Local cops find heroin paraphernalia during traffic stop

Female from Mansfield was driving car stopped for following-too-closely violation
Cary Ashby
Mar 15, 2013


The village police chief reported finding multiple pieces of suspected heroin paraphernalia in a vehicle during recent a traffic stop.

At 3:35 p.m. Monday, Wakeman Police Chief Tim Hunker stopped a late-model Dodge for following too closely.

"The vehicle was traveling westbound on East Main (Street) through Wakeman. The vehicle was operated by a female from Mansfield," Hunker said.

While the chief said he was talking to the front seat passenger, who was out of the car at the time, the back seat occupant pulled a syringe out of his sock and kicked it underneath the driver's seat.

Hunker said he observed the movement and another officer had the back seat passenger exit the vehicle.

"A syringe was found in the area where he was sitting," Hunker said.

"There were multiple pieces of suspected heroin paraphernalia found in the vehicle. All (the) items were seized as evidence and will be sent to the lab for analysis. There will be more charges filed," he said.

Norwalk resident Vincent Poland, 25 of 39 Jefferson St., was arrested and charged with tampering with evidence. The third-degree felony is punishable by nine months to three years in prison.

Poland was transported to the Huron County Jail after the traffic stop.



Wasn't this Poland piece is trash just in the paper not but a week or two ago?

Scranton Tibbs

FN Hillbillies.


^^LOL Very hillbilly


Hmmmm, actually I think the term "hillbillies" is an inaccurate one for this "piece of trash." I think that "troubled," or "unaware," or perhaps even, if you will, "selfish" would be better terms to describe him as he is now. I've known MOST of his family for all but about....7 years of my life. His actions aren't "hillbilly," he is NOT a hillbilly. His actions are most certainly "trashy," but he is not trash. He, as like everyone else living and not, was not created from someones left-over trash, but created as a gift from above. His family shouldn't get dragged into this either. People act on their own. It doesn't matter if their 18 or not, it doesn't matter if they live with someone else or not, it doesn't matter what possible excuses people can come up with; it's called free will. You can blame the rearing of the person, their environment, their lifestyle, etc. but at the end of the day YOU make what-ever excuses you have. Some people come from GREAT families and some not, but they are their own person and lived, and still will live their own lives. If this gives you an idea of the people he was, and maybe someday will be again, raised around; the nasty HEROIN park that I live near (McGuan) has mainly been needle free (BOTH before it EVER really was an inner-city problem and still now)due to a friend/family associate of Mr.Poland's (I will NOT give specific information.)I, as a child, now, and in the future, am very grateful for the people around here, that despite all of their own personal hardships and all of our community problems, that actually TAKE care of people other than their-selves. Though, I can't seem to help but think that if WE all got off the computer and gathered up some ba11s *and motivation*, we CAN do something about this. People, you forget this IS America. WE CAN MAKE CHANGE, even if it means taking change into our own hands and making a fit about this. It's worth it. By forcing at least a change in the courtroom, that may help our community from attracting and maintaining these hash ho3s and dope dick5. Also, you see more time being served(that is IF there is ANY time given or enforced in the slammer; not incl. CBCF)that will help deter are youth...just saying. Don't just "trash" one individual, let's clean-up the whole danm county. I appologize about the rant, but I had to clear this up before anyone tried to lean on his family/(some of his)friends next.


The only change that will ever happen is when these LOSERs want to change...which rarely happens. Also another CHANGE that needs to happen is long long long prison time. You want to deter drug use.......1st offense....1 year in prison. 2nd offense 10 years in prison. Watch how many people find a way to "clean themselves up". And if they don't clean themselves up....guess what....bye bye for a long long time.....talk about cleaning our county up!!!! Our judicial systems throughout Ohio give way to many free passes and way to much of our tax dollars are spent trying to fix people that simply do not want fixed. Im tired of this attitude that EVERYONE ELSE has to help these people change. You can only help those who want to help themselves and 99% of these losers don't want help, they just want the easiest way to get a buck and then get their fix.


Despite the bad choices that he's made, Vinny is actually a very smart person. I was saddened to learn that yet again, he was arrested for a heroin related crime. And fresh out of prison, none the less. I really hope he gets the help that he needs and gets his life turned around like his older brother did.

swiss family

I am afraid that the scale that you use to determine how smart someone is, is way off. If you say that this guy is "smart" I would have to disagree with you based only on the information in this article.

does someone who is really smart associate with people who use heroin??? does someone who is really smart, take a syringe out of their sock and shove it under another persons seat DURING a traffic stop??? sorry but if you think that these are "just bad choices" then you might just be the perfect "enabler"


man all you guys do is cry cry cry on here. if you dont like it move.if the heroin wasnt here then it just wouldnt ge heroin county..reguardless STOP CRYING


Man go back to school and get a refund for whoever taught your English class. How are people suppose to read this Ebonics.