Wakeman PD online sex sting nabs 6th suspect

The Wakeman Police Department made its second arrest in less than a week Tuesday as part of an ongoing online sex sting investigation. Thomas E. Marquis, 26, of Bellefontaine, was arrested on a warrant without incident at his home about 4:15 p.m. He was charged with multiple felony counts of importuning and disseminating matter harmful to juveniles.
Cary Ashby
Jul 25, 2010


The Wakeman Police Department made its second arrest in less than a week Tuesday as part of an ongoing online sex sting investigation.

Thomas E. Marquis, 26, of Bellefontaine, was arrested on a warrant without incident at his home about 4:15 p.m. He was charged with multiple felony counts of importuning and disseminating matter harmful to juveniles.

"Marquis had been communicating with (someone) he thought to be a 14-year-old girl, but was actually Investigator Josh Rice of the Wakeman Police Department. The conversations became sexual almost immediately," Chief Tim Hunker said.

"There was a Web cam set up as well as photos and movies of pornography sent to Investigator Rice from Marquis. These chats started over seven months ago," Hunker added.

Marquis currently is in custody at the Huron County Jail awaiting a pending bond hearing in Norwalk Municipal Court.

Two Wakeman officers as well as authorities from the Bellefontaine Police Department and Logan County Sheriff's Office seized about 40 pieces of evidence and transferred them back to Wakeman.

On Friday, McArthur resident Scott D. Sims, 25, was arrested under similar circumstances in connection with Rice's joint investigation with the Ohio Internet Crimes Against Children's Taskforce (OICAC). Rice has said he talked with Sims in an online chatroom "a couple times a week" starting in January and Sims began having sexual conversations with him "within a minute or two."

The Vinton County man further is accused of revealing himself to Rice through a Web cam.

Also on Friday, Kyle R. Halsey, 26, of New Lexington, was sentenced to 80 days in jail and was fined $1,000 for driving to Wakeman in the fall for the purposes of sexual activity with a 14-year-old girl. He had a sexually-oriented conversation with Rice in a chat room.

A judge also prohibited Halsey from using a personal computer or cell phone and from having any association with juveniles outside of family members during his five years of probation.

Hunker estimated that Rice, a part-time officer, spends 10 to 20 hours each week online at the Wakeman police station or at OICAC's Parma office as part of the investigation. The probe started officially in January.


... (Anonymous)

Don't get me wrong, kudos to the Wakeman PD for nabbing these guys. But seriously people its Wakeman..... How many 14 year olds are there period let alone online looking for sex... The complete ignorance of the people getting caught looking for sex from kids online is baffling.

wakeman res. (A...

i think its crap first that wakeman officer rice sits at his home and types to these people who lives in north ridgeville,doesnt even talk to these guys in wakeman,and then tells these men to come to my town where none of these officers even live. what if just one of these guys was alittle smart and came a day early to check out wakeman and they see my child playing in the yard and decided they wanted her instead! wakeman needs to pass along there info with the city that the perp lives and not bring them here.
wakeman just wants there name in paper.
wakeman gets no money for this!!!
hunker wont even live in wakeman for "fear of what people he arrest might do to him!" wakeman has went downhill and no one seems to care!!!!

James A. Morman...

First of all to the person named "wakeman res." Have the guts to use your name before you fling around insults and accusations. Secondly, do you really believe that there were no sex offenders in our town before the Wakeman PD joined the OICAC program? Check with Chief Hunker or the Sheriff's Department. I think many people would be amazed at the number of registered sex offenders in the area. The Wakeman PD is doing their job plain and simple. Fame and money are the last things on their mind, protecting our children is the first. Also check these facts. First, of the six arrests made by Wakeman PD with OICAC only two involved the suspect coming to our town. Second, currently there is an investigation underway IN Wakeman involving an alleged sex crime. I would suggest when Officer Rice has another seminar on Internet Sex Crimes that you and everyone take the time to attend. My wife and I did and our eyes were opened. This is a problem everywhere. Thinking that Wakeman can just "WORK AND LIVE IN PEACE" as you say and ignore the problem is foolish and shortsighted in my opinion.

