What do you need to see on 'Kitchen Nightmares' to make you want to eat at Mill Street Bistro?

Norwalk restaurant takes a beating after first episode aired last week.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Mar 7, 2013


The second "Kitchen Nightmares" episode featuring Norwalk's Mil Street Bistro airs at 8 p.m. this Friday.

In the comments section below, please share what you would need to see in the second episode that would make you want to eat at the restaurant?



I'm sorry about this everyone, but, I have a story to tell, not because I'm disgruntled, but, because, I can't help but tell it! I'm starting from the beginning here. It has to be one of the most bizarre experiences I've ever had! The show was filmed at the beginning of June of last year, the whole hollywierd scenario started around june 7, I'd only been there for a little less than a month. Theresa quit after about 2 1/2 weeks after I started. You already heard her reasons why, hell, who could blame her! But what she showed ole Ramsey was true, I re-packaged something similar a couple times!! They were there for about 6 days including set-up and tear down. He thought that he was the man because Ramsey was coming to him and they were going to revamp the whole show around how he was doing everything right!! He thought that the show would be excellent publicity and that they would give him a new kitchen, he really wanted some new equipment! He was truly shocked that Ramsey didn't like anything!! After all, you saw it!! He would place his food up against any restaurant in the world!! He's way to cheap for that to ever happen! This is the first installment of my story, and I can't say much until after tomorrow night. But, the saga isn't over! I couldn't give a s*** about what anyone thinks, it was a sad and extraordinarily funny saga, at least to me it was! stay tuned......


Well, here we go again, the continuing saga of the Bistro, the rest of the story>> You all saw how Joe seemed humble about the things the staff said about him and the restaurant, well, after the filming was done that day, he started making comments to most of us about how he couldn't believe what we said. He particularly went out of his way to tell me that he thought I was a bit harsh about his food. After all, you saw what he said about me preparing some of the dishes that were served to Chef Ramsey, even though they were his so called creations and he was telling me what I should do....hilarious!! Thanks go out to Chef Ramsey for not wanting to hear about it, he definitely knew what was up! Anyway, he came off all ready to keep himself out of the kitchen and be the upstanding restaurateur! But, it was very short-lived! Brian, the dude from the Greenhouse Tavern in Cleveland, worked the re-launch at the bistro that night, It was the only night he actually worked there. He was a consultant hired only for that night and to give advise on how to accomplish the new menu and to tell Joe how to revamp his kitchen and staff to where it would function better and properly. He came back once after the taping with a couple of kitchen designers that laid out a new plan for the kitchen. The estimate was a little steep, but, it would have meant Joe would have to give something up. I can understand that for sure, but, if you have a chance to be successful at what your doing, make a good name for yourself, and make yourself better by doing so, would you? So, Joe in his infinite wisdom, chose to ignore most of everything that was told to him by all of the people that were involved with this whole production. Anyway, young Brian recommended a very young man, fresh out of culinary school to be his New Chef. I was cool with this because I told Joe right from the git-go, that I was not looking to run another kitchen, just wanted to do my thing. I have to say, the dude was energetic, enthusiastic, and totally ready to give it his best. He committed! But, with Joe being Joe, he just couldn't relate to someone younger than him knowing more than he did. Needless to say......oh h**l! Forgot things jumped ahead tonight!!! Guess I'll have to write another chapter!!


For the record & not to be too critical of this local restaurant but there are a couple areas in the restaurant that need to be attended to immediately. I think that most of the people that enjoy stepping out for a nice dinner locally want to feel like they are visiting an up scale restaurant on those few occasions when they feel like they can afford a modest increase in the price of their dinner. This restaurant does not offer a modest pricing structure. It is plainly exorbitant. Also, most of the consumers in the Norwalk---Huron county area are meat & potato diners. This restaurant does not offer a baked potato to accompany your preferred steak. Their offer is what they call a twice baked potato. That did not compliment my palate. If it is ever brought to my attention that the Mill Street Bistro has decided to do business fair & square with it's walkin customers & present them with reasonable prices & at least OFFER a baked potato, I might take my wife out on a dinner date at The Bistro


I am on facebook, tell ya what I know, if you care!! Friends forever!!

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Howdy! I would like to know the rest of the story on this place. I looked up tomozz66 on facebook and nothing came up.

Chad Thatcher
San Antonio,TX


Hes not going to change. This was recorded LAST YEAR 2012.


No wonder that his only friend is a Goat!!


Yeah! Poor goat is probably trying to get away from him too!

Kottage Kat

Try timbers roadhouse
Hearing good things

Happy Hermit

Timbers = good food and good
service at a reasonable price. Yes we go there.


I would need to know Joe hired a professional chef that makes the food I order. That is the only way I would go. Would have loved to eat chef Ramsey's food.

I am watching the show. Joe is complaining to the customers about chef Ramsey. Oh boy, that place is hopeless.


Don't be fooled by the happy ending folks, it didn't take long for him to go right back to what he was doing before. He cursed Ramsey and his entire crew the very night that he left! Threated to sue, called him a fake, scoured the internet for anything negative about Ramsey, printed it off and started showing it to anyone that would look. The only time Chef Ramsey's menu was served in it's entirety was the night it was filmed. He completely ignored the advice given to him about revamping his kitchen and hiring a proper staff to accomplish it. Very few items from the menu created for him remain on the menu, aside from maybe the burger and onion soup. He was outraged that they didn't re-do his entire kitchen and that he had to pay for the changes himself. He's way to cheap to even give it a second thought or hire a chef and kitchen staff to accomplish a creative menu. That's why he's back in the kitchen, no one who has any kind of skill will ever work for him, for long anyway. Joe has created his own version of fine dining and he will ultimately fail to inspire many people to give his restaurant a first try, let alone a second.


Thanks for the update Chef, and good luck to you. Glad you got out of that idiotic situation and back to the real world.


I'd still make a bet that a lot of that food in the freezer is still there by the way!! LOL!


Blue cheese anyone???!!!


I've never seen someone so delusional as this man, however, most of us should recognize the type. He's the guy that went thru school on Cliff Notes and other students work. This dude is one giant lie and will soon find that he's the only one eating in his "bistro". There is not one person that should be subject to working for such an individual. You couldn't pay me to eat there!


I do not believe a word Joe said in his video interview on here. Better shut up now before i get deleted again and again.