Mill Street Bistro theft resolved

Police report filed after owner reported elk steaks came up missing during filming of "Kitchen Nightmares."
Scott Seitz2
Mar 14, 2013


Throughout the entire process, Mill Street Bistro owner Joe Nagy has remained positive.

Nagy and his restaurant have been in the national spotlight recently after the Mill Street Bistro was featured in two episodes of the FOX television show "Kitchen Nightmares" which aired March 1 and 8.

The episodes showed some intense exchanges between Nagy and Chef Gordon Ramsay.

Nagy has said all along his intention was to bring publicity to the restaurant and hopefully land a chef at the same time.

Lost in the whole shuffle was an alleged incident which took place in summer 2012 when crews were in Norwalk filming the episodes.

According to a Norwalk police report dated July 16, 2012, Nagy filed a complaint and alleged several items were stolen from the restaurant during filming and the bistro was damaged.

Nagy said in the report "a film crew had filmed 'Kitchen Nightmares' at his business and the entourage had left without notice in the early morning hours."

Nagy claimed his restaurant was damaged due to the additional wiring and lighting fixtures that were placed into the ceiling panels.

Nagy also stated a rondeau cooking pot, valued at about $250, and a plastic container that had several elk steaks or chops were missing when the film crew left, according to the police report.

The total loss and damage was reported to be about $1,500, police said.

Nagy said Wednesday the situation has since been settled.

He also added many vendors were in and out of the restaurant during filming.

"This theft incident was resolved with the show's production company," Nagy said.


Kottage Kat

Hope they were not " outdated".
Cheap shot on Mr Nagy 's part
After all that free publicity.

Ralph Wiggum

Why didn't Fox go ahead and let Nagy sue them for the damages on Judge Judy? Throw Judy into the mix with Nagy and Ramsey and you have a multi million dollar pay per view event! After the two hour show on Kitchen Nightmares, they had all of the advertising and hype already covered not unlike those weigh in events before a boxing match where the fighters slap each other around.


So he is saying that the film crew stole his food and other things and did damage to his property? I have eaten there a few years ago and personally I thought the food was very good. The problem is, the menu is way over priced. I am surprised he is still open. Now he had a great opportunity to get on TV and he had to belittle the people of Norwalk! He is a jerk and to say he was robbed is just stupid. He will never get another opportunity again. What makes him so much better than the people of Norwalk?


We are the cause, they are going to continue to put up pointless stories concerning this mediocre establishment because of the amount of comments they receive.


ENOUGH!!!!! Joe Nagy stories NR .. get on with real news



Now The Rest of...

This guy just doesn't get it, he clearly has bunker mentality and believes what he says, his problems goes way beyond the failing restaurant.


Lotsa publicity, unfortunately mostly negative.

A two part TV episode, months of NR coverage, a theft; can the report of an alien abduction for publicity sake be next?

Well, I was out riding my motorcycle and I saw this bright light in the sky...

To quote Chef Ramsey at the end of Pt. 2: The man can talk and talk and talk, etc.

Sitting In The ...

Mr. Nagy stated "It went from Red to Yellow to Green and kept repeating this process over and over " he added " I looked over to my goat who was in the sidecar and he was just as confused as me".


I can only hope withthe real problems we have in this city that the norwalk detectives took his statement said okay Joe we will get right on this very important elk theft and filed it in the " correct order of importance". Give me a break joe. pick and choose your battles man. attempt to live a quiet and peaceful life. everyone deserves their 15 minutes of fame. Please Please let yours be OVER :) !!!


Nagy seems to me wants yet still more publicity..I agree with the others, enough is enough NR


Well Chef Ramsey was there and couldn't help. Time to call in the big guns..DR. PHIL!! WHERE ARE YOU!!! HELP THIS POOR LITTLE MAN!! PLEASE!!So we can get him to shut up....


If i see one more story on joe i will never buy your paper again. its so over. he is playing you


I agree, can we stop this " news item"? I rather see stories on road constructions, leaf pick up, yard sales, anything but this guy.




I have a question. Does Elk taste like Deer? I just wondered. I can't cook deer very well, but everyone else's I eat tastes great.


That you, Joe?


this guy is perhaps the biggest loser I have ever seen!!! get a grip as if chef ramsay or any of his entourage "want" ur disgusting elk!!!!!!! and im sure it was settled when they told you to "f**k off!" I have never hoped for a business to fail as much as I do yours nagy!!! why anyone in our surrounding area would choose to visit this so called bistro is beyond me. nobody with an average iq would put a cent into this clowns pocket

Good 2 B Me

I have to say that based on what I have read, I am in NO WAY planning to go to this place. I am repulsed by the actions of the owner. This is just a way of abusing his priviledges. He should be thankful for what the SHow did for him and let it go. This is both pathetic and petty. Move on.

Happy Hermit

I am tired of this whole damn scenario. The only thing I would like to see is a land transfer for the Mill Street Bistro!


ENOUGH ALREADY !!!!! Make this guys 5 minutes of fame over...PLEASE!! It is Soo obvious that he has some MAJOR issues. Let him go run this place into dust & go off into the sunset. Please Mr. or Mrs. Register, I beg of you. Put the 6 feet of dirt on the Mill Street Bistro stories.


If you think Fox is going to spend 10K + for a lawyer to fight food loss that Joe probably took himself.....then you must be pretty dumb. They wrote the check because 1500 for them is like 1 penny to me. Joe probably needed the extra funds to keep this place up and running for another week or two.

This guy thinks he has the next best thing to Jesus Christ himself and all it is, is a fake fancy looking Arby's. The attention this man was seeking is now slapping him in the face. I for one will never ever go there.


Are you kidding me.... just proves one more time...what an a$$ he is!!! He got called out on National this is his way of "paying them back".... what really irritates me, is that people STILL go to this man business and support him!!! I am all about supporting local businesses, but really????


I wonder if all the people who have eaten at Mill Street could press charges again Nagy for aggravated robbery and emotional distress, since he ripped them off by overcharging them for expired food and then yelling at them when they complained about it


Seems like this guy is just digging himself deeper and deeper. By the way good luck finding a chef that would put up with your b.s. Hell i'm surprised he even has a staff left. Do us all a favor and just leave!! Lets get a sports bar back in that place!

Brock Lee

sick of joe looooooooser


Give me a freaking break ! He is so attention oriented ! who is playing stunts now ?


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Estrella Damm

Missing Elk? Did they look in the freezer? That is the first place I would look.


Milk it now. Sure hope he reads the comment sections.