Alleged rape of female soldier being investigated

Woman's boyfriend called police to report Milan-area incident; sergeant allegedly 'solicited her for oral sex' and then raped her after she refused.
Cary Ashby
Mar 9, 2013


The Erie County Sheriff's Office is working with the U.S. Army in the investigation of a suspected rape of a female soldier.

A supervisor of the Army Reserve soldier is accused of being the perpetrator.

"He supposedly was a sergeant; that's the allegation," Sheriff Paul Sigsworth said.

"He solicited her for oral sex. When she refused, he allegedly raped her," he said.

The suspected rape happened at the U.S. Army Reserve Center on Mason Road.

The woman's boyfriend called the Lorain Police Department on Sunday. Sigsworth said the caller reported his girlfriend "had been raped by another soldier."

"The boyfriend and alleged victim live together in Lorain," the sheriff noted.

The Lorain dispatcher sent an ambulance and an officer to the couple's residence. Sigsworth said the victim had left the house by the time they arrived, but she later called the dispatcher and "said nothing happened and she wanted everything forgotten about."

"They were on the phone for several minutes," he said.

The dispatcher, who reportedly heard the victim crying in the background when her boyfriend called, encouraged the woman to report the rape allegation.

"At the time, she was crying and very emotional," Sigsworth said about the victim. "She never reported she had any injuries."

Detectives interviewed the woman Wednesday.

"They are following up and continuing the investigation," Sigsworth said.

The sheriff's office has contacted Army officials.

"They are cooperating with the investigation," Sigsworth said. "Nobody has been charged."



My prayers for this victim. She is afraid to come forward due to the humilation and name calling that these victims must endure in order to prosecute the offender. She will live with this the rest of her life.

former local

Be interesting to see what comes out of it. The military covers up sexual assaults almost as good as the Catholic church.


I agree. Military Intelligence is an oxymoron.

Yall Make Me Sick

He needs & deserves to be punished who ever he is. NO means NO not later or maybe or in a bit..... IT MEANS NO! I pray she gets the justice she deserves!

jack langhals

Good thing they weren't in a fox hole together !