wakeman res. (A...

first of all mr. morman, i think tim has you fooled!!!!
why wont he bring his new baby and his wife her to live like council wanted?
ask him since you go eat lunch with him everyday! as far as josh rice goes,he doesnt talk to these guys in our town,he does it from his home! correct???
so why dont wakeman pd send the info to their city and let them handle it????
arent you afraid one of these men might come after your two daughters?????
tim blows smoke and wants everyone to beleive him,facts remain. time hunker wont bring his family to our town but screws it uo 7-3 and then goes home to lorain and leaves us a mess!!!!!well he brings back police that he fired and have complaints by the village but says he has to work with someone else and two days later you see mike working by hiself. i wont use my name because im a owner of a store that i want to have night checks done!!!!
im just one of many who beleive he isnt doing things right,we need to stop talking and do something about it! if you want change you make it happen.
we need to start talking to the paper and giving out info that we have proof of.
we need to tell people in wakeman whats going on and have them call the mayor.
most towns make their police live in town.
tell hunker kipton is hiring a new chief he can screw up there town!!!!

James A. Morman...

I certainly don't/can't hide the fact that the Chief and I are friends, but that doesn't change anything I have said or the facts I have stated. Sure I worry about my family, but there are predators everywhere, but if they know that even the small town departments are after them, it makes all of us safer. To answer your other allegations:
1.Officer Rice does not do OICAC work from his home.
2.The last three police chiefs before Tim have not lived in town. You mentioned Kipton; the last two Chiefs they have had did not live in town.
3.The only filed complaints against Wakeman PD Officers are with Officers not currently with the department. To rephrase that for you: No current Officer has a complaint filed against them.

If you are worried you might get singled out unfairly if you use your name, then you obviously don't know the chief as well as many of us do.

I have had the courtesy to use my name, if you would like to continue our dialogue, either here or privately, please have the courtesy to use yours.


I am with you on this one Jim! I want my little girl to be protected from these predators! Kudos to the Wakeman Police Dept. and Chief Hunker! Go after each and every one of them and lock them up for life! Sick f****in perverts!

CFJ (Anonymous)

In Response to the comments from "Wakeman Res."

Sir, if you think that poeple that search out and rape our youth will not come to Wakeman, you are far mistaken. The people that are involved in these crimes known no limits. They will go anywhere to commit their crimes, you should be thankful that the offiicers of the Wakeman Police Department are putting their personal welfare at risk to catch these violent and sick people. As for your slander of a respected police department, i would hope that you some day realize that the fine men and women that wear the uniform deserve everyone's respect, including your's. It sounds more like you have a chip on your shoulder for the officers and that you have made it a person attack against them. I will pray for you to gain wisdom and knowledge. The wisdom to know when you are wrong and the knowledge to understand when others are giving of themselves to protect you and your family. It's sad to think that the officers go out and protect you and your family without question or complaint, yet you have the audacity to think that you are better than them. Maybe you should try some thoughtful time of reflection and find inside yourself what you think makes you so much better than these fine men and women.

Continued blessings to those that are serving the better interest of the community and not fearing those who speak with lack of knownledge or pride.

wakeman re. (An...

i have known tim for many many years!( as well as you jim)
i know he is a ladies man and has been for yrs.(he got fired the first time from drug mart)and if you ask hunker how many people go in and make staments about mike court maybe hell be honest! i know of three ladies that wanted to file on joe and tim talked them out of it. and your right jim if tim doesnt put it in writing it isnt a complaint. i work on another public service dept and i think that the whole police dept needs cleaned up!
one of the woman that talked to tim about joe is very close to me and i feel like he dropped th ball.
and i know for a fact josh rice DOES HIS INTERNET CRIMES FORM HIS LAPTOP FROM HIS OWN HOME!!!! so when he goes to court i hope he isnt swearing under god and his police oath that his at the police dept when he does his internet inverstgations.
as far as no respecting the police dept!,i think most do a great job,but then you have some joe,mike the one female officer that need to be replaced! like i said im going to tell the poeple i talk to to go straight to the mayopr who is over the police dept! if he wont do anything ill remeber that on voting day(firemen or no firemen)jim i have known you for many years as well and you hAVE a nice family and it people like your kids i think we need to protect! i know they are everywhere and i think we should bring them here when we can still have them arrested just not in wakeman! they wont go free just wont come to wakeman in our small park across from the emt building where children play!!!

