Semi crash closes 250, diesel fuel leaks into Vermilion River

Highway closed for four hours.
Cary Ashby
Mar 8, 2013


A hazardous material crash near the Vermilion River closed U.S. 250 for about five hours Friday afternoon.

The road was closed due to a fuel spill from a tank of a commercial tractor-trailer involved in the crash. The accident, which was investigated by the Ashland post of the state Highway Patrol, happened about 1 p.m. on U.S. 250 near milepost 4 in Ruggles Township.

A northbound semi lost the left rear tandem tire and rim, troopers said.

A 2007 Freightliner driven by George L. Szekely, 46, of Winston Salem, N.C., was southbound on U.S. 250 at the time. Troopers said Szekely hit the tire and rim, which caused him to travel off the left side of the road. The truck hit a guardrail, an embankment and stopped in the Vermilion River.

The northbound tractor-trailer continued going north. No further information was available.

No injuries were reported, but the collision caused the fuel tank on Szekely's tractor to rupture.

Troopers estimated 50 to 100 gallons of diesel fuel leaked from the tank. An unknown portion leaked into the river.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was called to the scene to evaluate the spill. The EPA later notified Sunpro Environmental Services for clean-up and decontamination of the area, troopers said.

Just after 2 p.m., District 3 of the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) warned drivers to use caution in the area of the crash.

"U.S. 250, at its bridge over the Vermilion River approximately 5 miles north of the village of Savannah in Ashland County, is reduced to one lane of traffic controlled by flaggers due to a crash," ODOT spokeswoman Christine Myers said at the time.

A few hours later, an Ashland post dispatcher said ODOT had closed U.S. 250 between Ohio 60 and U.S. 224.

Assisting troopers at the scene were the Ruggles Township Fire Department, Ashland City Fire Department and Ashland County Sheriff's Office.



Typical truck driver. "I lost a tire and a rim..damn..oh well, just keep driving. It has another wheel."

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swiss cheese kat

Typical comment from a know-it-all.


More than likely if it was a trailer tire, he probably didn't know he lost it. FROM A TYPICAL TRUCK DRIVER!

Cliff Cannon

@ DieselSmoke : From one typical truck driver to another.The story read exactly as you noted. The northbound trucker--Did Not Know---- he had lost a tire.Sadly,the southbound trucker found it out the hard way.

Personally,I'd say that happens and call it day,wouldn't you ?


Really? You can't feel that it the slightest? You can't see that in your rear view mirror? I call BS.

Contrary to a truckers opinion, you don't own the road. That whole thing about not "feeling" a rim and tire falling off pretty much goes out the window when you look in the side mirror and see another truck go through a guard rail and down into the river.

Just another day at work......

Cliff Cannon

@ lovblues2 : I don't think anyone said the driver who lost his tire & rim,shouldn't have stopped------if in fact he saw what happened.

However,let's assume he was driving a tandem trailer with 4 tires on each side. One rolls oFF. Obviously depending on how it falls is how much 'feeling' the driver will get. If it rolls straight oFF, it is now going down the road at the same speed as the truck,with virtually,no 'feeling' for the driver.

As to truckers feeling they; " own the road ". Many times on these very pages,I have warned people to stay the hades away from trucks. Because,given the nature of the business ( long time away from home, for not near enough money. Coupled with sitting somewhere,sometimes for days waiting for a load.)You do find unqualified drivers, who are only there because they don't fit elsewhere. Which,of course, leads to dangerous situations.

In conclusion,I am curious as to how many miles you've driven in a semi ? After all you must be experienced at it. For how else could you give such an 'knowledgeable' opinion,here ?

It's a Jeep thing

Spot on man. People think they know what its like to drive truck, they are just the ignorant people that cause the crashes with tractor trailers...


Yes, I have driven tractor-trailer. I always took the time to look at the load if I haven't loaded it myself, as well as inspect the tractor and trailer. I would've felt a rim and tire falling off. I drove flatbed. I know what it feels like. I also know what those side rear veiw mirrors are for.

