Ex-pharmacy worker pleads guilty to stealing drugs

Norwalk woman had been working at a local pharmacy.
Cary Ashby
Mar 14, 2013


An ex-pharmacy worker will be subject to random drug screens until her sentencing hearing next month.

Norma J. Zapata, 30, of 230 Whittlesey Ave., Lot 10, pleaded guilty Wednesday to theft of hydrocodone. She faces six to 12 months behind bars when she is sentenced April 24 for the Aug. 15 incident.

"The state would be recommending some form of community control," Huron County Prosecutor Russell Leffler said.

When Zapata was working at a local pharmacy, store officials determined they were missing some drugs, he said. Internal security workers performed an audit and analyzed video surveillance footage.

"Essentially, Miss Zapata was caught on video stealing a bottle of something," Leffler said. "Of course, she was fired from her job."

The prosecutor said investigators suspect Zapata had been selling the drugs and made $400. When police recovered one of the bottles, there were pills missing.

"We have no independent proof she sold the drugs," said Leffler, who credited the defendant for being cooperative during the investigation.

While Leffler said he's unsure if Zapata has a drug problem, he requested Huron County Common Pleas Judge Jim Conway make the random drug screens a condition of her bond. The defendant told the judge she'd been tested twice.

Conway ordered Zapata to be interviewed and screened for possible acceptance into the drug court program. The judge noted it would be a possibility for sentencing Zapata, who is out on bond and has no prior felony convictions.



I wish her all the luck in the world. She's a wonderful person. Sometimes people need to do what they need to do..Hope it all works out for you Norma


^what a loser comment lugnut. Doing what you she has to do? So stealing is now ok. Good Gawd, the ignorance on this forum gets deeper every single day.


is this Tina's daughter ?


is she related to Jesika Skelton??

unknown user

omg my family goes to rite aid for our prescriptions and i wonder why when we go she isnt there now i know i never knew a pharmacy worker will ever do something like that


She is Jesika Skelton's aunt.


Is there any real reason Jesika is being brought up in this? I mean seriously!

Kottage Kat

Perhaps the words
Theft and drugs?????


You would think that the family would have learned by now is all.


OMG, give it a rest about Jesika she is gone, no I didnt know her, I read stuff in the paper, she messed up yes. But are anyone of you INOCENT of NO crime or bad choices ever made in your life time??? She paid for hers if you ask me my loosing to drugs. as for Norma do you walk in her shoes? its always the same people on here making comments, its like you dont have a life and have nothing else to do but run down everyone in the paper, get a life and a hobbie!!!


I love the comments from people that state how we need to "walk in their shows", "live their life" , and DEFEND or make EXCUSES for the druggies and thieves in the area. I am sorry you are offended that most people are fed up with the thieves and druggies. There is NO excuse for STEALING from others! If you are addicted to drugs, then again no excuse but your own choices.

Scranton Tibbs

Related to "poor Jesika". Broad OD'd, and the aunt will too sooner or later. Good riddance, thin the heard. Less human waste to deal with. I won't be praying for you lol. LOSER


Agreed. I have said the same thing (re: herd thinning ) and got jumped on for it...oh well, too much taxpayers money going to waste on people who choose to do the drugs and booze. I no longer have sympathy for them or their enabler friends.

Simple Enough II

Don't you hate Autosubstitution! I think you meant "Thin the herd".
I'm with you.


My new BFF Scranton Tibbs

Scranton Tibbs

callin it like it see it :o)


"Conway ordered Zapata to be interviewed and screened for possible acceptance into the drug court program."

CBCF? What a complete surprise! NOT!!

Scranton Tibbs

CBCF = Criminals Believe Conway's Fair.


LOL - Good one, Scranton!


SMH at u people!! Get a life or a hobby!! If things in ur town bother then stop hiding behind ur computers and fake names!! Get off ur butts and start to make a change or keep ur mouths shut!! Running ur mouth does nothing nor helps nothing and certainly changes nothing!!

Scranton Tibbs

You should use all of "ur" energy and try to help Miss "thieving pharmacy assistant" instead of telling us what to worry about.


@correctUrFacts.....your hiding behind your computer and a fake name...


pot meet kettle. derp

Scranton Tibbs

Uh oh, it's the internet police!!!! "ur" making no sense. Please do us all a favor and "SMH" harder.


lol UR a real tool

Lillie Chaos

If this person worked in a pharmacy she is REALLY stupid. She should know all about opiate addiction. She probably knows the street value also. Too bad she will probably not do time. Am sure the wholesale value of the meds stolen exceed the misdemeanor limits. Am amazed that anyone would excuse this behavior. Nice person or the lowest form of life?


Good people make bad decisions .... I just pray that the people that are making bad decisions in life get the help they need. Talking bad about them does nothing. Help by encouraging words!!

Lillie Chaos

Yeah, be supportive and encouraging and get her the "help" she needs.....am really tired of that philosophy. Did anyone ever stop to think that just maybe the acceptance and encouragement and support just might be contributing to all this drug crap? If she is an addict SHE IS A CRIMINAL. She made her choices now she needs to live with them. Rehab does not seem to be working.....we see the same names over and over. Addicts are dangerous and the public should not be subjected to them. Until SHE makes the decision to live like a responsible human being NOTHING will help her.


I am totally shocked. I have known Norma for a long time. She is a very nice girl and a good mother. She did something stupid and she will pay for it. All of you want to be so quick to judge people. She comes from a very good hard working family. They have been through enough. Let it go!!!!

Simple Enough II

Then why did she do it?