Concerned Wakem...

Sir, If you don't like the way things are why don't you do that which you challenge Chief Huker to do? Move. It's not economical for a person who is supporting a family on a limited budget to just up and move. Very few cities require their officers or chiefs to live in the city which they work. Maybe you should continue to read more of the news. The state of Ohio is right now awaiting a decision from the court system about residency requirements. You seem to think you have such first hand knowledge yet you refuse to leave your name, interesting. Maybe is that because you are fearful that what you are saying is not the truth and that people who have some smarts would look into the subjects and find you to be exasperating the topics? Oh wait let me put that in terms you can understand and not such big words: Are you afraid that you are lying and that you are making things sound bigger or worse than they are? You talk from knowledge which you do not have. Unless you are sitting in the office of the police chief when a person comes in to file a complaint then you have no clue what is being said behind closed doors. I am sure you are going to take the last sentence and say that things shouldn't be "behind closed doors." Here's the thing, the public does not want to hear every little thing about what happens. Yes it is the citizen's right to monitor the workings of the city departments, that’s what elections are for and what village representation is for. You say that there is such a problem with a few officers on the department as well. Interesting thing is that the officers probably have contact with thousands and thousands of people a year. So the officer receives one or two complaints and you want them fired? If things were your way then no police department would have officers. Even when an officer does his or her job correctly a person can file a complaint. So an outstanding officer that does an excellent job receives one complaint and you want to end their career. Oh yes I said that correctly, "end their career." As it is in law enforcement, if you are fired from a police job, no other department would take that officer on. Don't even start to say that these fine officers shouldn't be officers. The officers on many departments are good people that are learning. I am sure you weren't born with all the knowledge in the world and that you have made mistakes yourself. "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone" -The Bible I would be willing to say that you sir wouldn't be able to cast that stone, lest you hit yourself. You sir need to realize that these people are still protecting your family without complaint. Many of the officers are working there for free. Would you be so willing to work for free? I would also assume that you couldn't work for free, as you have said that you have a family to support. Maybe if you want such exceptional services you should move to a city like Westlake, Bay Village, Hunting Valley, Beachwood or any other high income community. You seem to want to do nothing more than slander good people. If people were to talk about you the same way I am sure that you would not be so happy with them. Maybe you should think about the things you say and the harm you can do before you speak, that is if you have a conscious to care for the welfare of others.

wakeman res. (A...

and you didnt leave your name???
so you must be afraid as well!!! nice.
i know these officers first hand and by name! im speaking from things i know to be a fact because i was there behind close doors!!! these officers arent fineofficers. they come to our town because big cities wont hire them! why would they drive 50 miles to work free???
tim wants to work with idots so he looks good!!!!
i know these people you it seems want to throw the bible around! and your right the state of ohio is looking into making that a requirement!it seems like this might be tim hunker im speaking with! i just feel like we live here our whole loves and they change the chiefs every few years and we have to clean up after them! this is our home!!! if its not good enough for his family and his officers then he needs to move on!!!
and i know there are great offcers on the dept! webber,papai,mcanelling all these guys live in our town and serve well!!

GED (Anonymous)

To "Concerned Wakeman Citizen , and CFJ, and James A Morman" thank you for speaking the truth .. i am glad to see that people from small towns can have a "big" view of how the world works !!! it is very true that sexual preditors are already here , and they are everywhere , so they are not being brought here , as " wakeman res" implies ... they are very good at fitting in and going undetected , just waiting to pounce on their "prey" and ruining the life of a child , forever ! Thank you for being a realist , and it sounds to me like "wakeman res" has a personal axe to grind !!

wakem res. (Ano...

yes my tax dollars at work! fire dept can do its job make police dept do its!!!!!

