs to go back and stay for good and his mommy needs to stop bailing him out everytime he gets in trouble. This is the second time he has been in trouble since he got out for breaking and entering.

Lillie Chaos

Nice.....when will the bleeding hearts be here to tell us we need to offer encouragement and understanding? These old boys have absolutely no value to society. Why are they permitted to even have an opportunity to rob a local resident?
I wonder if it is legal to put a sign out saying: ATTN ADDICTS. Home owner is armed and dangerous?


I know this woman in this report who had a lot of her personal security taken away by these two low life's breaking into her house. Thankfully she is a very strong person who will recover more quickly than others might. Nevertheless, the paranoia that lingers around when you are home alone, or outside mowing or enjoying the sun...etc is something that will stick with her for a long time. These guys deserve one thing....a shovel to dig 2 6 foot holes....push them in them and fill them in. They have absolutely no purpose on planet Earth.


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Here's another forum idiotic statement. You have no clue. So before you go posting more wrong stuff get the facts. Dang some people are so thick in the head.


Do have the facts. The daughter of this lady is his niece, so believe me I know the facts real good


Yes I have all the facts and yes there is relation to the daughter, but if you are insinuating that the daughter (who is a good student and person) has this chummy relationship with her uncle, you are wrong. The facts are these losers thought the mother was off to work that morning and broke in. I mean who breaks in a 830 am in the broad daylight? I can tell you who does, people who have no respect for society, are a waste and looking for their next drug fix. The term LOSER doesn't even do justice for these guys. Go Figure, you get another loser on here sticking up for these lowlifes who have been in trouble since they were in diapers.


Who said the daughter was bad, ( your words not mine!!!) Morgan is a sweetheart. I said the reflector don't have all the facts and since ur sticking up for them the way u are u have no clue either!!! (Just saying) I know the truth and what happened, so I'm done with this little petty argument with u. You have been a waste of my time!! So go ahead and keep commenting bc I got better s**t to do !! :) bye


So what are all these facts you know? You are a joke, bottom line. Go stick up for some more trash.


Mouse11...Guessing from here and other articles, you must be his daughter. All your comments seem to match up with facebook posts posted by pattons daughter.


These two will never learn. They get out of jail and get right back into it. One of these two if not both will end up dead by their getting shot one day or overdosing. Society has had enough of these two. It's time for the residents of Huron County to stand up and do whatever it takes to rid the county of these decaying individuals.


Lol no I'm not his daughter I just know the whole family real well. That's y I know they ain't telling u everything!!!


Yes Mouse11, i couldn't agree more with you on that one. I do know him and his family. While Jeff has had his problems over the years, that is very well documented, the Norwalk Reflector isn't know to tell the whole truth. this newspaper run a monopoly in this county, and the Sheriff's Department and prosecution uses what passes for the media around here to "sway" potential jurors for up coming cases. They have been doing it for years. If you ever notice, when they really don't have a story they will bring up something from like five years ago and totally unrelated. What this area needs is another paper to compete with this trash we read everyday. I find better information on Facebook.


Thats sad and creepy and a little scary that you see a guys name in the paper then you go on facebook and stalk their family members! What the F is wrong with people now-a-days?


Right I'm with you!!! They must have a sad life or no life at all to be doing s**t like that!! There are a bunch of weirdos now a days...


Dude seriously get a life!! That is on the creepy side. You probably look up everybody who's name gets in the paper. You got a lot of free time my friend, if I were u I'd be working on that


cisco you should talk to those in L.E. Sadly most of the problem started in that zone. It spread throughout because of it.