Second 'Kitchen Nightmares' episode featuring Mill Street Bistro airs

Did you watch Friday night's episode? If so, give us your thoughts.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Mar 11, 2013


The first episode featuring Mill Street Bistro owner Joe Nagy and "Kitchen Nightmares" Chef Gordan Ramsey going toe-to-toe generated quite a buzz. The second Mill Street Bistro episode of the FOX show aired tonight.

Here is one review so far: ‘Kitchen Nightmares’ dethrones dictator at ‘Mill Street Bistro, Part 2’

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Taste or not, outdated food can make people SICK and should be thrown away!


Had to drive extra miles to the new Timbers on RT 250 But well worth it !! The shrimp and prime rib was exellent. the service was great. Lisa our waitress was well on top of her game. I hope everyone will support the business. You can call it fine dining or not....but it sure beats the hell out of some fake-ass Bistro someone claims to run.

tell it how it is

I wish at the end of the show they would have said WHY Joe was back in the kitchen.
It wasn't because of the money. He was getting more complaints about that new chefs cooking then he had ever gotten before. According to a lot of people who went back very shortly after the show, that Brian guy's food was disgusting. This isn't my opinion, this is what I heard from several people. He may have come from an amazing restaurant, but he must not have been prepared for us, or the elk, apparently.

I haven't been there since after the taping of the show, but I'd like to go sometime. It's a local business and a local man, despite any downfalls that the show showed. It's worth a try! I'd rather go there then some chain restaurant that doesn't do us much good. If I don't like it, I won't go back, simple as that.


This was a publicity gamble that the restaurant owner should not have taken. They are primarily designed to show why an establishment is failing, determine the source or sources involved, and illustrate the turn around and subsequent rise to the top after sources have been identified and addressed. Well....I don't think it ended up as planned. The feeling of frustration, which was shared to the viewing audience by Chef Ramsey at the conclusion, maybe could have been snipped from the segment, and the fact that several employess from that time period have exited for whatever reason, and finally...Joe being back in the kitchen. Maybe some of this should not have been divuldged. BUT....It was. So there it is..I'm not sure if Mill Street broke even on this one! The show dragged you down, pulled you up slightly, and then dragged you back down.


No the show didn't. A person did. It could have changed my mind because the food looked great. Now like any honest person who wants to show the truth they did a follow up, probably undercover, probably a few different times. However I am glad he took it, now I know to never go there.


I agree with whatwhat79 completely. A handful of times over the run of Kitchen Nightmares' run, the show ran a short follow-up at the tail end of an episode. I am sure that at some point, KN's crew sent someone to the restaurant 'undercover' to run a follow up or possibly stayed in touch with some of the (ex)employees. I also agree, the follow-up at the end was enough for me to know that Joe has not changed and that I will not return. Local restaurant, NOT a local man - he doesn't want to be here and has made his opinion well known. For that matter, he had his ranch up for sale for a short period of time, it didn't sell and is now off the market.

Sitting In The ...

But Clarke he contacted the show, asked for their help, then evidently ignored it . I mean the show's called "Kitchen Nightmares" and honestly I believe Joe is the nightmare in this case, the camera crew was just there to document it.

former local

That's the purpose of these shows Clark, to see if the owners actually stick with what worked. Its not supposed to be a free commercial for the business. Jerk Joe took a chance and blew it himself!! I have no pity for him and his ego!!!


I thought that the fact that CR felt the need to essentially create a menu from scratch for JN, made it look like school was in session and that JN was clueless in regards to what he is doing.

IMO, Norwalk is a "meat and potatoes" kinda place and CR obviously saw it with his burger creation.

The ultimate success of any business is: Know your market.

If I knew that CR's menu was still in existence I 'might' go back, otherwise - Good luck Mr. Nagy!


Plus he (cr) gave him (jn) a blue print to be successful. A darn good one. He gave him advice. Made a menu. About 60 mins of air time well alot more then that. All he would have done is LISTEN TO HIM!


