Ex-pharmacy worker pleads guilty to stealing drugs

Norwalk woman had been working at a local pharmacy.
Cary Ashby
Mar 14, 2013


An ex-pharmacy worker will be subject to random drug screens until her sentencing hearing next month.

Norma J. Zapata, 30, of 230 Whittlesey Ave., Lot 10, pleaded guilty Wednesday to theft of hydrocodone. She faces six to 12 months behind bars when she is sentenced April 24 for the Aug. 15 incident.

"The state would be recommending some form of community control," Huron County Prosecutor Russell Leffler said.

When Zapata was working at a local pharmacy, store officials determined they were missing some drugs, he said. Internal security workers performed an audit and analyzed video surveillance footage.

"Essentially, Miss Zapata was caught on video stealing a bottle of something," Leffler said. "Of course, she was fired from her job."

The prosecutor said investigators suspect Zapata had been selling the drugs and made $400. When police recovered one of the bottles, there were pills missing.

"We have no independent proof she sold the drugs," said Leffler, who credited the defendant for being cooperative during the investigation.

While Leffler said he's unsure if Zapata has a drug problem, he requested Huron County Common Pleas Judge Jim Conway make the random drug screens a condition of her bond. The defendant told the judge she'd been tested twice.

Conway ordered Zapata to be interviewed and screened for possible acceptance into the drug court program. The judge noted it would be a possibility for sentencing Zapata, who is out on bond and has no prior felony convictions.



How many times are you going to ask the same stupid question? Why don't you ask HER?

Lillie Chaos

Armbender.......SHE made her choice. It is HER mug shot. Not mine or yours. People like this put the rest of the population in absolute danger.
I can not encourage her or this behavior. Sad but true. Social acceptance should never be extended to such behavior or drug addicts. Let's cheer for the people who live responsible lives and exercise self control.




Where in this article does it say that she is an addict? Or that she has a drug problem? In my opinion (because that's all any of these comments are)I don't think this is a case of an addict doing or selling drugs as a habit. There are always three sides to every story, hers, the prosecutors, and the truth. I know her and I know she isn't an addict, nor a felon, nor a bad person. Can we all say that we never stole, or told a lie, or did something that just because we didn't get caught means it was ok?!? C'mon Norwalk..at these crucial times in life we should be doing everything we can to understand and help our neighbors, not throw them under the bus because you put yourself on a higher pedestal. No one is better than anyone. Bashing people in a blog, really? How about offering to volunteer to help those in need? This is what's wrong with the world today. No one is willing to step up and offer a helping hand! She did what she did, and is taking full responsibility for her actions. At that I commend her! I know I have made stupid decisions in life, paid the consequences and moved on. And if a single person says they haven't then you are beyond full of it! You don't have to agree with anything but remember, we are all human, we all came into this world innocent, but not a damn soul in Norwalk or anywhere else has stayed that way. WE live in a world that is worse and worse with drugs everyday. EVERYONE contributes to the problem..especially those who turn a blind eye and put all the blame on others! Just because you are sober and never touch drugs doesn't mean you couldn't be an angel who helps someone get off them! Love your neighbor!


I'm better than people because at age 26 I can tell you the difference between right and wrong. I was also raised with morals.


Everyone is taught right from wrong. Moral standards go way beyond knowing whether or not it's okay to steal. Morals and ethics are also part of NOT JUDGING, FORGIVING, UNDERSTANDING, LOVING, and etc..and who are the "people" you are referring to as being better than? A drug addict, an unemployed person? You don't know what drove them to that in the first place so how can you say you are better. More privileged maybe, better resources probably, but not better!

Simple Enough II

Then why did she do it?

Brock Lee

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@ Simple ...maybe she likes the color orange.. I know I do but I would just go out a BUY a shirt. :)


Never stole and never would. Doesn't matter how down and out I would ever be. Just read what JN wrote and realize this is the new America. JN commends this theif and her actions. She says she isn't an addict but rants in the entire last half of this load of crap about how drugs are so bad and gets worse every day and just because many of us who are sober...yada yada yada. So what is it, is she addicted or not? Why did she steal drugs? To sell them or use them? Love thy neighbor? Sorry, but I dont want to love or associate with anyone who is stealing. More local TRASH!


I commend her ability to take full responsibility for her actions. Not that she did it in the first place. If you are going to paraphrase then do so factually! No she is not an addict, who knows why she stole them..maybe she didn't use them or sell them. Maybe someone needed them. We don't know! And who are you to deem someone trash?!!? But of course, that is your opinion. I'm sure someone feels the same about you too! As if you have never stole or told a lie, or done anything that someone else could judge you on? Please!!! I know what I know based on the person as a whole, not by some very brief article written by someone with 1/4 of the truth. We are who we are based on a lot more than one mistake! And if you or anyone else cannot forgive someone for a wrong choice, when apologies were made and actions are being taken to correct it..Then you are worse than she is!


You don't steal from anyone for any reason. You seem to not to be able to grasp that. Make some more excuses.


Per the Washington Post, in 2012, The 60 largest corporations in the US moved $166 Billion offshore, hiding 40% of their income from taxation, costing the US Billions of dollars in tax revenue. But stealing like that is perfectly acceptable to you. Heaven forbid someone steals a loaf of bread to feed their kids, though. Hypocrisy at it's finest, as usual.

Scranton Tibbs

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Decided to give on up political postings after I owned you so now you try and stalk me on here. I have been in the papers several times......you got me there. I was donating my time at the schools and giving back to Huron County at a free clinic. Try again pal.


Bwaahahaha! You owned me, alright...lol. Just like Romney owned Obama. At least you've got a sense of humor. Glad to see you're so busy donating your time to charitable causes. You've got that Christianity thing down pat. Especially the part that says 'Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.' A true hero.


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and if you notice shes on every news paper blog has way to much time take look in the mirror you perfect angel look deep past ur perfectness im sure you will find some fault