Norwalk man charged with animal cruelty

Suspect who is accused of pushing or throwing dog out of vehicle also faces domestic violence charge.
Cary Ashby
Mar 8, 2013


A local man was arrested this week on an allegation he pushed or threw a dog out of a vehicle.

However, the suspect, Donald E. Resor Jr., 31, of 32 State St., is in custody at the Huron County Jail on an entirely different charge. Jail and Norwalk Municipal Court records indicate Resor is serving a 10-day sentence for a contempt of court charge for failing to show proof of substance abuse counseling.

The underlying conviction is driving under the influence for a May 29, 2010 traffic stop by the state Highway Patrol.

About 12:15 a.m. Tuesday, the Clyde Police Department reported having Resor in custody on a local animal cruelty warrant. He was released to a Norwalk police officer and transported to the Huron County Jail.

Huron County Deputy Dog Warden Josh Jasinski investigated the suspected animal cruelty case. He responded to a Norwalk Township location Dec. 30 after he received a call from a witness who reported seeing someone push or throw a dog out of a vehicle.

"The dog wasn't able to be located," Jasinski said.

The next day, Jasinski said he found the 4-year-old tan pitbull dog mix named Bailey at a residence about a quarter of a mile from the drop-off point. The deputy dog warden, citing the pending court case, declined to say how he tracked the dog to Resor, but said a microchip in the dog helped determined Bailey's origin.

"Usually, it's put in at the nap of the neck. It moves around sometimes," Jasinski said.

In early January, Jasinski gave the dog to the Huron County Humane Society. Officials there said Bailey is "doing fine" and was at the shelter as of Thursday afternoon.

A family had the dog but could not care for it and returned it to the local humane society. Resor adopted the dog and had it "about a month," said Bonnie Albright, director of development and marketing for the Huron County Humane Society.

"The dog is fine now, but when the dog came (back) in, its condition was significantly deteriorated from when it left here," Albright said.

Judge John Ridge issued a warrant for Resor's arrest Jan. 29.

Slightly more than two hours before Clyde police arrested Resor on the animal cruelty warrant, the suspect was charged with domestic violence in connection with a State Street argument. That incident was reported to Norwalk police at 10:37 p.m. Monday.

Resor was arrested in Clyde, the city where he works, on a warrant and then taken to jail, police said.

After serving time on the contempt charge, Resor must post a $9,000 bond for the domestic violence charge. His bail on the animal cruelty charge is $4,000 with a 10-percent provision.



So is this guy related to the shaken baby Resor? Nice, must have one messed up fam!


It amazes me that you have nothing better to do then sit behind your computer and bring up things of the past. My cousin paid the price for the people he chose to let in his life and because of that he also served time for this situation. I believe that my cousin is innocent and I will stand by him 100%. He's trying to put this behind him and our family would appreciate it if you would keep your pathetic little comments to yourself.


Damn, he should be thrown out of a car.


I was just thinking that same thing.


Please keep us updated on this scumbag..Especially with the date & time of his next court date..Hope he gets the maximum 180 days as well as the maximum fine of $5000..While he's in jail, send him over to the Dog Warden & Humane Society, so he can clean all the cages..

Kottage Kat

Call me when you know court date
I will go



Will do..I hope alot of people show up for this!!!


Its time to step up all animal cruelty laws and penaltys. Yes, even animals have the right to love, and be loved...and to enjoy a terror free existance.


Totally agree !!

Sit n Spin

I'd like to spit some beachnut in that dude's eye...


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It makes me mad, some people get animals and when they get tried of them they just try to throw them away like trash.
What if the animal was the human and the human the animal? Would you want to be treated that way?


Scum. I hope they have a "do not adopt to" list that he goes surrounding areas too. Poor dog, hope it finds a nice loving home.

Yall Make Me Sick

He should get treated just like he treated the dog. Because he is low down dirt scum. Karma baby Karma!


I totally agree with everything "Bikerwife" stated. What a lowlife POS!!!


I totally agree with everything "Bikerwife" stated. What a lowlife POS!!!


To think this guy has children as well. Maybe it's time someone talks to the children and make sure they're safe? With substance abuse, I would think NOT


Frank, you should Be Proud!!!!


Hey there tech, I just want to say that you should really start to pay attention before you start posting about things you don't know. I only say this because if you really knew Frank or his family in anyway then you would realize that this isn't his son. His sons name is also Frank, so again you should really think before you try to talk about something you know nothing about.