We have no intentions of going back..It's obvious that Joe doesn't want help to get the business back..He's a know it all..The best thing he can do for Mill Street Bistro, Norwalk, & himself, is to sell it to someone who is willing to cater to what this area needs & likes..Listen to your customers & staff..They're part of the reason you will be successful..It's a team effort..Joe, there's no "I" in teamwork..Oh by the way, You called Norwalkians "hillbillies", I believe you're the one with the pet goat called, "Skinny"..Have a nice day :)


it works like this. before you open any restaurant you have to run the demographics on the kinds of food not available vs. the kinds of food available in the area. also with running the dems. it factors in things like average earning wages of the area and population. most restauranteurs unconsciously do this when they look at a town a see what's not there and what can make money. the larger restaurant chains have this sort of stuff professionally done, that's why there's no McDonalds in Milan. now had Joe took a serious look at the type of restaurant he wanted to open vs. the available market and customers, he'd have noticed right off the rip that a $40 per plate restaurant would struggle in norwalk... we just don't have the population of high income families for something like that, and he was dreaming if he thought clevelanders were coming all the way to norwalk for a fine dining experience instead of taking a shorter trip to Independence for a place like Delmonicos' which the Bistro seems to be modeled after.

that being Said Chef's crew does run the demographics to see what should be in the area for what ever restaurant they are doing the show on that week. so when he builds the menu he's literally saying, "you don't get this stuff in the immediate area and the price point fits the area." so the second you ignore that piece of information, which really is the most crucial of any business, you're sinking your own ship. so if joe decided to cut on the menu after Chef left, then i give the Bistro less than a year to survive unless he pulls a 180 and goes back to the system that chef set up.

joe is a prideful man, and it's going to ruin him unless he gets it under control. there's no shame in asking for help, but if you're going to ignore it, then why bother?

Swamp Fox

The reason he is back in the kitchen without a real chef, its called his cheap skate attitude and overinflated ego. Best guess, restaurant space available on Mill Street this year.


Maybe Bennett Elec. would like to move back? :)

Since the MSB is not on the "beaten path," the food would haveta be outstanding. Ya gotta wanna go there.

It's not like an outa towner is by chance gonna be drivin' by and say to his spouse: Hey! Ya wanna eat there?


IMO, the "highpoint" of the show was seein' Joe Centers "very briefly" on national TV. :)

Cliff Cannon

@ Contango: Since,I didn't follow this story. I was incredibly surprised Friday night to find this dreadful show on national t.v.. Truthfully,I had expected " Kitchen Nightmares " to be on channel 338 or something out there like that ,that hardly no one watched.

So I turned the show on for about 2 minutes. Didn't get to see Joe Centers on national t.v. Watched these 2 men get bleeped out on about every third word. Turned to the wife and asked : " Is this supposed to be entertainment " ?

Then, I thanked the Gods ---again----that I find t.v. dull,boring and in this case oFFensive. Hope it got better,but doubt that it did


@ CC:

See after the 42 min. mark for Joe "very briefly":

Last night, we had grilled pork round with a Southern rub, grilled squash marinated in Italian dressing, rosemary olive oil bread and served with a pinot noir.

Tonight: Chicken Cacciatore. Why go out for second-class food?

Cliff Cannon

@ Contango: " Why go out for second-class food " ? Agreed. Especially,if one enjoys their food with great music and.......NO T.V. !

P.S. Your dinners sound awesome

Kottage Kat

Love grilled squash in itailian dressing
Anything blackened or rubbed
Sounds good
Bet the service was good and the price was right
Having lemon pepper chicken tomorrow


my husband and I decided we ARE going to try MSB again even after years of not going. I do think it's funny that days before the 2nd airing I posted that one of the reasons we stop going was because Joe wouldnt leave us alone while we eat and his staff mentioned the exact same problem when Chef Ramsey asked how Joe needed to improve. We will give it one more shot. and I will be happy to ask Joe why he didnt take Ramsey's advice and have a certifed chef in the kitchen. if the food or sevice sucks we will not be back. everyone deseves a second chance. if it's not up to par we will go back to our regular Bar North, Zinc or Crush .. because they are worth it !!!!!

Sitting In The ...

Joe, you clearly did this for the publicity, sadly the only thing people will remember you as is a delusional goat lover and a utter and complete failure at both business management and cooking. Chef Ramsey was dead-on about everything he said about you..... You disgust me.

swiss family

I gotta say that I was very impressed with the way that the staff and the Chef (Tom) appeared in both segments... I think sadly that the MSB is doomed to fail, because of Joe and his arrogance... that is too bad.. the building is beautiful, and it could really be something that Norwalk needs...but NOT at $50 to $100 a table.... I do have to give a shout out to Chef Ramsey, for making the appearance in the "walk for the cure" event, and also to allowing those people to come in to experience the re-launch... and for keeping it quiet until it was shows what a man he really is... you should have listened Joe..

