Mill Street Bistro theft resolved

Police report filed after owner reported elk steaks came up missing during filming of "Kitchen Nightmares."
Scott Seitz2
Mar 14, 2013


Throughout the entire process, Mill Street Bistro owner Joe Nagy has remained positive.

Nagy and his restaurant have been in the national spotlight recently after the Mill Street Bistro was featured in two episodes of the FOX television show "Kitchen Nightmares" which aired March 1 and 8.

The episodes showed some intense exchanges between Nagy and Chef Gordon Ramsay.

Nagy has said all along his intention was to bring publicity to the restaurant and hopefully land a chef at the same time.

Lost in the whole shuffle was an alleged incident which took place in summer 2012 when crews were in Norwalk filming the episodes.

According to a Norwalk police report dated July 16, 2012, Nagy filed a complaint and alleged several items were stolen from the restaurant during filming and the bistro was damaged.

Nagy said in the report "a film crew had filmed 'Kitchen Nightmares' at his business and the entourage had left without notice in the early morning hours."

Nagy claimed his restaurant was damaged due to the additional wiring and lighting fixtures that were placed into the ceiling panels.

Nagy also stated a rondeau cooking pot, valued at about $250, and a plastic container that had several elk steaks or chops were missing when the film crew left, according to the police report.

The total loss and damage was reported to be about $1,500, police said.

Nagy said Wednesday the situation has since been settled.

He also added many vendors were in and out of the restaurant during filming.

"This theft incident was resolved with the show's production company," Nagy said.



I'm sure if he doesn't read, someone he knows reads.

Sitting In The ...

Much like Winter Mr. Nagy refuses to just go away..... and sadly both are starting to give me a headache...

Really are you ...

Maybe it was rotten meat, and did the place a favor by throwing it out.


I don't believe that anything was ever stolen


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jack langhals

How much more free advertising are they going to give this business ?

Judy Moody

stupid, stupider, stupidest.

Sitting In The ...

He didn't have to solicit this story the police report was public information.I would venture to guess when the Reflector did their post show interview Mr.Joe talked and talked and talked and he mentioned it to them and they looked it up.

Now The Rest of...

Not upscale, its upchuck, mediocre overpriced food with a owner who doesn't have a clue. Upscale, drive to Sandusky to the Zinc, Crush, J. Bistro or Huron to Bar North Bistro.

jack langhals

I hear a lot of good words on Red Gables.


Red Gables = one of the best filets I have ever eaten


How sad!! I watched both episodes and Chef Ramsey gave him a chef and promised to replace that chef when it was time for him to go.. and he has the gull to say he wanted publicity and to land a chef. So what happened he is back in the kitchen. One of his ex workers said he expected a remodel. Seems to me he is going to get money somehow. I remember seeing Chef throw out a bunch of EXPIRED OR FEEZER BURNED food and it was in a big plastic container.. He got money for rotten food. lol He got his time in the spot light now he can give it a rest. If he is overpriced still and his food is not great he wont make it , that is the bottom line. When you have an excellant restaurant like Ramsey has in the Paris (I am formerly from Willard Ohio now in the Las Vegas area) I would have taken all the advice he gave me. Shame on you Joe!


Good god Nagy! Go away, we don't care about you or your sub-par frozen food. Boy I sure miss The Press Box!


He's in the talk...and talk.. and talk....


Had Dinner last night at Lola's on East 4th. Now that is what one calls fine dining.


Lola's is great!


As a business owner, I do not know where this guy is coming from. His own head is ,so far shoved up his own a, it is unbelievable. I realize the show wants drama, and you would like to think he was acting, but I think this is his thinking. TV coverage, especially on a national level, would be taken as a honor to me. Yet he obviously took it as a joke. GOOD LUCK!!!




Joe 'Nag, Nag, Nag' Nagy - get over yourself! It wasn't stolen, Chef Ramsey probably did any potential customers a favor and threw it out.

Michael Saviador

Breaking News: Amy is running the business and Joe is in the kitchen like usual fighting for his life because he can't differentiate the difference between someone telling them what they want to hear or what they need to hear. Hopefully AMY can pull this one out because Joe's mouth has ran so many people out that place noones got a scientific calculator to add it up.

Now The Rest of...

I was wondering where the bow tie wearing dishwasher went, majority of people really don't care about this restaurant disaster and its psycho owner, just go away. Did he dump you again, it appears you changed your tune again.

Michael Saviador

Now the rest of you....come out where ever you feel comfy other than your couch cuz im not talking about the restraunt business anymore, by the way no i actually left on my own, but you are such a pillar of the community maybe you'd like to come over and play a friendly game of cards? im sure you could give me your oppinions on whats wrong with everyone except yourself for days on end...the reflector staff is feeding you this stuff because they know all you do is sit there. you want to personally attack me?> i still am a resident of this community and ill prolly run into you at the dollar store while ur swindling someone out of their foodstamps, either way shut your mouth on everyones dilemma's because you SHOULD have better things to do.

Michael Saviador

Also johnathan sorry you're food wasn't up to par, thats what you get when you go to the Mill Street Bistro other than a few waitress's doing anything they can to increase their tip jar. The entire Reflector should be ashamed because they know the majority of you have nothing better to do than sit behind your computer and play wordgames.

Michael Saviador

Also, just so you all know the Reflector solicited all of this info and interviews out of joe just to give you something to couchrant about...i already found a better job the day i left but you guys will still be on here for years feeding into the reflector's BS....Norwalk Reflector isnt worth two nickles let alone two quarters.

Now The Rest of...

Bow Tie you were exposed, even Joe who is a pain put up with you. You got a new job, what bus boy, probably not, under qualified. Once again your 6th grade education is on display.


ugratefull, selfish, idiot come to mind