Nagy discusses life after 'Kitchen Nightmares'

Mill Street Bistro owner says he never called area residents 'hillbillies.'
Scott Seitz2
Mar 13, 2013


Joe Nagy and his Norwalk restaurant were featured on two episodes of the FOX television show "Kitchen Nightmares."

Chef Gordon Ramsay and his crew visited the Mill Street Bistro in June and filmed for the better part of three days. These episodes, which aired March 1 and last Friday, showed Ramsay and Nagy often involved in heated exchanges.

"I think the exposure helped our business immensely," Nagy said. "I've been getting phone calls from all over, people booking parties -- it's helped our business."

In an exclusive interview with the Norwalk Reflector, Nagy discussed the show, the aftermath and a few of the controversial subjects that arose.

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Not for one minute does anyone believe that business is better. Your food is terrible, over priced and you add nothing nice to any of it! Still won't be eating there, even if he paid for it!


"I think the exposure helped our business immensely," Nagy said.

WHAT? Every time I drive by that place, it looks deserted. It sounds like Joe is still living in his own fantasy world.


Hey ..maybe the United Fund can have their Wednesday FUNDlunch there?


This guy is a loser and incredibly arrogant. He used to work for Sysco and thought he knew everything. NOT. LOSER!


Is Joe related to the current Administrative Assistant to the Huron County Engineer? If not, they sure do seem to have a LOT in common!


i was going to stop in there monday, but as i drove by there were no cars in the lot... is this place closed now? it was around 4:30 in the afternoon...

really i just want to see first hand what the inside looks like. i did work there while it was friendly corners, and did interview with joe to work at the bistro a few years back... ended up walking out in the middle of the interview as he berated a chef of his about a vegan banquet....

i still do cook for a living and it think it'd be great on a resume to work there, shove one of joe's feet into his mouth to shut him up and the other up his rear to get him out of that place and turn it all around... it'd look killer on a resume. some how i don't see me stepping in that position, but i still would like to see the inside after all of this time.

anyone know when the place is actually open?

Jonathan Christman

They are only open for dinner, and closed on Sundays and Mondays.

Now The Rest of...

Wasn't it the Press Box, I thought Friendly Corners was on the corner of Old State?


It was friendly corners when Tom Leto opened it up. I thought it was a pretty nice sports bar then and prices were reasonable and the food was good.

Jonathan Christman

I will say this, he spent a lot of money and did a very good job of remodeling it in there. It does look really good inside.

Swamp Fox

Wasn't the original Friendly Corners located at Townsend & Old State and owned by Leto's grandparents? I only whent to Mill Street after it became the Press Box.


I think you might be right. Pretty sure I remember him telling me he named it after his parents business.

Kottage Kat

He needs Paula dean or Rachael ray to teach him cooking
Things us " down home " folks can afford and appreciate


Kottage Kat : PUT THE FORK DOWN and hit the rec center's jogging track you are way to concerned about food. Of course who couldn't tell that by looking at you

Kottage Kat

Dear Dr.
Thank you
In the future please do not look
I would not want to offend you.
God bless you


please let this be the last time i have to see this story. its so over now.


Yes, it's finally over, thank god! Let good ole Joe Nagy bask in his new found notoriety and delusional BS. He will find out soon enough, the neighbors should be on the look out for moving trucks in the dead of night. I'm sure it will come soon enough, at least the new owners won't have anything in they're way when they move in. I'll bet he even takes the light fixtures with him when he leaves, oh yeah, and don't forget the kitchen sink!! Go back to skinny, Joe, I think he misses you!!

Brock Lee

sick of joe loooooooser