Cliff Cannon

@ luvblues2 : Congrats. You refute Plato's theory,that " perfection exists only in theory,never reality"


Your perfection theory falls flat, CC. Nothing is perfect, but to say that truck driver didn't notice? Again, I call BS.
Either that or he was asleep at the wheel.

hit the road jack

luvblues2: I think you and dieselsmoke should 2 man it for a while,then the whole world of truck driving problems would be solved.
hell,you probably sat around the truckstops and picked fights on the CB too,right? you obviously have NOT driven very much or far,GUARANTEED!


Seems to me that I could have a frontal lobotomy and still drive a truck, if that's the best you can do, "jack".

hit the road jack

I think you need one anyway! you obviously never drove a truck or sure as hell not very far if you did.


Very well said Cliff. My first comment that I made was directed to MISS KNOW IT ALL also. She must know everything about Truck Driving. And I know that section of the road where this took place. There is also a curve there and the TYPICAL TRUCK DRIVER that lost the wheel was probably rounding the curve as he lost the wheel. So this could be why he did not see what happened.

Cliff Cannon

@ DieselSmoke: Are you still an active 'typical truck driver' ? Personally,I am an out to pasture o.t.r. driver( from 'furniture' ). Reason,I ask is I am curious as to where you run to ( or does it change constantly ? ).

At 'furniture' we we're allowed pick where we wanted to go and that by far was the best part of driving for them.My favorite area's were Michigan,Iowa,Wisconsin,Minnesota,S.D. Although,surprisingly perhaps,I also enjoyed going to Brooklyn,N.Y.

Which leads to this question: Do you have a favorite spot ? If so,now that this article has gone 'dead'.I'd like to hear about it,if you'd like to share it.

Great day to you


It is very likely the driver didn't feel, hear or see the tire roll off.
I have often heard tires on tractor/trailer rigs thumping as they go down the road with a flat. With the noise level the trucks make the cab is either to noisy or sound proofed.
Remember that other then the front wheels they are dueled so the inside will carry the load when the outer one goes flat or as in this case comes off. My question is how far down the road he got before the other wheel came off since the same lug nuts hold both on the axle.
I am familiar with trucking as my father drove for nearly 40 years with an excellent record.

Kottage Kat

Bless truckers
I am here today cause a trucker told me follow him in a blinding snow storm.
From Fremont to Norwalk
He was blessing, the only way I had to thank him was a blink of my lights
Pray for them you never know when an angel is driving a semi or when you might need one



If that would've been a regular car instead of another semi heading down that two lane road, death would be a part of it. Yeah, just another day at work.. Laugh it up, truckers.


And really? You so called truckers just back up to a loaded trailer, lock it in and raise the dolly's and just take off?!


Another one.

I-90 closed after truck slams bridge
A dump truck traveling with its trailer raised slammed into a pedestrian bridge outside of Cleveland on Saturday, causing officials to shut down a heavily trafficked freeway for at least two days.
Associated Press
Mar 9, 2013

Ohio Department of Transportation spokesman Mark Ziaja (ZAI'-uh) says no one was walking on the bridge over Interstate 90 at the time of the 6 a.m. accident and that the truck's driver wasn't hurt.

The accident caused part of the truck's bed to flip over, while the truck's cab continued driving a short distance before stopping. Part of the walkway was ripped away from its base.

Ziaja says workers will remove the entire bridge over the weekend and hopes that Interstate 90 will be open in time for the Monday morning commute.

It's unclear why the dump truck's bed was raised.


I want to hear both truckers explain these "accidents". I really, really do.

hit the road jack

I think you are making assumtions on an "accident" that you know nothing about and as the story says "no one knows why bed was raised" get used to it! most guys who knew how to drive and were good at it said the hell with it because no one wants to pay anything to put up with the bullshit and be gone all the time or the DOT and that leaves people like you to do it and know nothing but to slam someone else for something you know nothing about.

Cliff Cannon

@ Hit the road Jack : Long time,no debate.How you been ? While,I certainly agree with you here. May I also ask you a question ? Which is why waste your time debating this person ?

Because,personally having concluded your debating partner is 'perfect'. I can find no reason to waste my time on such a person. However,your not only a grown man,your expierenced in debate. So good luck,should you desire to proceed in this endeavor.

However,I'll leave you with this qoute fom Emerson: " People do not seem to realize that their opinions are also a confession of character " Fearing redundancy.Again,I ask: Are you sure your not wasting time debating with such 'character' ?

Great day to you