Traffic report: Baines drinking story tops comments list

Here are this week's 10 most commented on stories as of 10 a.m. today: St. Paul coach one of 12 busted for drinking at city park (181 comments)
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Jul 25, 2010


Here are this week's 10 most commented on stories as of 10 a.m. today:

St. Paul coach one of 12 busted for drinking at city park (181 comments)

Car wreck claims life of local man (80)

Michael D. Brant (48)

New Casa Fiesta is Norwalk's 'Cancun' (48)

Gravelles raise $4,000 toward 'next step' (23)

Four teens face charges in statue vandalism (19)

They're back... and seeking $: Gravelles want donations for defense fund (16)

Local musician releases new album (16)

Berry's booze bill busted (15)

BREAKING NEWS Alcohol in the park measure fails (11)


curious (Anonymous)

I'm curious if the reflector thinkgs they owe Chris Harkness an apology.

funny idea (Ano...

Lets make this the most commented story for next week.

conundrum (Anon...

So we are commenting on a list of stories that are most commented on? I have no comment. Yet I am posting it.

concerned (Anon...

The story should not have been posted the way it was. It would have been just fine being a police blotter. As for coach Livengood, he has never been a good role model. Make fun of students just like the students would. Creating tests that that say so and so is a moron, a b c or d and listing that persons name in all the answers. There are other teachers that walk down the halls and mock either the students or the ex-elementary principal. Not right, but what do you expect from a system that focuses more on the "If you build it, they will come" attitude and asking for the money to pay for it later saying it is our catholic duty. Our duty is to stop focusing on the building and start focusing on getting the qualified teachers needed at NCS. All teachers should have the appropriate certifications required now a days and not be allowed to slide just because of their on the field success. Is he a great coach, yes. A great teacher, underqualified. A dean of students, if you are underqualified, why are you a dean. These comments have gotten way out of hand. This is not a Doug Berry issue, he has enough problems to worry about than this with the arson issue. This is not a Norwalk public vs. parochial issue, that relationship has been extremely good. Something that is very unusual for a lot of communities. The public has problems just like the parochial. They have all been reported with the same equal and unjustified "headline" material. This is also not a Monroeville vs. St. Paul. Yes, there is a rivalry but a good hearted one at that. What we really need to worry about with Monroeville is the fact that families are actually moving to their school system when they should be in Norwalk. Why do you think that is, because they have taken the greed out of the equation and focused on teaching our future.

Community suppo...

I grew up in Norwalk and still have family and friends there. I check the Reflector from time to time online for news and must say it has become an outlet for vicious character attacks, irresponsible reporting and a sensationalistic rag. It has become "the place to go" and attack, gossip about, or slander your neighbor or enemy or maybe someone whom you just don't like. Comment sites like this allow for people to comment without recourse - Much of what is said is slander and is damaging to persons, families and business. It is degrading the very community that this paper serves. Wake up Norwalk and Norwalk Reflector and show some support for your community and the people and businesses who have supported your community for years.

You go Girl! (A...

I agree with Community Support!

way to go (Anon...

you are just re-opening stories you`ve closed due to your "new policy". None of them need to be rehashed.

gas guzzler (An...

i want to say .. Thank you to the Norwalk gas station owners , who lowered their prices this past week , so now we are only paying 20 cents more per gallon this week , than the 30 cents more per gallon that we were paying a few weeks back , compared to any town , in any direction , outside of Norwalk .. although , i do appreciate you lowering the price , i am sorry to say , no , i am proud to say that i will still be buying my gas needs outside of Norwalk , until you decide to lower your prices to a more competetive level , compared to any surrounding town !!also , thank you to everyone , who has joined me in this boycot .. we can , and we are making a difference