Local man pleads guilty to car wash break-in

Off-duty cop catches suspect in the act, arrests him at gunpoint; defendant says he learned how to unlock door from TV show.
Cary Ashby
Mar 14, 2013


A Greenwich man pleaded guilty Tuesday to breaking into a business office across from the village police station.

Jeffrey P. Gibson, 37, of 2 E. Main St., was convicted of one count of breaking and entering in exchange for the state dismissing one charge of possession of criminal tools.

Greenwich Police Officer Aaron Gibson, who isn't related to the defendant, was on-duty and getting out of his cruiser at the station at 3:35 a.m. Nov. 14 when he heard several banging noises across the street at the car wash.

"He saw the coin machine shaking," Huron County Assistant Prosecutor Daivia Kasper said.

The officer determined someone was inside and approached the building.

Jeffrey Gibson eventually exited after the officer knocked on the door several times and announced who he was.

"I advised the subject at gunpoint to place both hands in the air with (his) palms open and not to move. Then I moved the subject from the room and placed him against the wall of the bay to pat him down for weapons," the officer wrote in his report.

During the pat-down, the officer said he found a long-neck Phillips screwdriver sticking out of Gibson's right pants pocket. Kasper said the defendant later admitted to using the screwdriver to break into the office and attempted to break into the coin machine.

Officer Gibson escorted the handcuffed defendant to the station, where he contacted Chief Steve Dorsey to assist him with an interview. Police also notified the business owner.

"They found a crowbar inside the office," Kasper said.

After being read his Miranda Rights, the defendant, Jeffrey Gibson, said he used the screwdriver and a Marvin Memorial Library card found on him during the pat-down to break into the building. He said "he learned how to use the card to unlock the door from a television show," police said.

Gibson was released later from the Huron County Jail after posting 10 percent of a $5,000 bond. He will be sentenced April 24.



you're never too old to learn new things, I guess..


Library Card really did him alota good.

Scranton Tibbs

What a piece of human waste. Robbing the change machine at the car wash. Cut off his hands, make him shave, and send him to prison for life. Piece of $hit. Won't ever change anyway.

Scranton Tibbs

According to his Facebook page he likes "Gospel Guidence" and "Beleave in God" (sp.) Not sure Jeff, but prying open the change machine at the local car wash is not what Jesus would have done.



Kottage Kat

His name is Jeff not billy

Brock Lee

billy his last name his first name hill

Kottage Kat

Oh!!!!!! Gotcha
Thanks for clearing that up for me.



Not the brightest move to do that right across the street from the police station. Can we get that video and send it into worlds dumbest criminals? LMAO

Good 2 B Me

What TV Show did he learn it from?? Why only part of the details!!

hor mone

I caint waRsh up in the car waRsh no more.

Scranton Tibbs

Good thing the Greenwich PD got ahold of this hillbilly before Rod Stevenson did. He would have knocked out your last two teeth.


Sorry all you hypocrites have to be so judge mental before you know the entire story. He lost a dollar in the owner's pop machine, as have many of us in this little bity town. He was trying to get his dollar back so he could go to a working pop machine and get a can of pop. It don't do any good to leave the owner a note that you lose your money in his pop machine because it goes unpaid, cause I have lost money in that machine numerous times and left the owner a note that I would like to have my money back that his pop machine has stolen from me. He has never made any effort to look me up at my address and give me back my money. I learned to quit going to that machine.

Scranton Tibbs

So it's OK to break into an office using a credit card and a crowbar to get your dollar back? You're incredible.


Well if the owner would fix his machine or get a new one, there would not have been a B & E. He is just as guilty for stealing more money than what Jeffrey took, sad part is, he knows that people is getting ripped off, because of all the notes that has been left for him. So he obviously is not a very honest business person.