One life lost, nine others saved

Jesika Skelton's survivors hope lessons taught by death won't be forgotten.
Zoe Greszler
Mar 12, 2013


Jesika Skelton was described as a "loud, perky, stubborn and very blunt" young woman who was "always willing to do so something for someone."

Skelton died a year ago Monday at age 20, having suffered a fatal overdose from drugs smuggled into the Huron County Jail, where she had been serving time.

Family and friends gathered Saturday evening in front of the Huron County Sheriff's Office for a candlelight vigil in remembrance of Skelton. Her mother, Christina Zapata, discussed her daughter's death, accomplishments and legacy -- including organ donations that helped save nine lives.

A feature story about the event was published on the front page of Tuesday's Reflector. To read the story, pick up a copy of that issue of the Reflector or subscribe to the e-paper (a complete digital replica of the issue) for less than $1 per week and read it now.



She got receiving stolen property. She didn't actually steal the item someone gave it to her if she would have known it was stolen she would hadn't taken it. You really don't know her.


Oh sure because Kyle could afford a diamond ring. Using drugs and being unemployed is quite lucrative these days. He lived with his mother, so he must have been saving up to buy Jess that beautiful diamond ring ? NOT !!! she lied to the police when asked about it. and she didnt give it back when she found out it was stolen she swallowed it. so maybe it's YOU who didnt know her. Liar, thief, addict, she now has eternity to remember her " mistakes" and here's hoping HE won't let her forget them.


Zoepoett88 you disrespect the widow every time you post. SHUT UP !!! You want to talk about a great person, an amazing women, someone who would give their time and last dime ( or penny wink wink ) to actually help another person. Then hold a vigil for the widow of one of the finest police officers Norwalk has ever know. She and Bill deserve RESPECT , she deserves an article written about her ... not some herion addict, pill popper, druggie !


Jesika was a good person, NOT a Drug Addict, she was not addicted to any drugs. I know for a fact that she only Occasional used drugs, and People need to STOP judging Her its NONE of anyone's business what mistakes she made in life, None of you know her life what she went through, This was suppose to be a "Candlelight Vigil" Memorial to remember the POSITIVE things in her Life. Her Family & LOVED ONES should not have to get on here to read the article AND SEE ALL THE NEGATIVITY!!! TO dreverythingbalright , Uputwhatwhere7 , 1smartcookie , starryeyes. does that really make you feel good about yourself? Do You think No-ones aware of there own family issues? & The TROUBLE she go into?!! its Hurting them enough without having to see that, YOUR THE SICK ONE'S who need to take a look in the mirror!!


OH well then, only occasionaly did drugs, only occasionally was sent to jail and occasionaly robbed from widows. well let's award her citizen of the year too. Hurting her family, who gives a s**t. they sure didnt care ( nor did she) as she was hurting the police officers widow, Oh and btw it's " their own family issues" 5th grammer is important hope all the vigil signs were spelled correctly. Do I feel good about myself. This has nothing to do with me, it has to do with holding a vigil and publishing an article about a felon. Questioning why the Sheriff didn't show up. Because some people have sense, respect for others and know the difference between right and wrong. Jesika was not one of them. Sick ? no no my dear I have never taken pills that were shoved up another womens' private parts. Call me crazy, I find THAT SICK !!!


I know the Braker family and Tina. Neither one deserved this situation. Bill Braker was a great man and his wife didn't deserved getting robbed. Tina didn't deserve to lose her daughter. Jesika's death was tragic, there is no reason to stomp on the girls grave. Respect needs to be paid to both families. DrEverytingbalright, I have no idea who you are but I can assure you the Braker family would never condone character bashing no matter what this young girl did. . So give it a rest. Enough. Let the child rest in peace. Much love to you Penny. We all miss Bill.


My apologies Diamond no disrespect meant to the Braker's. Bill Braker was a great man


The vast majority of drugs associated with overdose would not preclude donation as the half-life of drugs would be taken into consideration when choosing time for donation as long as oxygenation, ventilation, and perfusion can be adequately maintained.
ANY organ donor is a hero, despite how they lived or died. They ended up saving lives, which is more than most of us can say.

Scranton Tibbs

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Truckin 12

I'm so sick of you people thinking you know jess. I can almost bet none of you know the real story you just know what the paper decides to publish. So before you go judging her maybe you should get your facts straight.


Thinning out the herd then, it's a harsh statement but very true I'm brutally honest here.

The trouble with young people is that they are So hell bent on self destruction, nowadays ,they'll do anything to get their fix.. Well she got fixed allright - but good. I'm sure her friends and family miss her But if they were really honest with themselves they would not encourage other people to do the same when they treat it as if she did nothing wrong . She made her choice and it killed her. Period.

With all the articles in the papers and widespread knowledge that drugs KILL.... HEy guess what the Numbers of od's continues to rise... so yea, it's thinning the herd. This Taxpayer is tired of footing the bills for these idiots who do NOT contribute anything to society . Sorry my sympathy for these people is no longer there.

Yep, I'm brutally honest and probably kinda nasty too. Oh well....