Lillie Chaos

IMHO..Chef Ramsey and his show donating to the local "Walk" was admirable. I do wonder how the owner felt about a donation instead of money being put in the restaurant for upgrades. Even with his potty mouth Gordon Ramsey comes across as really wanting to be a positive influence.


Chef is actually a very generous man. he does tons of charity work all over the world. he was once injured playing a charity football (soccer) game. he seems rough around the edges because that's just how most chefs are, i've worked for a few that made Chef Ramsey look like a kitten... those are the waters you tread.

Chef normally puts the shows money where the restaurant needs it most, some get new dining rooms, some get new kitchen equipment, but Chef probably saw that what the bistro needed most was a positive community image. $30k donated from the bistro is a good start at improving Joe's awful public image. just some food for thought on that topic.

it's my thinking that if you were going to go through the trouble of being made to look like the lying, self-absorbed, narcissistic lunatic on national television, you'd take the advice spoon fed to you. im not talking advice that you can get on any street corner, but advice given to you that's not only worth it's weight in gold (as you can see by Chef Ramsey's many restaurants and their success) but has proven time and time again to work if it's followed. every season there are a few follow up shows, and they don't always hit the places that worked out... the common denominator to all of those places that didnt make was the fact that the owner had too much pride to listen to Chef. i don't believe that's a coincidence. given the fact that i do cook for a living i've been a big fan of this show for a few years now... watched every show from every season on from beginning to end, so naturally seeing a home town restaurant was supposed to be freaking amazing from a fans point of view, but instead, im disappointed... not because the show was bad or anything... im disappointed that Chef didn't lay joe out flat on his back.

after watching both episodes now i can firmly say that i could run a restaurant with a hand full of toddlers and a monkey better than joe could handle his place with the amazing staff it seems he had. it's a shame that all of the hard work his employees did for him goes unnoticed because his arrogance wont let him see how bad of a business person he really is... it's a shame... truly a shame.

former local

Yes, I was very impressed by the staff as well! He didn't deserve them!


These comments are cracking me up... I ate there, I won't eat there, should I eat there, Joe does this, Joe does that, Joe should do this, Joe should do that. Don't get me wrong, I worked there and loved seeing Ramsay rip into Joe. Joe is not one to hide his feelings, sugar coat things or care what people think. Why? Because he can! Do you really think Joe cares if the bistro stays open forever like the rest of the rinky dink diners in Nortucky? Nope. He had a dream and he made it happen. Opening the bistro was an accomplishment in itself for Joe. How would all of you like to wake up, get out of bed and walk downstairs in your own dining room, turn on the open sign and cook and entertain the people YOU wanted and get paid doing it? Love or hate Joe, the guy is living his dream.


yes, a mountain of debt, made to look like the fool that he tries so hard to hide, an entire community hates him, and now a national audience thinks he's a prick... yeah, some dream there chief.


Did you watch the same show I did? Please give me one part that showed Joe caring if people hated him, or if the nation thought he was a prick.. I missed that part. Joepoleon may not of made a million or friends, but he sure did become famous! Hey, lets make the best of it.. Cedar Point needs to name a ride after Nagy and Wal-Mart could screen print some t-shirts lol


Famous is a term used when anyone in and around this nation would see a picture of someone, or their name and recognize it, who they are and what they do. 99.99999999999999999999% of America still do not know, nor care to know please, don't use the word famous. lol.


I would love to laugh with you about your correction on fame and your statistics but it is opinion based. Ever heard of people getting 15 minutes of fame? Well, Joe got 2 hours of fame.. the guy and his restaurant was seen on MILLIONS of American tv sets and I watched it on YouTube. The show has a page on Fox tv's web site where you can see all the past shows in the archives. Not to mention Fox does play re-runs when you'll once again be able to see the "picture" of Ramsay taking on the worst restaurant owner he has EVER faced. If that didnt make Joe famous in our drama loving culture I don't know what will. 99.9% don't know him lol Google mill street bistro again and come back with that same malarky psshht