Nagy discusses life after 'Kitchen Nightmares'

Mill Street Bistro owner says he never called area residents 'hillbillies.'
Scott Seitz2
Mar 13, 2013


Joe Nagy and his Norwalk restaurant were featured on two episodes of the FOX television show "Kitchen Nightmares."

Chef Gordon Ramsay and his crew visited the Mill Street Bistro in June and filmed for the better part of three days. These episodes, which aired March 1 and last Friday, showed Ramsay and Nagy often involved in heated exchanges.

"I think the exposure helped our business immensely," Nagy said. "I've been getting phone calls from all over, people booking parties -- it's helped our business."

In an exclusive interview with the Norwalk Reflector, Nagy discussed the show, the aftermath and a few of the controversial subjects that arose.

The story was published in Tuesday's Reflector. To read the story, pick up a copy of that issue of the Reflector or subscribe to the e-paper (a complete digital replica of the issue) for less than $1 per week and read it now.




I still won't eat there!


DITO...Joe...your still an a$$...!!!


To get notoriety, well Joe, I think you got what you asked for!! The menu is the same one that was made in July of last year, guess he missed a couple seasons somewhere in there. He's had 8 months to find a new chef, I guess that tells you something eh! Like I said before, take whatever he tells you with a bucket of salt!! Joe "Notorious" Nagy, Bustin' out some hash!! Anyone want some blue cheese on that? You'll have to wait for it to thaw, sorry!


Moderators have removed this comment because it contained Personal attacks (including: name calling, presumption of guilt or guilt by association, insensitivity, or picking fights) and Profane, obscene, sexual or derogatory language.


Moderators have removed this comment because it contained Personal attacks (including: name calling, presumption of guilt or guilt by association, insensitivity, or picking fights).


Still in denial. Or he is trying to sell privately and doesn't want people to know he has a worthless business.

Now The Rest of...

This guy is like the scene from Titanic, the ship is sinking and the band of guys are still playing their violins. His ego stood in his way of change,and clearly what is a poor business plan in the the Norwalk market. With the number of untruths that were exposed from this guy does anyone really believe people are calling for parties? What on the program would promote anyone to go there, other than the same reason people watch disaster movies. The sad part is that this guy might actually believe what he is saying.


Contrary to the old adage: ALL advertising is not good advertising.

Mr. Nagy sounds delusional.

Good luck! We're not goin' back.


I This show was staged!! JOE EVEN ADMITTED IT! I have lived in Norwalk my whole life. We are a small town! I did not recognize one person in that place! The only person I recognized was Joe Centers for the half a second that you seen him towards the end of the show. Otherwise not one person looked familiar. My assumption is that they were actors hired in to sit in the restaurant while filming. Nagy is still the same jerk he was when he first came to town. This restaurant is going to fail! Hopefully quickly!! We need a good place to go in this town to hang out and Mill St. Bistro isn’t it. The only reason people are going into this place is to see for themselves how much of a jerk the owner is! Hey you never know.. Maybe Nagy will get to appear on one of Ramsays other shows – Hells Kitchen or Kitchen Nightmares! Sign him up! HEHE!! It would be entertaining!


@goreflect - I have also lived in Norwalk my entire life. I saw at least 5 poeple that I know on the show.


Over 16,000 people in Norwalk and I know them all by name! Every one of those people I knew! Really? It wasn't staged. Joe is trying to come back from a extremely bad decision. I would be willing to buy him out, but I know his ego won't let him get up off of it right now. He will have to completely go down before he will realize he needs to close. He won't see the light through those rose colored glasses. I predict one day it will be closed and everything stripped out of it in the middle of the night.


You know 16,000 people by name in one small town. You really don't expect anyone to believe that, do you?

(I know. sarcasm)

Sitting In The ...

He also said his food is fresh....and of course he going to say that I mean come on !!!!!

Jonathan Christman

GoReflect, I was sitting there right behind Chef Ramsay on the first episode, with my wife Ressa, my daughter Ryann and my mother-in-law Claudia. I am the one that the waiter Bill was referring to when he said someone wanted to send back their food but didn't want to hear Joe yelling. I was born in Sandusky, grew up in Lorain and have lived in Norwalk since I was 15. There was another family from right here in Norwalk who was eating at the same time we were but did not make it on camera.

I am readily available to talk about my experience, you can contact me at or by phone at 419-668-9962.


I can attest for Jon. Saw him on the show. I also live here in Norwalk and have known him for a few years.

Jonathan Christman

who dis?

Jonathan Christman

Let me also say again that I while have not had a chance to go back to the Bistro since the filming, I do intend to eat there again. The food has been good in the past and it could be better, but it has not been bad. I like the decor and the atmosphere of the restaraunt and the wait staff has always polite and friendly.

jack langhals

Who cares?Looked like a bunch of garbage to me !

all fact or all...

It seems to me, the more he tries to convince people he is getting business makes me think he is not. His ego won't let him see the real picture. We could comment all day and he won't get the big picture. I for one just won't patronize the place.


Dousche bag bistro bar. I liked it better when Tommy Leto ran it.


THe guy is an ass.. I wont eat there

Swamp Fox

If Joe thought this article would be a positive, not so much.

Sitting In The ...

Joe enjoy your 15 minutes and in doing so refrain from saying stupid things such as ""Several people stopped me at a red light" and while talking about it you were smiling from ear to ear so obviously it was about being on television. You proved to me it wasn't staged by saying your bistro was doing great before taping, clearly if this was true you wouldn't of called them correct?. Seriously stop talking to anyone with a camera you're just making it worse.


I haven't eaten there in a while but when I did it was good and I would not let this show stop me from eating there again. It is a bit on the expensive side to eat there.


Sounds like Joe learned nothing from Chef Ramsey, same ego, same lies about how fresh his food is. Still putting raw onions in the Onion soup Joe? Well, I guess raw onions in the soup would be "fresh". lol!

Sitting In The ...

hahahahaha wasn't that great? "I can't teach an idiot to not put raw onions in onion soup.


Joe looks like hes making it up as he goes in the interview, looking up , and around as he says hes getting orders. Did he learn anything, Is his ego so big , that he thinks that just because it comes out of his mouth, we are all stupid and believe him. Duh, nope......


First he said the emotion was real, then he said that it's staged. So which is it Mr. Nagy? And by the way, FBI profilers will tell you that one of the key pieces to tell if someone is lying is they will look up and left as they speak. It shows that they are trying to remember and "file" their thoughts in order to put them in places that narcisist think are best for their best interest. You may not want to look up and left during the whole interview. You basically did nothing but lie to the town..again. You are a true egomanic and I think you actually believe what your saying. It may not be your fault. You may want to search someone out for help. In the mean time, sell your business su*cks.

Sitting In The ...

I noticed that too, Wasp, also he kept repeating parts of the question...


I am still looking to hire a chef.REALLY. well let me come in and spend 100 bucks for me and the wife to have dinner until you hire a chef. How many feet can a person shoot. He needs to be quiet and hope it goes away