Torn (Anonymous)

This is in no way meant to be disrespectful to the Wakeman Police Department because PDs across the state and county run these type of programs. But, I seriously question the effectiveness of such programs and wonder if this is the most efficient use of funding and manpower. First of all, as gross and disgusting as these perpetrators are, they have not actually committed a crime because, while it is illegal to make sexually explicit comments to a 13-year-old, they have actually made those comments to a middle aged cop. They might have the intent to commit a physical crime by arriving at the home, but that is very difficult to prove in court. Even when it can be proved, judges and juries are in difficult positions because the crimes that carry the harsher sentences usually require an actual physical act, so these men end up with slaps on the wrist and six months to a year in jail -- at most. I want to make it clear that I am in no way condoning the behavior of these men, but it seems to me paying a part-time officer to spend 10 to 20 hours a week online for two years to catch six people who will spend at most 6 years in jail and be back on the streets isn't the best use of time or resources. As we have seen on these very forums, the Internet is a haven for people to say things they would never actually act upon or say in "real life." Again, that doesn't make it any less disgusting, but it does make it very hard to prosecute.

just a thought ...

Hey... I'll volunteer my time to the police department to act as the 13 year old! Maybe it would get me out of a couple of traffic tickets (just kidding). Seriously, I bet there are lots of Wakeman citizens who would be willing to help! Watch 'to catch a predator' with Dateline's Chris Hanson. Check out 'pervertedjustice.com' they are all VOLUNTEERS!! Quit complaining and be part of the solution. Take the time you're using to TYPE AND GRIPE and instead put it into doing something positive for your community.

gas guzzler (An...

I want to thank the Norwalk gas station owners for lowering their prices this past week .. now, we are only being overcharged 20 cents per gallon , instead of the 30 cents per gallon that we were being charge a few weeks ago !! although i will still be buying my gas outside of Norwalk , where it is considerably cheaper , and i ask everyone else to do the same .. until the Norwalk dealers understand that we will go outside of town to buy our gas , where it is considerably cheaper , no matter which direction you go , ... we are making progress with this , so thank you to everyone else who is boycotting the Norwalk gas stations , as well

wakeman res. (A...

hello again,torn, you are right!!! finally one smart person on here!! lol
my problem isnt per say with wakemans police dept,even though i question hunkers choices on who her hires!,but my statement that josh rice is sitting at his home out of the VILLAGE TYPING TO THESE GUYS!! it takes weeks even months for these guys to trust you are who you "say " you are!
and to mr morman who beleives we are all stupid,how many times do you see josh rice at the pd???
he is busy at home online! he is taking all these internet class and guess who is paying for them???
mr. morman any ideas??? most are paid for by mr. morman himself and the other funds is given by wakeman eagles which mr morman is a chair person for! hunkers got it made!! if we used the funds to help our village,safety town in wakeman,(not by the county),more info aND TRAINING FOR OFFICERS,ect..
these officers but their own duty belts,uniforms,ect.
their training is paid for by them,not wakeman.
if you want to see whos right and whos wrong on this do me a favor,it states josh is online 10-20 hours each week,call the staion or go by see how many cars are there.
josh isnt there!! he works on every other weekend ,one day every two weeks.
they had to cover their butts and say oicac office. yeah right ! but it still isnt in wakeman!!! im not saying this is wrong but they go about it all wrong.
do it by the books guys!! josh is gonna get hemmed up in this someday and i hope wakeman doesnt have to pay to fix it! maybe mr. morman could get eagles or himself to pay !!
guys sue =for less everyday!! if they type in wakeman and arrest in wakeman,but they type somewhere else and bring them here. just give the info to another dept(where the perp lives) wakeman wont have its name in the spot light but we could use those funds somewhere were needed like a new police car! we have one that works.i hope we wont have to borrow norwalks again~~~!!!!

