Police arrest 10 indicted by grand juries on drug-related charges

Local six-month operation nets more than 50 drug trafficking cases.
Cary Ashby
Mar 15, 2013


The Bellevue Police Department arrested several suspects on drug-related charges Tuesday after receiving indictments from grand juries in Huron and Sandusky counties.

"All (the suspects) were charged with one to three counts of drug trafficking. These arrests are the result of a six-month operation that netted over 50 drug trafficking cases. There are more arrests forthcoming," interim Chief Matt Johnson said.

Police arrested the following people on Huron County charges: Jeremiah J. Adkins, 19, of 359 High St., Bellevue (two counts of trafficking in oxycodone); Raymond L. Layne, 39, of Clyde (trafficking in oxycodone and trafficking in hydrocodone); Donald Townsend, 57, of 902H E. Main St. (downstairs), Bellevue (trafficking in oxycodone); Thrane D. Townsend, 35, of 902 1/2 E. Main St. (upstairs), Bellevue (two counts of trafficking in oxycodone) and Tyler Townsend, 27, 1420 E. Main St., Bellevue (three counts of trafficking in oxycodone).

When officers were arresting Thrane Townsend, Paul Renfro, 42 of 718 E. Center St., Bellevue, was charged with tampering with evidence and possession of drugs, police said.

Those suspects, who recently were secretely indicted by a Huron County grand jury, were transported to the Huron County Jail.

Another suspect secretly indicted in Huron County as part of the same drug operation was arrested Monday morning.

Charles L. Teeple, 29, of 224 Gunther St., Bellevue, was indicted on two counts of trafficking in oxycodone. He pleaded not guilty Monday in Huron County Common Pleas Court and later was released after posting 10% of a $5,000 bond.

Police also arrested the following Bellevue residents on Sandusky County drug-related charges: Karen S. Conklin, 33, of 137 Redwood Drive (three counts of trafficking in cocaine, one count of trafficking in a counterfeit controlled substance); Joshua D. Heath, 26, of 8749 County Road 29 (three counts of aggravated trafficking in drugs); Andrea R. Panfalone, 26, of 400 Steeplechase Ave., Apt. A (four counts of aggravated trafficking in drugs); and Bradley S. Santoro, 27, of 223 Maple St. (three counts of trafficking in heroin). They were indicted by a grand jury in that county.

Agents with U.S. Customs and Border Patrol provided a police dog and officer during the arrests.

"The Bellevue Police Department would like to thank the following agencies for their assistance in this operation: METRICH Drug Task Force, DEA, Huron and Sandusky County sheriff's departments and the Norwalk, Willard, Fremont, and Clyde police departments," Johnson said.



Hmmmmm... RL and TT used to work where I worked in Clyde and they were supervisors. Common knowledge that most of them in those positions were big druggies Company never did a a thing about. Wonder if there's more connections to the company? One of their crew got killed in Norwalk on the Cleveland rd. porkchop a few years ago, he tested pos for drugs Sad cause he seemed like a decent sort of chap.

Glad to see some of them finally got caught.


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get over it,stop bitchin and move got to keep drugs in heroin county or we couldnt call it heroin county..lol

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