Firearm found

Gun, which is believed to be the one a suspect allegedly used to beat the victim during recent robbery, was recovered in water under a bridge.
Scott Seitz2
Mar 9, 2013


Hard work and determination paid off Friday as a Huron County Sheriff's Office search team found a firearm allegedly used to beat a victim during a recent robbery.

The gun, which appeared to be an Airsoft pistol, was located in water, under a bridge on Jennings Road, adjacent to the Fitchville Conservation Club.

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article title "Firearm found"

A Firearm? Cmon! Seriously? HAHAHA. Since when was a BB gun considered a Firearm?

Definition: FIREARM - a weapon from which a shot is discharged by gunpowder.

Who called it that, Sheriff's Office or reporter?


I'm sure if they'd keep looking they might find more old Air Soft's in that river. That could have been some gun a kid threw away. I'm not so sure there going to be able to tie the Air Soft to the crime and what did we spend to recover the Air Soft? Let's keep our eyes on this one and see how it play's out.


How the h#ll do you think they found a gun there? One of the nitwits told them where to look. Hopefully plenty of DNA is on this and these criminals all get sent away for a long time.


the reader: it was Boss Hogg. lol

Boss Hogg

Hey don't drag me into this mess, I had nothing to do with it. I couldn't resist HD...I meant no offense.


For the one that laughed about it being a BB gun/ Air soft it doesnt matter what it was its considered a weapon if its used in a crime...


I said it is not a firearm.


Doesn't matter if it was a real gun or not, they used or threatened to use it during a felony, therefor they can be charged with the gun spec, 1-5 yrs.


Now it's a squirt (water) gun.

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swiss cheese kat

Federal law bars personal ownership, use, and possession of a BB gun if you are addicted to, or illegally use, any controlled substance.