Outsider (Anonymous)

To wakeman res and torn. looking from the outside you should seek out facts before posting a comment. If you are so concerned why don't you educate yourself with facts and bring the information to a public forum. I leave you with this piece of information. It has been said if Sept. 11th terorist attack would have not occured. Internet crimes against children and the abuse of children would be the biggest problem that Police would be facing in the United States at this time. The Police need public support not another problem maker!

FYI (Anonymous)

In re: to - Torn wrote on Aug 14, 2007 9:35 AM

If you would read the Ohio Revised Code and pay particular attenton to section 2907.07(D)(2) you will see Ohio passed a law that allows a Law Enforcement Officer to pose as a "underage person". It is against a law to solicit sex from a police officer posing as an underage person no matter whqat the age of the officer is.

believer (Anonymous)

Good job Wakeman PD, sorry you guys have to put up with the small town ignorance, thats typical and to be expected.

wakeman res. (A...

well back to fyi ,one of our wakemans best and greatest just got areested in cleveland for solicicting sex from a undercover fbi agent in the clelveland merto parks!
see i do know whats going on at the p.d ,his name is dan dusanberry,he worked on wakeman p.d and just got fired this month because of this.
tim hunker wantd to hide everything from you!!! ask question call the p.d and ask.
call clevleand courts and ask.
ask tim why our sert. sleeps on duty and they know it and have caught him!!!
ask the mayor why nothing is being done!!!!
i know this dept need cleaned up just like the fire dept!
we need to bring it into the light so the town people can help and see.
people ,yes we need a police dept! and yes we need a firedept.! but when we call for help do we want our police to come asleep or our firemen drunk???
we set the goals and standers for these guys!!
yes feelings might get hurt but thats ok!!!
ask question. dont just think that would never happen here .
ask questions make phone calls.
call the mayor call the polce dept,call the fire cheif! we pay them.
ask questions!!! tim hunker,"has josh milchan ever been caught sleeping on station",jim tansey has any of your fireman responded to a call after drinking???
ask questions people!!!!
election day is coming and if the mayor wont do anything we have 4 new people running for mayor that will!!!!

also a believer...

name one police or fire dept. that hasnt had someone in their dept do something wrong. heck name one company, any company with more than 5 or 10 employees that hasnt had any employee ever do something wrong yes even something serious, then you have room to talk about wakeman pd. oh wait, you accuse, you insult, you smear, without using your name. i don't think you have room to talk. i guess thats the beauty of the internet

confused (Anonymous)

were do i start...the wakeman police and fire depts are the same as any town...they always need more money, training and maybe more help...in a small town there is always some resident who feels they can run things better than the people in charge now so they decide to run a smear campaing...stop and ask what they have at stake...in this situation the wakeman resd is an EX cop of the village who thinks the problems he had with the chief can go away once he runs against the currant mayor and wins...the motivation behind the slander in this case is nothing more than a disgruntled employee who wants to replace the chief...hunker has worked tirelessly with support of these so called worthless officers from teh big bad city to maintain a level of protection to the residents for "free" so is that to say all free employee's are bad...I feel that could not be further than the truth...for the people who want to throw stones at the police and fire dept's should look at there own house and the domestic problems there...no employer / employee is perfect but i guess when all you want to do is ruin one career to further yours...and maybe the reason you dont like the icac is because you are afraid you might get caught yourself...

P.O. (Anonymous)

Larry Cancel, and his trailer park trash half brother, need to stop bashing the PD on here, and stop using this forum for a political gain to run for mayor. And stop bashing the Chief of Police. And hide behind the computer disguised as "Wakeman Res" You need to stop the BS on here, and grow up. Your true colors are coming out! Who wants a Mayor who plays games, and acts like a five year old. I would not even let you run the Mickey Mart gas station in town. This forum needs to be locked down by the Administrator, it has gone to far!!

wakeman res. (A...

im voting for chris hipp!!!! thanks! im not larry,dont know that much about him. im not running for any office(im too old for that) haha anyway i wuld like our village to get cleaned up!! the fire dept as well! i think chris could get that done! our current mayor doesnt seem to care!
i agree that we need more money for the pd and fire station! we vote for the taxes to go up so you get your money and we dont see much done! i no longer have small kids but i do have grandkid and i want them protected evben if we are in a small town and i dont want these people coming in our town!!

