Second 'Kitchen Nightmares' episode featuring Mill Street Bistro airs

Did you watch Friday night's episode? If so, give us your thoughts.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Mar 11, 2013


The first episode featuring Mill Street Bistro owner Joe Nagy and "Kitchen Nightmares" Chef Gordan Ramsey going toe-to-toe generated quite a buzz. The second Mill Street Bistro episode of the FOX show aired tonight.

Here is one review so far: ‘Kitchen Nightmares’ dethrones dictator at ‘Mill Street Bistro, Part 2’

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the new choices on the menu that they had on the show looked yummy. did they keep the new stuff? and they didn't say if the prices are any lower. but If so, I would actually like to try it out.

Mr. Touchdown

Got rid of half his staff & he's back in the kitchen cooking again against the chef's recommendation. I have no desire to visit this place. If I want fine dining I will go to Sortino's Little Italy Ristorante in Sandusky!That place is awesome!

jack langhals

Have you tried Red Gables ?


That burger looked good Chef Ramsey made. Too bad he is gone now. I haven't been there, and won't

Alan Furey

It was delicious! Our table received the burger and a walleye as free apps because they were made for no one by mistake and Ramsey told our waiter to take them to anyone. Luckily he came to us! If that burger and walleye were on the menu I would make sure to eat there again.

all fact or all...

Would have tried it but, at the end of the show it said half his staff quit and JOE was back in the kitchen...NO WAY would I try it now!


I agree. When Chef Ramsay said Joe is stubborn, that was a monumental understatement.


Virtually all of the menu items that chef Ramsey created for the bistro are either not on the menu or have been modified in some way. I quote from Joe himself," I'm not putting special sauce on my burgers, "I'm not f***ing McDonalds!!!" That should tell you all you need to know about how he reacted to what Chef had to tell him. The menu was complex, especially difficult to prep, but it was not impossible to do. He just had to hire enough people to make it possible, but, being Joe and having to spend money to do it, it was already a forgone conclusion that it wouldn't happen. Spending money that doesn't benefit Joe directly is automatically off the table, even if in the long run, it would have been good for him. He really thought that Ramsey was going to pay for a complete kitchen renovation, amongst other things. He created his own nightmare and now he has to live with it.


tomozz66 writes:

"The menu was complex, especially difficult to prep, but it was not impossible to do."

lol. Isn't that the POINT of paying for the fare at a restaurant that advertises itself as fine dining? (I'm laughing with you, not at you.)

My spouse and I made a chicken-shrimp Cajun gumbo, a mandarin orange-spinach salad and crusty rolls for dinner last night. We served a Merlot.

It took us about 4 hours from start to sitting down to eat.

It was DELICIOUS! Good food takes time, but IMO it is worth it.

Paying for second class food, that I can make better at home ain't worth it no way, no how.

Best wishes to you Tom.


special sauce is only 1000 Island dressing - it really ain't that special.


Spend your hard earned money at a place you can be reasonably sure you'll get a decent meal. If you feel like rolling the dice, check out the bistro!

Lillie Chaos

I agree. The burger and fries looked wonderful but I am afraid to go there. Until people say good things about the place I will just keep going to other places with good local reputations for burgers. Lettuce, onions,meat,cheese,lettuce and sauce....even I could do that.


Actually went there last Thursday. Service, food and the Owner were A-1. Very impressed. And no I do not work there or know them. Food come out quick and was very hot. I think the show might have been a publicty stunt.


Have been there twice since the show, food was very good, only complaint
not to thrilled when the bartender is also the waitress, took a while to get service. Would go back again.


Are the prices still out of this world? I'm only asking because my wife and I have been there, settled on iced tea instead of having any alcohol, shared an appetizer, had 2 entrees, and no dessert and spent about $75. Food was mediocre at best.

If I am going to spend that much money, I will drive a little distance and probably spend less on our meal and get more.

More = better service, an owner that knows how to own and manage and allow his kitchen staff to cook and prepare meals, portions and preparation that match the price.


Do to the fact that this man had expired food in the freezer- not one month but 3 years- and because of how he was in the first episode towards the locals I will never spend my money there. I don't believe he has changed or the waitstaff would not have quit or been fired. He has made Norwalk look extremely bad and for that alone I believe he needs to have his as* handed to him. He had one of the best chefs in the world there to help him and even Chef Ramsey doubts he will make it. When you have a Chef such as him putting the last word in that he has his doubts, that shows me there is no trust in his food or establishment and I will not waste my money to gamble if my overpriced food in a place that sits next to a storage bin will be good or not.Good luck to everyone that tries it. Hope it's ok-if not, I'm sure Joe will tell you why you don't know how good food is prepared!

Sitting In The ...

Hey Wasp I always like to read your posts always worth it. I wanted to let you know that I too was concerned with food that's years past it expiration date so I emailed the Health Dept their response was the it only affects the taste and legal to serve. I was hoping to eat there seeing the new menu but have decided against that


No, I won't eat there. Joe has no clue how to treat people. Two simple words I never heard him say to his staff or Chef Ramsey, "I'm sorry". The guy is a jerk.


3 best places for fine dining in the area? 1. Sawmill Creek 2. Marconi's and 3. The old Brown Derby. They've all been around for years,great prices and the quality of food can't be surpassed anywhere around here!!!!

Estrella Damm

Old Brown Derby? Try Red Gables, Bar North, Crush, Zinc.


Red Gables is one of the best kept secrets in the area. Quite possibly the best filet I've ever eaten was at Red Gables.


Thanks for the tip on Red Gables. Looked at the site and the menu and it looks like it has quality food.


Absolutely agree... Red Gables is fantastic!!


I ate at Marconi's with a coworker about a week ago. He ordered the filet but got the sirloin. He didn't want to wait for them to make his new one since I already had my food and he didn't want to spend another 30 minutes waiting for the food. It was a company expense, but they didn't even deduct 10% from the bill, even though he barely touched his sirloin. I can only recommend them if you have a lot of time to eat. I would recommend them for the quality of their food though.

As for Mill Street Bistro, I ate there several months ago and wasn't impressed with the bison. I ordered it medium and it came out well done and tough. It was overpriced. I'd rather go to Cheesecake Factory than eat there.

Swamp Fox

Estella Damm, I agree those are the only true fine dining in this area.

Second Opinion


Why didn't the health department check dates on those items? They certainly get enough in taxes, only hire "Educated College Grads'
Why aren't we getting the protection that they CLAIM they are needed for?

Reflector, why not report on WHY the Health department let that Mexican Rest poison all thos 45 people and now we learn that items are expired since 2009 !!!

I think the Health Department is MORE responsible than Joe, they are suppose to be, at least they claim to be our protectors from things the general public can't or will never see!!!

Sitting In The ...

I contacted them and they stated it only affects the taste, if you don't believe me let me know I can show you....


Yes, any business/person that sells food in any form is allowed to serve/sell it past the expiration date. It is at the discretion of the restaurant/grocery store/etc.