Man kills self in car outside police station

Huron County resident was under investigation for an alleged sex offense involving a 6-year-old
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Mar 11, 2013


At about 1:50 p.m. Monday, Gary L. Francis, 59, of New Haven, apparently shot and killed himself in his vehicle in the parking lot of the Milan Police Department.

Francis was under investigation for an alleged sex offense involving a 6-year-old child, Milan Police Chief James Rose said. Francis had been asked to come to the station and provide a statement.

Francis parked his car in the parking lot, but did not come into the station.

Rose went out to the car to ask Francis to come in and discovered his body in the front seat of his running car.

An investigation is being conducted by the Milan Police Department and the Erie County Coroner’s Office.


Sitting In The ...

Yoda it a classical double standard they automatically criminalize us so they have someone beside their loved one to project their anger towards. Hey if pushing a button helps you deal with this horrible situation click away, but I've done nothing wrong.....


The life of a REALIST!



Kottage Kat

May the memories in the scrapbook of your hearts sustain you through the difficult days ahead.
Again, my sympathy and prayers 4 all.

unknown user

i cried all night last night and basically all day today this is a tragedy story no one dont know what happened but the victim and him and i'am his friend and my boyfriend worked with him at baumann auto group in norwalk and my parents been friends with him forever..He was close to his daughter brenda and his son gary who has disability problems so my sympathy goes to them and the family and ill be checking for the obituaries


people.. people... Couldn't you have waited, at least until there was some evidence or confirmation of guilt? How hateful and hurtful your comments are. Maybe you could pick the body up and string it up in the center of the town square. The police ASKED him to stop in and make a STATEMENT. If they had more incriminating evidence they would have been a lot more forceful. Rumor has it that the accusation is retribution for an unrelated incident, it's tragic that a life was lost as a result.


Apparently some people have way to mouch time on their hands then to make comments about a situation they know nothing about.Don't you people have loved ones? Maybe you should pray that this does not happen to one of them,instead of airing you ideas of what Gary did on a newspaper column.


You're right.. Im going to drive to the police station and kill myself to prove my innocence.. YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME??!!!

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swiss cheese kat

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maybe you should just throw "that book" away. I have no idea who this man was, and as you said.."suspected" pedophile. It doesn't mean he was guilty by any means...


Learn to spell...




Giilt or innocnence will still be learned latter as to what may or may not have happened between him and the child.
For the child I hope nothing had happened.
The fact that He took his life will leave an open question for those he left behind that will tear at them for a very long time. They do have my sympathies.
As to the act of suicide, IT IS A SELFISH ACT.
It leaves behind all who knew him with all the pain he tried to escape from.
I know for I've the unfortunate experience of having family members commit suicide.


I don't remember this much BS when the "good foot doctor" shot himself behind the old Big Lots Building...Having sone personal experiance with someone atempting to take their life...I DO think it is the act of a coward who does not want to face what is in front of them...I feel for the ones left behind to deal with what is left......unanswered questions etc.
I did know Gary and may his family find peace in knowing that some of us are thinking of them.


I have never seen so many IGNORANT comments in my life... To you people who have never had a suicide happen in your family, you haven't a clue. Anyone who takes their own life, can't be thinking straight. He may have had alot more going on in his life that he "felt" he couldn't deal with. That does not make him guilty. How do you think the people that loved this man feel reading these comments? or do you even care? Believe me, it could happen to you in the blink of an eye. Have some compassion for God sake

swiss family

thank you "beagleboy" finally someone with some sense...anyone under any situation with so much at stake, and so much on the line is apt to cave in under the pressure and react or act in an inappropriate way because they are NOT thinking in their right, clear, mind..... to those who just assume that you know what any person would or would not do in a stressful situation, you are mistaken.. An example of that is look how many people "admit" to a crime, for no apparent reason... they were obviously in a stressful situation and possibly to "make it stop" they just lied and admitted they did a crime and even served time, on something that they did NOT do..very similar situation here..


In situations like this..If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all..Thoughts & prayers to all the families involved..


I agree 110% with you!!


What happened here was tragic, no matter how you look at it...for those who have never had a family member do this, it is easy to say, "oh they were a coward" or "they were selfish"....I cant say that I didnt feel that same way, but when something like this is brought directly into your life and you have to sit and wonder why someone did what they did, you try and justify it anyway you can....the problem is, there is just no way to understand just how desperate the person is and what is in their head just before they pull the trigger, it is no one's place to judge anyone on this, everyone is entitled to their opinions, but in the end thats all they are...opinions....God bless everyone involved here....

Most Wanted

Yes everyone is "entitled" to their opinion. What we forget, because of this comment column, is that we should also respect others and there are times to keep our opinions to ourselves.


obviously you people dont have a life ,you have way too much time on your hands to post crap about other people,no one knows what this man had going on in his life,I do and i still would not post that kind of stuff,he had a family and so do you,hope nothing serious ever happens to urs, someday you make a mistake or someone take their life from you, youll see how it feels. He was a good man, this is what happens when you get involved with wrong women and she screwws up ur head and plays mind games and will do anything to get you back, its sick and sad, if this person thought this was going on they wouldnt of let their kids around this man for ten years. theres more to this storie than the newspapers print they need to write a story about the girlfriend .this is demented and people need to get a life obviousl;you need a second job to keep you busy


@hooter........OHHHHHHHHHh so it's the woman's fault??? what happens when a "guy/man" (if you can call them that) plays with a woman's head and HE screws her head up and plays the "I love you game with her".... she didnt kill herself!! grrrrrr ughhh.. sick of the women being blamed for men/guys being pigs!!


I'm wondering which is a bigger sin? Suicide or sexually abusing children?



does it really matter?




and i was only talking bout one woman his girlfriend ,im sorry i said women


Did police officer Rose know that the man had a gun in the car?


evidentally not!


I believe you should ACTUALLY know both sides of a story before being able to give a REAL opinion! And if you don't want to Look at both sides;zip your lips...