Marijuana dealer jailed without bond on probation violation

Suspect tests positive for opiates and oxycodone.
Cary Ashby
Mar 12, 2013


A convicted drug dealer will be held in jail without bond until his next hearing on a suspected probation violation.

Elyria-area resident Scott M. Parsons, 25, is accused of testing positive for opiates and oxycodone, Huron County Assistant Prosecutor Daivia Kasper said.

"He admitted to using illegal drugs to his probation officer," Kasper told Huron County Common Pleas Judge Jim Conway.

Parsons admitted Monday there was probable cause for the suspected probation violations.

At the request of the state, Conway ordered the defendant be held without bond until his April 1 hearing. Parsons was out on bond before Monday's hearing.

This isn't the first time Parsons reportedly violated his community controls sanction.

In mid-June, he volunteered to complete a four- to six-month term in a locked-down, substance abuse treatment facility. At the time, Parsons had an unspecified case pending in Lorain County.

His local underlying conviction is trafficking in marijuana.

Parsons earlier told the Reflector he didn't sell any marijuana during the Jan. 9, 2010 incident.

"I've never sold drugs in my life," he said.

In September 2010, the court ordered Parsons to report to the Huron County Jail to serve a 60-day sentence on the work release program. In addition to a $250 fine, he had his driver's license suspended for six months.



what a scumbag.. looks like he is related to bucky beaver


lol..any relation to bucky becky?
or is it becky bucky?


And they say MJ isnt a gateway drug....yeah right. Every time I read on here, these losers are busted with weed and all kinds of other hard drugs.


Cigarettes and alcohol are also "gateway" drugs. Just because someone smokes weed doesn't mean they're a druggie. Closed minded people like you wouldn't understand. Legalize and tax and help a struggling economy. You'd be surprised at the number of people as well as the diverse crowd that smoke and lead a normal lifestyle.


Amen good sir. People amaze me with their close mindness and ignorance


Well until they make it legal, WEED is a drug and illegal. That means you smoke weed you are a druggie and breaking the LAW. You deserve to be in jail.


If it's made legal, WEED will still be a drug. Smoking weed doesn't make a person a "druggie". Closed minded people like yourself won't understand. Smoking it won't land you in jail. Even lawmakers agree that smoking doesn't constitute jail time. It's a misdemeanor. Of course most of those lawmakers are probably toking down. Probably ought to be a little more concerned with those highly addictive RX meds.

Sitting In The ...

I love it "if made legal weed would still be a drug but the person wouldn't be considered a druggie" okay if you say so Cheech........Also if made legal what would they do with the people already incarcerated?.


I love it too, people who pass judgement. You'll define a "druggie" however you want to. Do you also consider someone who has a glass of wine or a beer or two a day an alcoholic? Another closed minded person "sitting in the" dark. Ever tried it? Know anyone who smokes responsibly? Just got images of "Cheech and Chong" in your head to correlate with the word WEED? What do they do with the people already incarcerated? You seem to be good at offering judgement. You tell me.


beer was once illegal too and you seen how well that turned out. Weed is safer than beer and is only illegal because of two powerful rivals, agriculture and industry. If we are really a free country people should have the freedom to screw up their lives. There should be no such thing as a victimless crime.


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Dudley Dawson. love that movie. Poindexter's my dude.


he looks like Anthony Loretta! lol or maybe he got busted by Anthony Loretta idk! keep me posted!

William Jeffers...

At least he's smiling! Probably a very personable guy with a great attitude & strong sales skills. Most likely will be a good lobbyist someday.