Not so blind re...

For the 'wakeman res",you may recall the last time Mr Chris Hipp ran for mayor,the newspaper stated that he had a police record with a Breaking and enetering!!!
better rethink that vote!!!!


I do have some questions for all of you in wakeman.
As most of you all know our Police Chief resigned after many years of great service! I however didnt agree with how this young man lived his personal life! He served us all well, my question is Our council and mayor wanted our police cheifs to resign because of his conduct while off duty,I know your sgt out there in wakeman was doing t he same thing! (This person who he was sleeping around on his wife with was a young lady from my church. I do hate "spilling the beans online but think your council should check in to your sgt while i did see on here that he was sleeping on duty as well as as off i see! I hope wakeman cleans up their act like we did! Huron county needs better service! I will pray that you will make the right choices and serve your wife and your village ,young man!A family is forever! I will pray that you wont be "tempted by things of this world".

confused (Anonymous)

well for the greenwich res i heard the same story only the person sleeping with the young lady was your asst. chief..as for larry we need to check his back ground for some of his so called run ins with the law...and as far as airng the dirty laundry of the police dept i think that is completely immature and fruitless...if you have an ax to grind and before you ruin a career with lies maybe you should confront the person...hey larry when you own half brother goes around town sayin he cant even control you because you are out of control that is bad...you have your own family embaresed by your actions im sure it was a sign of thins to come if yo somehow won office...stop being a little kid..dela witht the fact you were removed from the dept along with your wife and move on..let things go stop going after people you think wronnged you and as far as the rest of the people who like the job the police and fire is doing let them know also not just on here...lets look in our own mistakes before we point out others...this is all stuff you learn in elementary school...

p.o.2 (Anonymous)

why dont you take your own advise??
you must be a cop!!!lol
does wakeman sgt. sleep on duty???
does hunker know this?????

ret. wpd (Anonymous)

The things I have been reading here just put me in a bad place. When I last worked for Wakeman, Chief Newbill would never have put up with this crap. He from what I hear reluctantly refered his Sgt. I don't have anything against Tim and from what I hear does as good a job as he once did as Sgt. But it does sadden me to hear to hear who the new Sgt has become. Last I seen him he was an eager one but should never have become a Sgt, shouldn't have even taken Shawn's place after he left. Josh would always sleep on duty when he was Cpl. Now I read about these internet stings. Not a bad idea. It worked for vermillon for years until they lost the officer that started it. I also have been hearing bad things about the officer that is currently working this detail. Arrogant and one to pull the trigger too early on many things, I hope nothing bad happens do to his behavior that could put the village in a liable situation. Hope to hear better news in the future.

Outsider (Anonymous)

Unfortunatly you people are proof small towns, small minds!!! Mixed with a little bit of inteligence to work a computer. What happened to don't believe everything you see and hear! Sorry ret. wpd, I also know of Newbill and yes he was stricked, but also had many skeltons in his closet, just ask sheffield pd. I bet if you were to take a survey of all the cops in ohio that work the graveyard shift more than half would admit to closing their eyes at some point. Its better than one of them driving off the road because the fell asleep and crashed a public vehicle. They have spouses and families and family events that they miss out on because they sleep during the day. What about the spouses that sleep alone at night when they are at work, or their children that want them home when they are scared to go to sleep. Not to mention there is medical information out there that will tell you working the graveyard shift for years can take years off of your life and cause medical problems because your asking your body to fight off sleep while the sun is down. So instead of critizing what don't you thank a cop for working the night shift in your community and as far as bashing a police dept. that your worked for, shame on you !! You people have nothing to complain about. Look at the Cleveland Firefighter that killed four people on July 4th. or the Cleveland cop that drove his cruiser while intoxicated into the police station. shall I go on! Why don't you think about all the people that have died this week in tragedies across the world and pray for them.